Prince Khalid visits troops on southern border

January 24, 2010

Assistant Defense and Aviation Minister for Military Affairs Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz met yesterday with members of the Saudi Armed Forces stationed on the Kingdom’s southern borders, praising their success in defeating infiltrators who crossed the border from Yemen.

Speaking with reporters in the border village of Al-Meresah, Prince Khalid remarked, “At the beginning of events, this area was inundated with infiltrators, but it is now perfectly cleared.” Despite the difficulty of the mountainous terrain, he noted, Saudi forces successfully “eliminated hundreds” of enemy fighters and destroyed their training facilities and weapons caches.

Regarding possible ties between Al-Qaeda and the infiltrating forces, Prince Khalid said, “We have confirmed information from many different bodies that there are contacts, coordination and common interests between them in advocating sabotage, but by the will of Allah, we will defeat them all.”

Prince Khalid confirmed that Saudi troops will remain in the area as a precaution. Asked whether a military city will be established in Jazan Province, he answered, “Yes, we are considering such a city.”