Foreign Minister: Doha Agreement to lead to a stable, prosperous Lebanon

May 26, 2008

Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal today expressed the hope that the agreement reached by Lebanese parties in Doha, Qatar recently would serve as a starting point for a stable and prosperous Lebanon.

Prince Saud made the remarks prior to departing Beirut, where he had attended yesterday’s election of Gen. Michel Suleiman as president.

The Saudi foreign minister also urged all the Lebanese factions to work together in the interest of their nation within the framework of the Lebanese constitution and serve as a model for coexistence.

“We are in a dire need of preserving this model of coexistence for confronting the advocates of fanaticism, rigidity, and extremism in ideas and in behaviors,” Prince Saud said.

Moreover, Prince Saud pointed out that the Doha Agreement is yet another indication of how successfully Arab nations can resolve Arab crises and disputes, and drew attention to the Taif Agreement, which laid the foundation for the Lebanese constitution.