Saudi cargo planes deliver medical relief to Palestinians

December 31, 2008

Two Saudi cargo planes, laden with more than 20 tons of medical supplies bound for Palestinians in Gaza, arrived in Al-Arish, Egypt yesterday.


Prince Faisal bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of the Saudi Red Crescent Commission, noted today that more aid is already on the way. "A relief aircraft loaded with 16 tons of critical medical supplies took off today from Riyadh Airbase Airport heading to Egypt to help with the relief work there," he said. "A fleet of medical relief aircraft is being dispatched on a daily basis to secure all necessary medicines for the Palestinian people in coordination with all hospitals in the Kingdom."

Prince Faisal added that Saudi Medevac planes have been allocated to airlift injured Palestinians to Saudi hospitals. Two highly-equipped medical evacuation planes arrived in Al-Arish yesterday.