Kingdom to build major dockyard at the Islamic Port of Jeddah

May 8, 2008

Saudi Arabia plans to build a $426 million dockyard at the Islamic Port of Jeddah that will be able to store two million containers, the Arab News reported today.

Minister of Transport Dr. Jubarah Al-Suraiseri made the announcement in remarks yesterday at the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2008.

The new dockyard will be the Kingdom’s third and largest, with better loading and unloading facilities than the existing dockyards. Construction is expected to begin soon.

Al-Suraiseri also said that a Chinese specialized company is currently studying the design and construction of Saudi Arabia’s ninth port at Ras Azzur in the Eastern Province at a cost of $586 million. The port is a priority for the government since it would facilitate mining in the region, he added.