Saudi Aramco and Siemens-Saudi Arabia launch “Discovery Box” initiative

January 25, 2010

Saudi Aramco and Siemens-Saudi Arabia have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the “Discovery Box” program, a joint initiative to distribute science kits to Saudi school children, aged three to seven, to enhance their creative thinking, research and exploration skills. The agreement was signed by Saudi Aramco Affairs Vice President Khaled Al-Buraik and Vice President of Corporate Communications at Siemens-Saudi Arabia Company Joerg Drescher.

The kits contain a variety of tools and materials required to easily and safely conduct age-appropriate scientific experiments in electricity, energy, the environment and health, according to Saudi Aramco’s website. In its pilot stage, the program will target 400 students, in addition to 30 teachers, who will enroll in a training course. Overall, the initiative targets 50,000 students in early school grades, through the distribution of 3,500 scientific kits to a number of schools throughout the Kingdom, in coordination with the Ministry of Education.

“This initiative seeks to enhance the educational environment in terms of teaching science and technology and developing a passion for research and exploration among school children,” said Al-Buraik. “Through this initiative and cooperation with the concerned agencies in the Kingdom, we aim to raise a generation of children and youth who are interested in science, knowledge and innovation.”

For his part, Drescher commented, “We at Siemens-Saudi Arabia are very pleased to team up with Saudi Aramco on this initiative. This project has been applied in many countries, such as Austria, Ireland, Brazil, Korea, China, Egypt and others. However, the Saudi initiative is the largest of its kind in the world.”