Official describes unprecedented Saudi relief efforts for Pakistan

October 15, 2010

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Nizar bin Obeid Madani led the Saudi delegation to the 3rd Friends of Pakistan Conference, which was held today in Brussels. Addressing the gathering, Dr. Madani noted that the Kingdom has come to the aid of the Pakistani people during every major disaster, including the 2005 earthquake, the 2009 refugee crisis and the 2010 flooding. He described the unprecedented single-country campaign to aid Pakistan launched by Saudi Arabia in the wake of the current disaster.

The effort has included: a 30-cargo-plane airlift laden with humanitarian supplies; the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Campaign for the Relief of the Pakistani people, which raised more than $107 million; a land convoy of one thousand trucks that carried thousands of tons of wheat, 350 tons of dates and 30,000 tents to Pakistan; two field hospitals along with medical staff and equipment; and a Saudi search and rescue team.

Furthermore, Dr. Madani cited the appropriation of $120 million for Pakistan’s energy sector; $200 million in credit extended by the Saudi Development Fund (SDF); the transfer of $200 million as a deposit at Pakistan’s Central Bank; a grant worth $100 million to assist people displaced by flooding; and a number of memoranda of understanding signed between the SDF and UN relief organizations worth $68 million.

According to Dr. Madani, the total amount offered by the SDF for Pakistani development projects is estimated at $700 million, while the total relief assistance already provided to Pakistan amounts to $354,198,994.