Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli actions in Gaza

March 2, 2008

Saudi Arabia today condemned Israeli actions in Gaza and reaffirmed its support for the Palestinian people.

In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency, the Kingdom said that it is following with utmost concern the tragic situation in Gaza – the killing of children, women and elderly, the destruction of houses, and the intimidation by the Israeli military machine.

The Kingdom strongly condemns these actions that flout international law and contradict Israeli assertions that it desires peace, the statement said.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia condemns the Israeli war crimes against the Palestinian people and the threats of Israeli officials to inflict a holocaust on Gaza.

Saudi Arabia called on the international community, in particular the Quartet and countries concerned with achieving peace, to end the mass killings and destruction of livelihood of the Palestinians. The Kingdom will relentlessly pursue efforts to ensure Palestinian unity and will contribute to Palestinian reconstruction, the statement said.