Hajj 1430 declared a success

November 29, 2009

Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Governor of Makkah and Chairman of the Hajj Central Committee, declared this year’s Hajj a success and free of major accidents.  Speaking at a press conference in Mina, Prince Khalid announced that 2,521,000 million pilgrims participated in this year’s Hajj, including 154,000 domestic and 1,613,000 foreign pilgrims.  The governor added that an estimated 753,000 pilgrims without valid Hajj permits participated in the Hajj, which caused some of the overcrowding, especially at the ritual stoning at Jamarat.  Prince Khalid stressed that with stricter enforcements of entry regulation, the number will dramatically be reduced next year.

Prince Khalid said the Ministry of Health has recruited 17,000 personnel, the Municipal and Rural Affairs Ministry 22,000 and the Public Security 100,000 to serve the pilgrims.

The Governor reported about 68 confirmed cases of H1N1 swine flu among the pilgrims, including five deaths.