Saudi Arabia to implement a new transportation policy

April 3, 2008

Saudi Arabia is to implement a set of policy guidelines for an integrated transportation strategy that aims to promote social and economic development, the Arab News reported today.

Minister of Transport Dr. Jubarah Al-Suraiseri announced the plans while inaugurating a workshop on the Development of the National Transportation Strategy (NTS) Phase 111 Report and Policies April 1.

“The draft copy of the policies and programs will be discussed at the workshop to finalize an integrated transport system which will be more beneficial to the people,” Dr. Al-Suraiseri said, as quoted in the Arab News. He pointed out that the draft was formulated after a careful study of people’s needs and discussions among experts in the transportation sector.

The Ministry of Transport has created an integrated strategy that seeks to reduce heavy reliance on motor vehicles as the principal means of transportation and promote the railroad and air transportation sectors as the other viable options, Al-Suraiseri said.

In remarks at the workshop, Al-Suraiseri said the National Transportation Strategy vision is to develop and maintain an efficient, technologically-advanced multinodal system that promotes social and economic development and international competitiveness. The new system also aims to ensure a healthy and secure environment for its citizens, the minister noted.

The minister stressed the importance of exerting greater efforts toward integrated planning, development and operation as well as streamlining the performance of the transportation sector, which was expected to play a crucial role in promoting Hajj and Umrah traffic as well as domestic tourism.

Following the approval of the draft copy, the comprehensive strategy would be submitted to the Cabinet as a new tool for planning and as a means of opening up new investment channels.