Ninth Five-Year Development Plan (2010-2014) adopted

April 5, 2010

The Council of Ministers today adopted the Ninth Five-Year Development Plan (2010-14) that emphasizes the Kingdom’s Islamic and Arab identity, human rights, education, national security, sustained economic development, and balanced regional development.

The development plans list 13 goals:

  1. maintaining the Islamic teachings and values, boosting national unity and comprehensive national security, safeguarding human rights, achieving social stability and reinforce the Kingdom's Islamic and Arab identity;
  2. maintaining the development of the Holy Sites and services provided to pilgrims and visitors;
  3. achieving sustainable economic and social development through accelerating the pace of economic and social welfare development;
  4. achieving balanced regional development and bolstering their role in economic and social development;
  5. bolstering human development and expanding health services; 
  6. improving the standard of living and quality of life for all citizens;
  7. diversifying of the economic and boosting its competitiveness;
  8. moving towards a knowledge-based economy;
  9. strengthening the role of the private sector in economic;
  10. protecting the environment and natural resources, especially water;
  11. continuing economic, social and institutional reforms and upgrade rules and regulations to improve performance and efficiency and enforce the principles of transparency and accountability;
  12. promoting economic integration with the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and other Arab countries and development of the Kingdom's relations with Islamic and friendly countries;
  13. developing sectors of small and medium enterprises to increase their contribution to the gross domestic product.