Foreign Minister addresses special UN Security Council session on Gaza

January 6, 2009

Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal demanded an immediate end to Israeli attacks against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip today during a special session of the UN Security Council convened to discuss the crisis.


Prince Saud expressed astonishment at the lack of action by the international community to stop the Israeli strikes, which have already killed hundreds of innocent people.

"The Israeli aggression on Gaza already is entering its eleventh day of mayhem, yet the [UN Security] Council has not taken any action to carry out its responsibilities and stop this aggression," he said. "That certainly raises serious questions about the credibility of the Security Council and the whole system of international peace and security."

Prince Saud cited a resolution adopted at the extraordinary meeting of the Council of the Arab League Foreign Ministers, held in Cairo on December 31, as a framework to resolve the crisis. The resolution calls for an immediate halt to military action, and an end to the blockade of Gaza.

Urging the Council to act, Prince Saud warned, "What is happening now in Gaza can only be described as a horrendous human crime, which will produce only more violence and extremism and a departure from the objective of peace and security, which Israel uses as a justification for its aggressive acts."

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