Jeddah’s Hajj terminals expanded, upgraded

November 4, 2009

Jeddah’s newly expanded Hajj terminals are well-prepared to receive pilgrims, with the addition of arrival lounges and special rooms for swine flu cases, Khaled Al-Khaibari, head of media for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), said Tuesday. “We will use the old terminals to receive pilgrims, but we have also set up seven new terminals to receive the largest number of pilgrims,” he was quoted as saying in an article published yesterday by the Saudi Gazette. “Until now we have received about 856 flights from around the world. A total of 200,136 pilgrims have arrived since Oct. 20.”

Al-Khaibari added that a number of other developments are also taking place at the airport. “The new terminals have the capacity to receive 3,700 passengers every hour in prime time,” he said. “When these new projects are completed, King Abdul Aziz International Airport will have ten movable bridges, thirteen terminals, and four additional lounges to receive arriving pilgrims.”

The CAA, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, has also installed thermal cameras that can detect swine flu cases. “We have already established special rooms for receiving swine flu cases, in addition to having prepared medical personnel to conduct swine flu tests,” said Al-Khaibari. Special training has also been provided to the airport’s cleaning staff on measures to help avoid infection.