Saudi Arabia’s U.N. Ambassador calls for action on Syria

January 25, 2012

Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Abdullah Al-Mouallimi, said during a Security Council debate yesterday that Syria should stop persecuting its own people. Urging the Council to lend its support to the Arab League plan announced last Sunday, and noting that the Kingdom feels deeply pained by the suffering of the Syrian people, he said, “We call on the Syrian authorities to stop rebuffing the legitimate aspirations of its citizens by violence and bullets.”

Ambassador Al-Mouallimi also called upon the Syrian government to implement the Arab League’s previous initiative. “We hope the Syrian government will heed the voice of reason and wisdom and abide by the items of the Arab initiative to find a balanced political solution that achieves the aspirations of the Syrian people, preserves the unity and territorial integrity of Syria, and halts the cycle of violence and spare it foreign interference in its internal affairs,” he said.

The Ambassador explained why the Kingdom decided to withdraw its observers from Syria, saying, “We did not feel the Syrian authorities were serious about the Arab initiative. We rise above being witnesses and supporters of the practices of assassination and persecution imposed on the great Syrian people.” He added, “It is high time for the international community to shoulder its responsibilities. The Security Council should hasten to take necessary decisions and resolutions on Syria.”