Saudi Arabia Provides Developmental Aid For Darfur

July 23, 2009

[Washington] – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement with Sudan to donate more than $18 million for developmental and humanitarian projects in Darfur. Announcing the arrangement on July 21, Deputy President of the Saudi Red Crescent Society Fayez Al-Ahmadi said the money will be used to establish 21 water stations and 21 health units in Darfur. The aid will also fund nine health centers and provide emergency food support.

“This latest agreement continues Saudi Arabia’s advocacy for the safety and welfare of the people in Darfur,” said Saudi Ambassador to the United States Adel Al-Jubeir said. The Kingdom has been active in resolving the issue in Darfur. At the sideline of the Arab Summit in Riyadh in 2007, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz convened a special meeting of the concerned parties to discuss resolving the issue in Darfur.