Minister of Islamic Affairs praises efforts to combat terrorism

July 4, 2008

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance Saleh Al-Asheikh today praised the Ministry of Interior’s efforts to arrest suspected militants and foil attacks on the Kingdom.
In a statement on the arrest of hundreds of Al-Qaeda cells over the past several months, Al-Asheikh noted that the Ministry of Interior’s actions protected lives, properties and quashed the militants’ plans to create chaos.

The minister also emphasized the need for society and religious establishments to combat terrorism and extremist ideology.

He noted that some young Saudis have been misled into branding people and even some Muslim religious scholars as infidels. Imams and preachers should teach and guide the youths before they fall prey to the influence of extremists and become outlaws.

Al-Asheikh said that the first responsibility lies with the family and then the imams at mosques to confront extremism and protect the youth from extremist ideologies.