Ministry of Interior issues list of wanted terrorists

January 9, 2011

A security spokesman has announced that since the Ministry of Interior last released a list of Saudis wanted abroad, five of them have surrendered. There are now a total of 47 Saudis living abroad who are wanted for participating in terrorist activities. Their names have been submitted to Interpol for extradition and they include:

1. Ahmed Abdulaziz Jasser Al-Jasser
2. Ahmad Mohammed Al-Sweed
3. Anas Ali Abdulaziz Al-Nushwan
4. Basem Salem Enad AL-Sbilah
5. Basem Mohammad Hamid Al-Fezi Al-Johani
6. Bassam Ibrahim Yahya Al-Slimani
7. Bandar Mecehal She'an Al-Shaibani
8. Turki Saad Mohammed Kulais Al-Shahrani
9. Turki Hadi Saad Al-Atifi Al-Qahtani
10. Hussein Saleh Zafir Al Bahri
11. Hamza Mohamed Hassan Araishi
12. Khalid Ali Abdulrahman AL-Jbaili Al-Qahtani
13. Khalid Hathal Abdullah Al-Atifi Al-Qahtani
14. Zaaam Saeed Farhan Al-Shaibani Al-Otibi
15. Saad Qaeed Meqeed Al-Mqati
16. Suleiman Ahmed Trikhm Al-Hamdan
17. Saleh Abdulaziz Hamad Al-Haib
18. Adel Radi Saqr Al-Wahabi Al-Harbi
19. Adel Saleh Ahmad Al-Qmishi
20. Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Rashid Al-Faraj
21. Abdulrahman Fayyad Mohammed Al-Ruwais Al-Otibi
22. Abdulrahman Mohammed Zafer Al-DebeisyAl-Johani
23. Abdulsalam Abdulaziz Rashid Al-Faraj
24. Abdulaziz Mohammed Ahmed Al-Solami Al-Asir
25. Abdullah Hamid Hamad Mohimid Al-Jadani
26. Abdullah Suleiman Saleh Al-Thabah
27. Abdullah Abdulhadi Mahdi Alkishi Aljahani
28. Abdullah Ali Abdulaziz Alsowayed
29. Abdullah Mohammad Fahm Almqati
30. Abdulmajeed Faris Marzooq Almqati Alotaibi
31. Abdulmajeed Faisal Mohammad Aljubairi Alshihri
32. Amr Solaiman Ali Alali
33. Fahd O'waidh Maa'tiq Almaa'badi
34. Fwaz A'ayedh Jaman Almaso'oodi Alotaibi
35. Fwaz O'waidh Maa'tiq Almaa'badi
36. Faisal Mo'tad Miqbil Almraikhan Alharbi
37. Miteb Hamad Mohammad Aljraiwi
38. Miteb Saeed Mohammad Ala'mri
39. Mohammad Saleem Saeed Braikan
40. Mohammad Farhan Salman Almalki
41. Mohammad Mifrih Mohammad Al'adwani Alzahrani
42. Mran Farhan Ghazi Alshaibani Alotaibi
43. Mia'jib Mohammad Jamal Alqahtani
44. Hashim Mohammad Ibrahim Alhindi
45. Waleed Jarbooa' Eid Aljlaidi Alharbi
46. Waleed Hmayed Hameed Alwaldi
47. Yasir Dkhail Nafia' Alwahbi Alharbi.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that previously announced awards for information leading to the arrest of wanted terrorists apply to this list. The Ministry called on the suspects to surrender themselves to the nearest Saudi mission abroad, which will allow them to be rejoined with their families and which may gain them leniency.