Special Criminal Court continues consideration of terrorist cases

January 8, 2011

The Kingdom’s Special Criminal Court is continuing its consideration of the cases of detainees suspected of participating in terrorist activity and conspiring against national security, a spokesman of the Ministry of Justice has announced. As of the end of 1431 H. [2010], the court had considered a total of 442 cases involving 765 detainees for various charges. The court issued initial sentences in these cases, and 325 of them were appealed.

The charges against the detainees included joining al-Qaeda and its terrorist activities; embracing its ideology; supporting and funding its crimes; communicating with its leaders and elements; hiding them; forming terrorist cells; inciting people to fight and recruiting for fighting in troubled areas; communicating, coordinating and working with foreign parties to conspire against Saudi national security by causing chaos and insecurity; trafficking and smuggling weapons; and possessing prohibited substances.

The Ministry of Justice spokesman said that results of the trials will be announced periodically and that authorized media will be allowed to attend some of the sessions.