Saudi Authorities Arrest Five for Promoting Extremism on the Internet

September 11, 2008

Saudi authorities have arrested three Saudi citizens and two expatriates for promoting militant activities on Internet forums, the Ministry of Interior announced yesterday.  

According to the authorities, the five used multiple usernames to engage victims in dialogue, spread misleading information and recruit youths to travel abroad to places of sedition.

The Ministry called on all Saudis to be vigilant and urged them not to listen to those who promote corruption and sedition.

The usernames utilized by the five suspects are as follows:

First suspect: Emir Al-zabbaheen (Killers), Al-Asad (Lion) Al-Mujahid, Saqr Al-Kata’eb (Hawk of flanks), Ana Ansari, Abi Al-Islam, Hazim, Jawal, Saqr al-Qassam and Al-Saqr 99.

Second suspect: Al-Husam, Hizabr Al-Islam, Abu Al-Waleed, Abu Abdulaziz, Mawsou’at Al-Jihad, Husam Al-Eiz, Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, Rabe’e bin Amer, Sanam Al-Faloojah and Abdullah Saif.

Third suspect: Al-Munaseh and Dhaif Fi Dar Hatim.

Fourth suspect: Mujahid Checheni, Mujahid Caucasusi, Abu Dujanah Al-Shami and Rabee’ah Al-Muhajer.

Fifth suspect: Omar Al-Sulami, Abu Hamzah and Abd Abdulrahman.