Saudi Arabia’s non-oil exports surge in Feb. 2012, report says

April 12, 2012

Saudi Arabia’s non-oil exports in February 2012 amounted to SR 14.31 billion [$3.82 billion], a 26 percent increase from last year, according to figures released yesterday in the Saudi Exports Bulletin, a publication of the General Statistics and Information Department. The total weight of exports reached 3.88 million tons, a 14 percent increase over the same period last year.

Petrochemicals, valued at SR 5.28 billion [$1.41 billion], made up 37 percent of exports, followed by plastic products (SR 4.47 billion [$1.19 billion]) at 31 percent, re-exported goods (SR 1.68 billion [$448.87 million]) at 12 percent, foodstuffs (SR886 million [$236.3 million]) at 6 percent, and ordinary minerals and their products (SR 627 million [$167.23 million]). Other products, valued at SR 1.37 billion [$365.13 million], made up the remaining 14 percent.

China ranked was the biggest importer of the Kingdom’s non-oil exports, taking in 14 percent of the total, followed by the United Arab Emirate (11 percent), Singapore (6 percent), India (6 percent), and Turkey (5 percent).

According to the report, the Kingdom’s total exports surged in February 2012 by 32 percent over last year, reaching SR 38.61 billion [$10.3 billion].

The General Statistics and Information Department also reported that the weight of imports into Saudi Arabia amounted to 4.51 million tons, an increase of 44 percent over the same period in 2011. Machines, devices and electric equipment, valued at SR 10.35 billion [$2.76 billion], topped the list at 27 percent, followed by transport equipment (SR 7.5 billion [$1.88]) at 18 percent, ordinary minerals (SR 5.66 billion [$1.51 billion]) at 15 percent, foodstuffs (SR 4.29 billion [$1.14 billion]) at 11 percent, petrochemicals and plastic (SR 3.43 billion [$915.08 million]) at 9 percent, and clothes and textiles (SR 1.34 billion [$357.12 million]) at 3 percent. Other goods, valued at SR 6.5 billion [$1.73 billion], represented the remaining 17 percent of imports.

China ranked first among exporters to Saudi Arabia, followed by the United States, Germany, Japan and South Korea.