Saudi authorities arrest 28 Al-Qaeda militants

March 3, 2008

Saudi authorities have arrested 28 militants of different nationalities linked to Al-Qaeda, the Ministry of Interior announced today.


An investigation by the security services revealed that the militants had received orders to rebuild the terrorist organization and launch a terror campaign in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Ministry, the militants’ preparations had reached an advanced stage, including identifying hideouts, forging documents and making arrangements for an organized internet campaign to spread their deviant ideology.

In addition, the militants were preparing to recruit youths and send them to other regions to engage in terrorist acts.

Saudi authorities also found a message from Al-Qaeda number two Ayman Al-Zawahiri on the memory card of a mobile phone carried by one of the militants.  In the message, Al-Zawahiri identified its bearer as a “trusted brother” and urged the militants to raise money under the pretext of assisting needy families in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  The Ministry said that the militant had obtained the memory card from another person who visited Makkah from abroad. 

Investigations remain ongoing, the Ministry noted.

In December 2007, Saudi authorities arrested 28 militants plotting terror attacks in the Kingdom.