Ambassador Al-Mualami delivers speech before U.N. Security Council

January 25, 2013

In an address before a regular session of the United Nations Security Council convened to discuss the situation in the Middle East, the Kingdom reaffirmed that the Palestinian issue is vital to regional and international security. During his remarks, Saudi Permanent Representative to the U.N. Ambassador Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Mualami insisted that it is time to lift the permanent immunity given to Israel and to take action to grant the state of Palestine independence and to end the Israeli occupation of all Arab territories. He stressed that the continuation of the current situation is harmful to the credibility of the United Nations and the Security Council. Unfortunately, the Ambassador observed, since the approval of the resolution granting Palestine non-member observer state status at the U.N., Israel has deliberately continued to expand settlements and to increase the number of housing units in existing settlements. He expressed particular concern over Israel’s illegal practices in Al-Quds [Jerusalem].

Regarding the Syrian crisis, Ambassador Al-Mualami said that it has become clear that the Syrian regime has lost its legitimacy and will no longer be able to stay in power. Saudi Arabia has been watching the events in Syria painfully, he added, and has been quick to provide humanitarian relief worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The Ambassador urged the Security Council to respond to the appeals of the Syrian people and the High Commissioner for Human Rights and to act swiftly and decisively, under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, to stop the killings by the Syrian regime and to work towards a peaceful transfer of authority.