Saudi security forces thwarted over 220 terrorist plots over the past decade

July 1, 2010

Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz said yesterday that Saudi security forces have foil 220 terror acts in the past ten years and that those behind them have been arrested.
Addressing graduates at the Naif Arab Academy for Security Sciences in Riyadh, Prince Nayef, regretted that most of the terrorists were Saudis. "They were young men who were misled into killing," he added.  Prince Nayef stressed the importance of education in confront the deviant ideology and called for greater international coordination to fight terrorism.

Prince Nayef said that the thwarted terror plots shows the Kingdom was the priority target for terrorists.  “The Kingdom is still the target of attacks, but our security agencies are better equipped to deal with the culprits. We are on a constant vigil to foil any such act.”