Foreign minister welcomes U.S. president’s statements

January 27, 2009

Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal welcomed U.S. President Barack Obama’s positive statements regarding America’s approach to the Middle East.


During an interview with Al Arabiya, Prince Saud noted that President Obama has expressed a serious desire to build strong and constructive relations with the Islamic world and a keenness to solve the crises of the region.

"We believe the problem of the Middle East continues to be the core of the crises in the region and one of the reasons of instability," remarking Prince Saud. "Intensifying international efforts to solve this crisis will automatically contribute to solving the rest of the region’s crises, which have resulted from it."

Regarding the Arab Peace Initiative, Prince Saud stated, "We have no doubt that the Arab countries – which decide on this matter – will have no reservations on conducting a purposeful and constructive dialogue and answering any inquiries by the U.S. administration on the initiative."