Justice Minister chairs 10th session of Conference on Terrorism

March 31, 2010

The 10th session of the “Conference on Terrorism: Between Intellectual Extremism and Extremist Ideology” was held in Madinah last night under the chairmanship of Minister of Justice Dr. Mohammed Al-Eisa. The session, organized by the Islamic University of Madinah in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, featured addresses by Al-Haram Imam Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sudais and Islam Today Group Supervisor Sheikh Dr. Salman al-Oadah .

During his remarks, Dr. Al-Sudais attributed terrorism to a lack of knowledge of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah (Prophet’s teachings). “Terrorism runs counter to moderation and leads to sedition and disunity,” he said. “The phenomenon of terrorism could be tackled through spreading proper knowledge of Islam, in addition to opting for deterrent measures against terrorists.” Dr. Al-Sudais urged the Ulema (Islamic scholars) to shoulder their responsibilities, which include providing guidance to youths and giving attention to intellectual security.

Dr. Al-Oadah noted that terrorism is an international phenomenon with no association to any particular religion or color. “We should address our youth and make facts clear before them in a compassionate and lenient manner,” he said. “We cannot solve the problem of terrorism if we fail to know its causes – whether they are personal causes or social or economic causes or even if they are psychological causes.” Dr. Al-Oadah underscored the importance of clearly condemning violence, pointing out that most Muslims are moderate and practice self-restraint. “Terrorism is a corruption of the earth and it is destructive of life,” he said, pointing out that Islam strictly prohibits violence.