Two Saudi citizens kidnapped in Lebanon are safe

April 26, 2012

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali bin Saeed Awadh Asiri has confirmed that two Saudi citizens recently kidnapped in that country, Tawfiq Al-Shaqaqiq and Abdullah Al-Shaqaqiq, are safe. “The Two Saudi citizens are recovering in the American University Hospital in Beirut after they were rescued,” the Ambassador said in a statement. “Moreover, myself and my colleagues at the Embassy are following their treatment and care for their comfort.”

Asiri disclosed the details of the kidnapping, saying that members of an Arab gang used deception to lure the two Saudi men, kidnapped them, and held them in an apartment near Beirut. The criminals tortured the men for eight days and demanded large amounts of money from their relatives to gain their release. “Upon learning of the incident, the Embassy immediately moved and coordinated with the Lebanese security services, which demonstrated great skill in tracking down the kidnappers, leading to the identification of the location of the apartment in which the two Saudi citizens were held,” Asiri reported. “Then they were freed after a well-devised plan set up by the Lebanese security services and the Embassy.” The Ambassador noted that two of the kidnappers were arrested, while a search is underway for the remaining gang members. He praised the Lebanese authorities for their efforts, noting that the Saudi Embassy continues to coordinate with them in regard to the case.

Asiri called on Saudi citizens in Lebanon to be cautious of questionable offers and reside in well-known hotels, while avoiding private apartments. He urged Saudis to register their passports at the Embassy, be careful in their movements, and avoid border areas.