December 31, 2006Updated medical statistics for the Hajj
December 31, 2006Pilgrims perform stoning of the devil at Jamarat without incident
December 31, 2006King Abdullah hosts Muslim dignitaries
December 30, 2006Saudi Arabia condemns timing of Saddam Hussein's execution
December 30, 2006Pilgrims move smoothly into Mina as the Eid Al-Adha begins
December 30, 2006More than 2.3 million pilgrims perform the Hajj this year
December 30, 2006King, Crown Prince call for Muslim unity in Eid Al-Adha address
December 29, 2006Hajj pilgrims ascend Arafat, move on to Muzdalifah
December 29, 2006New Kiswa placed on Holy Ka’abah
December 29, 2006King Abdullah congratulates Muslim leaders on the Eid Al-Adha
December 28, 2006Elaborate emergency and health care arrangements made for the Hajj
December 28, 2006Kingdom provides humanitarian aid to flood-stricken Indonesia
December 28, 2006Record number of foreign pilgrims arrive for this year’s Hajj
December 28, 2006King Abdullah receives call from Sultan Qaboos of Oman
December 28, 2006Pilgrims move into Mina today
December 27, 2006Authorities: Security situation for Hajj is good
December 27, 2006Real Estate Development Fund approves $320 million in mortgage loans
December 27, 2006Latest Hajj statistics as of December 26
December 26, 2006Interior Minister tours Hajj-related facilities at the holy sites
December 26, 2006Saudi Arabia, Oman issue statement
December 26, 2006Jeddah airport expansion to commence within nine months
December 26, 2006Saudi startup airline Sama awarded license for domestic flights
December 26, 2006Number of Hajj pilgrims tops 1.6 million to date
December 26, 2006Kingdom releases 18 former Guantanamo detainees
December 26, 2006King Abdullah receives call from Egyptian president
December 26, 2006Prince Saud holds press conference in Muscat
December 26, 2006Sixteen injured in Makkah apartment fire
December 24, 2006New 91-octane gasoline price set at $0.45 per gallon
December 24, 2006King Abdullah and Sultan Qaboos hold talks
December 24, 2006Iraqi Vice President arrives in Madinah
December 24, 2006Updated statistics of pilgrim arrivals
December 23, 2006King Abdullah arrives in Oman for three-day visit
December 23, 2006Eritrean helicopter crew seeks asylum in Kingdom
December 22, 2006New Kiswa presented for 1427 Hajj
December 22, 2006Omani conjoined twins arrive in the Kingdom
December 22, 2006Kingdom to increase research and development spending to 2.5% of GDP
December 22, 2006King Abdullah to visit Oman
December 22, 2006Jubail Down Syndrome Center expanded
December 22, 2006Adulterated kohl, counterfeit cameras for sale to pilgrims seized
December 21, 2006Over 1.2 million pilgrims already in the Kingdom for the Hajj
December 21, 2006Supreme Judicial Council announces Hajj 1427 dates
December 20, 2006Iraqi pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia overland
December 20, 2006Eleven former detainees released after serving jail terms
December 19, 2006Foreign minister comments on the resignation of Prince Turki Al-Faisal
December 19, 2006Prince Saud Al-Faisal addresses regional issues in press briefing
December 19, 20061.2 million Hajj visas processed by Saudi consulates so far
December 18, 2006Kingdom announces the FY 2007 State Budget
December 18, 2006King Abdullah announces State Budget for FY 2007 at Cabinet meeting
December 17, 2006King Abdullah meets with Shura Council members
December 17, 2006King Abdullah meets with Arab League Secretary-General
December 17, 2006King Abdullah to pay the expenses for 1,000 Hajj pilgrims
December 17, 2006Number of Hajj pilgrims tops 885,000 as of Saturday
December 16, 2006King Abdullah discusses regional issues in phone call with French president
December 16, 2006King Abdullah meets with visiting Sen. Bill Nelson
December 16, 2006More than 800,000 pilgrims already in the Kingdom for the Hajj
December 16, 2006SAGIA forum highlights investment opportunities at economic cities
December 15, 2006King Abdullah allocates 6,000 extra Hajj slots for US pilgrims
December 14, 2006Sixteen Saudi Guantanamo detainees repatriated; names given
December 14, 2006Islamic Environment Ministers conference convenes in Jeddah
December 13, 2006More than 615,000 pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom for the Hajj
December 13, 2006King Abdullah meets with Pakistani prime minister
December 12, 2006Kingdom voices support for fair representation at the UN Security Council
December 12, 2006Crown Prince Sultan meets with Pakistani prime minister
December 12, 2006Saudi military helicopter crashes in the Red Sea
December 11, 2006Cabinet: Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Hajj
December 10, 2006Sheikh Jaber Summit concludes in Riyadh
December 10, 2006Minister of Interior issues new rules for transport vehicles during the Hajj
December 10, 2006Second phase of Jamarat project to be handed over tomorrow
December 09, 2006King Abdullah opens 27th GCC meeting
December 08, 2006Omani conjoined twins to be brought to the Kingdom for possible surgery
December 08, 2006Saudi Ambassador discusses education in the Kingdom at Princeton
December 08, 2006Two Saudi security members killed in Jeddah gunfight
December 07, 2006Six students awarded the Princess Nouf prize for supporting cancer research
December 07, 2006Prince Saud holds press conference
December 07, 2006GCC foreign ministers hold preparatory meeting
December 07, 2006Prince Turki discusses Middle East stability at WAC of Philadelphia
December 06, 2006King Abdullah visits Iraqi conjoined twins
December 06, 2006Kingdom to host GCC Supreme Council meeting Saturday
December 06, 2006Saudi field hospital equipment donated to the Lebanese Red Cross
December 06, 2006OIC issues statements on Lebanon, Palestine
December 05, 2006Shura Council Secretary-General meets with US delegation
December 05, 2006Prince Saud attends ministerial meeting in Cairo
December 05, 2006King Abdullah receives message from President Bush
December 04, 2006Interior Minister: Arrested militants planned assassinations, attacks
December 04, 2006Chairman of Shura Council meets with Human Rights Watch team
December 04, 2006Prince Turki comments on Cheney visit, Obaid op-ed on CNN
December 04, 2006Cabinet: Lebanon, arrests of militants
December 03, 2006Saudi authorities announce arrests of 136 militants
December 03, 2006Prince Turki visits Air and Space museum
December 03, 2006Iraqi conjoined twins successfully separated
December 02, 2006Saudi field hospital in Lebanon closes
December 02, 2006Prince Turki visits Iowa as part of outreach program
December 01, 2006Kingdom refutes Washington Post article
December 01, 2006Prince Saud concludes meeting of Saudi ambassadors
December 01, 2006Prince Saud holds meetings on the fringes of the Forum for the Future
December 01, 2006King Abdullah receives call from Lebanese prime minister
November 30, 2006Saudi Red Crescent Society aid delivered to Lebanon
November 30, 2006Saudi Ambassador visits the US Army War College
November 30, 2006Prince Turki opens Saudi culture exhibit in Iowa
November 30, 2006Foreign ministers of GCC, Egypt and Jordan meet with Secretary Rice
November 29, 2006Saudi Ambassador calls for greater cooperation to foster peace
November 29, 2006Saudi official meets with Human Rights Watch executive director
November 29, 2006Prince Saud meets with Egyptian president for talks about regional issues
November 28, 2006King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting
November 28, 2006Kingdom comments on Biological Weapons Convention
November 27, 2006Conjoined Iraqi twins to undergo separation surgery Saturday
November 27, 2006New gas field discovered
November 26, 2006King Abdullah receives regions’ Governors
November 26, 2006King Abdullah receives message from Iranian President
November 26, 2006Joint Saudi-Pakistani military exercises underway
November 25, 2006Saudi Aramco hosts National Oil Companies Forum
November 25, 2006King Abdullah meets with Vice President Cheney
November 23, 2006Saudi Leadership Condoles Gemayel family
November 21, 2006Palestinian President meets with Saudi leaderships
November 21, 2006Saudi unemployment over 9%
November 21, 2006GCC Foreign Ministers arrive in Riyadh
November 21, 2006Saudi Arabia to participate in seminar on combating corruption
November 21, 2006Saudi Red Crescent Chief thanks King for appointment
November 21, 2006King offers condolences to former Lebanese President
November 20, 2006Prince Mohammad bin Fahd Opens Energy Forum
November 20, 2006King Abdullah Chairs Cabinet Session
November 20, 2006King Abdullah phones French president
November 20, 2006Saudi Aramco expects larger role for local companies in energy projects
November 20, 2006Prince Ahmad hails education care for the handicapped
November 20, 2006Saudi Arabia to Host Conference on the Arab Child
November 17, 2006Saudi Arabia hands over field hospital to Pakistan
November 16, 2006GCC Interior Ministers Conclude Meeting
November 16, 2006Saudi Minister attends convention on climate change in Nairobi
November 15, 2006King Abdullah Holds Talks with Frances Townsend
November 15, 2006King Abdullah Receives Attorney General of Colorado
November 15, 2006Saudi candidate elected for key post at International Telecommunications Union
November 15, 2006Crown Prince Sultan Receives Colorado State Attorney General
November 14, 2006Slovenia’s Prime Minister concludes visit to Saudi Arabia
November 14, 2006King Abdullah holds talks in Riyadh with Yemeni President
November 14, 2006MoU signed for New Saudi Commodities Market
November 14, 2006Scout Dialogue Forum Planned in Riyadh
November 14, 2006Saudi Aramco's New Shanghai Office to Boost Ties
November 14, 2006Saudi Arabia Calls for Enhancing Relations Among Nations
November 13, 2006King Abdullah receives annual report of Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
November 13, 2006King Abdullah Chairs Cabinet’s Session
November 13, 2006Prince Turki continues museum visits
November 13, 2006King Abdullah calls for greater Muslim unity, cooperation
November 09, 2006Saudi Ambassador to speak at Global Creative Leadership Summit
November 09, 2006Kingdom condemns deadly Israeli shelling of Beit Hanoun
November 09, 2006Dates sent to Kosovo as a gift from King Abdullah
November 08, 2006King Abdullah meets with Microsoft’s Bill Gates
November 08, 2006Prince Turki to visit University of Scranton November 28
November 08, 2006GCC, OIC condemn Israeli offensives in Gaza, Al-Yamoun
November 08, 2006GOTEVOT signs training agreement with Microsoft’s Bill Gates
November 08, 2006Kingdom to establish 11 new psychiatric hospitals
November 07, 2006King Abdullah receives message from Moroccan king
November 06, 2006Cabinet: King Abdullah’s tour, Palestinian situation
November 06, 2006Oil minister discusses meeting global energy demand at World Islamic Forum
November 06, 2006King Abdullah launches new economic city in Jizan
November 05, 2006Saudi relief planes brings aid to Sri Lanka
November 05, 2006King Abdullah launches key development projects in Jizan
November 03, 2006Kingdom denies reports of a new Saudi initiative in Lebanon
November 03, 2006Saudi Aramco executive named one of the world’s top 25 female managers
November 03, 2006King Abdullah launches major education and medical projects in Asir
November 02, 2006GCC-Yemen Foreign Ministers meeting concludes in Sanaa
November 02, 2006Saudi aid to Lebanon is ongoing
November 02, 2006King Abdullah arrives in Asir
November 02, 2006Prince Khalid concludes meetings with US officials
November 01, 2006Saudi Royal Air Force fighter crashes in the Eastern Province
November 01, 2006Arab transport ministers agree to help Lebanon rebuild facilities
November 01, 2006King Abdullah launches development projects in Najran
November 01, 2006Prince Khalid chairs Strategic Joint Planning Committee meeting
November 01, 2006University of Northern Iowa to host Saudi exhibit
October 31, 2006Prince Turki discusses Saudi efforts to promote progress
October 31, 2006King Abdullah arrives in Najran
October 31, 2006Prince Turki discusses the situation in Iraq in CNN interviews
October 31, 2006Assistant Defense Minister arrives in US for Strategic Joint Planning meetings
October 30, 2006King Abdullah opens 9th Arab Mineral Resources Conference in Jeddah
October 30, 2006Prince Turki highlights Saudi constitutional evolution in NCUSAR address
October 29, 2006Shura Council resumes after Eid Al-Fitr recess
October 29, 2006Saudi Aramco, Foster Wheeler sign agreement on Manifa project
October 29, 2006Bill Gates to address the Global Competitiveness Forum in Riyadh
October 28, 2006King Abdullah receives a message from President Bush
October 28, 2006King Abdullah to open Jeddah’s International Medical Center tomorrow
October 28, 2006Tadawul trades under new hours today
October 27, 2006Prince Turki to participate in NCUSAR's Policymakers Conference
October 26, 2006King Abdullah to launch development projects in the south next week
October 24, 2006Eid prayers held at Saudi Embassy in Washington
October 23, 2006King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan address the nation
October 23, 2006Saudi Red Crescent distributes Eid gifts to Lebanese children
October 22, 2006Saudi Arabia celebrates Eid Al-Fitr on October 23
October 22, 2006Saudi Red Crescent Society sets up ready-made houses in Lebanon
October 21, 2006Iraqi religious leaders agree on Makkah Document
October 21, 2006Fifth Saudi relief convoy arrives in Lebanon
October 21, 2006King Abdullah meets with Iraqi delegates to the reconciliation conference
October 20, 2006Kingdom formalizes the royal succession
October 19, 2006Millions worship at the Grand Mosque in Makkah
October 19, 2006King Abdullah receives message from Egyptian president
October 19, 2006SABIC posts record profits for 3Q 2006
October 18, 2006King Abdullah approves desalination plant at Yanbu
October 18, 2006University of Central Missouri holds Saudi Arabia Day
October 18, 2006Saudi-Jordan talks focus on Palestine, Iraq
October 17, 2006Cabinet: Muslim ties, Iraq, Sudan, strategy to fight poverty
October 17, 2006Saudi Ambassador: US must take action on the peace process
October 17, 2006Prince Turki highlights close Saudi-US ties at the Wilmington WAC
October 15, 2006King Abdullah meets with Muslim world leaders visiting the Kingdom
October 15, 2006King Abdullah consults with leaders of Lebanon, Egypt
October 15, 2006Kingdom provides aid to Lebanese charities
October 14, 2006King Abdullah: Islam will remain strong in spite of attacks
October 14, 2006Saudi telethon raises more than $15 million for tsunami victims in Asia
October 14, 2006Saudi relief convoy dispatched to Lebanon
October 13, 2006King Abdullah visits Makkah
October 13, 2006Kingdom to provide 4,000 houses to Pakistan quake victims
October 13, 2006National Genetic and Birth Defects Registry makes great strides
October 12, 2006King Abdullah awarded international Islamic prize
October 12, 2006Iraqi religious leaders to meet in Makkah next week
October 12, 2006Saudi ambassador calls for more US involvement in the peace process
October 12, 2006Saudi Red Crescent Society donates ambulances to Lebanon
October 11, 2006Cabinet licenses 13 new insurance companies
October 11, 2006Crown Prince Sultan comments on peace process, support for Lebanon
October 10, 2006Shura Council approves law to fight electronic crimes
October 10, 2006Cabinet: Regional issues, Ramadan
October 10, 2006King Abdullah Economic City to include international airport
October 10, 2006Ministry of Commerce and Industry launches English-language web site
October 09, 2006Fourth Saudi relief convoy dispatched to Lebanon
October 09, 2006King Abdullah meets with speaker of Lebanese National Assembly
October 08, 2006Commission proposed to monitor charity work abroad
October 08, 2006King Abdullah holds talks with Turkish prime minister
October 07, 2006Kingdom’s first cancer screening center to open next month
October 05, 2006Leading Saudi cleric warns youth against jihad in Iraq
October 05, 2006Interior Ministry: Militants released after they repented
October 05, 2006Saudi relief trucks arrive in Lebanon
October 04, 2006Prince Turki discusses Saudi-US relations at CSIS
October 04, 2006Foreign Minister holds joint press conference with Secretary Rice
October 03, 2006King Abdullah holds talks with Secretary Rice
October 03, 2006Cabinet: Palestinians, Iraq, Eid Al-Fitr holiday
October 03, 2006Saudi relief plane arrives in Lebanon
October 01, 2006Saudi Ambassador visits Imam Al-Khoei Islamic Center in New York
October 01, 2006Crown Prince Sultan meets with US official in Jeddah
October 01, 2006King Abdullah sends message to Kuwaiti emir
September 30, 2006New national water company to be established
September 30, 2006First phase of Jamarat expansion to be completed by early December
September 30, 2006Additional staff for Saudi field hospital arrive in Beirut
September 29, 2006Kingdom nominates 3 historic sites for UNESCO World Heritage program
September 28, 2006Kingdom signs electricity agreement with Egypt
September 28, 2006SABIC to buy Huntsman Petrochemicals for $700 million
September 27, 2006Cabinet: Islam, regional crises, labor and business regulations
September 27, 2006CMA changes trading hours on the stock market
September 26, 2006King Abdullah honors families of slain Saudi security officers
September 26, 2006Saudi Arabian Airlines hires 24 disabled Saudis
September 26, 2006Kingdom denies secret talks with Israel
September 25, 2006Asharq Al-Awsat: Kingdom denies secret talks with Israel
September 25, 2006Saudi Aramco signs contracts for Khurais Increment Program
September 25, 2006Saudi Ambassador presents 2006 Saudi-US Relations Award
September 24, 2006Prince Turki hosts National Day reception at the Embassy
September 24, 2006Abdullah Al-Anazi wins Employee of the Year Award for 2006
September 24, 2006Kingdom supports epidemic control program in Palestine
September 23, 2006Saudi relief convoy arrives in Lebanon
September 23, 2006Saudi Arabia observes National Day
September 22, 2006King, Crown Prince congratulate Muslims on Ramadan
September 22, 2006Foreign minister: Palestinian-Israeli conflict key to resolving regional crises
September 22, 2006Foreign minister sees Arab consensus on reinvigorating the peace process
September 21, 2006Interior Minister speaks out against extremism
September 21, 2006Crown Prince Sultan meets with UAE president
September 21, 2006Foreign minister holds meetings on the fringes of UN meeting
September 20, 2006First International CDM conference begins in Riyadh
September 20, 2006Fire at Ras Tanura refinery kills one
September 20, 2006Relief convoy, cargo planes bring Saudi aid to Lebanon
September 20, 2006Oil minister meets with US Commerce official
September 19, 2006Prince Saud addresses high-level UN meeting on Iraq
September 19, 2006Interior Ministers of Iraq’s neighbors conclude meeting
September 19, 2006King Abdullah receives message from President Bush
September 19, 2006Saudi soccer team wins Learning Disability World Cup
September 18, 2006Cabinet: National Day, Palestinian unity, Iraq
September 18, 2006Crown Prince Sultan begins official visit to the UAE
September 18, 2006Interior Ministers of Iraq’s neighbors meet in Jeddah
September 18, 2006SAMA governor urges developing countries to step up reforms
September 17, 2006King Abdullah holds talks with Egyptian president
September 17, 2006SAMA governor highlights Saudi economic growth in Singapore remarks
September 16, 2006Saudi Arabia urges the Vatican to clarify its stance on Islam
September 16, 2006King Abdullah: Arab world will not witness a sectarian war
September 15, 2006Muslim groups condemn offensive statements by Pope Benedict XVI
September 15, 2006US religious freedom report sees progress in Saudi Arabia
September 15, 2006Saudi relief aid arrives in Ethiopia
September 15, 2006Saudi-financed parliament building opened in Kazakhstan
September 14, 2006OIC Information Ministers conclude their meeting
September 14, 2006Preparatory meetings begin for ministerial meeting of Iraq’s neighbors
September 14, 2006Saudi Red Crescent Society to distribute 1,000 housing units in Lebanon
September 14, 2006Innovative system developed at KFUPM links patients and doctors online
September 13, 2006Conference of OIC Information Ministers opens in Jeddah
September 13, 2006Crown Prince reaffirms support for Arab Peace Initiative
September 13, 2006Officials: Women’s prayer area at the Holy Mosque will not be moved
September 13, 2006King Abdullah condoles Yemeni president on deadly stampede
September 13, 2006Saudi Navy rescues five Iranian sailors
September 12, 2006King Abdullah approves higher education projects
September 12, 2006King Abdullah receives call from Palestinian president
September 12, 2006Preparatory meetings underway for ministerial meeting of Iraq’s neighbors
September 12, 2006King Abdullah meets with US ambassador to Iraq
September 12, 2006Oil Minister: Kingdom plans $70 billion in oil and gas programs
September 11, 2006Saudi Arabia to send largest aid shipment yet to Lebanon
September 11, 2006Cabinet offers sympathy to the American people on anniversary of 9/11
September 11, 2006Cabinet: Iraq, Palestinians, terrorism
September 11, 2006Kingdom to finance housing settlements for Palestinians
September 11, 2006Kingdom announces new social welfare regulations
September 10, 2006King Abdullah meets with Lebanese prime minister
September 10, 2006New gas field discovered in the Eastern Province
September 10, 2006Kingdom is the Arab world’s top business destination
September 10, 2006Saudi Arabia earmarks $1 trillion for projects
September 10, 2006Oil minister: Kingdom “happy” with oil situation
September 09, 2006OIC information ministers to convene Wednesday in Jeddah
September 09, 2006Saudi Arabia gifts dates to Sri Lanka’s needy for Ramadan
September 08, 2006Kingdom earmarks $10 million for hunger-stricken African nations
September 07, 2006Saudi Red Crescent team provides relief to isolated Lebanese village
September 07, 2006Kingdom donates shelters for Pakistani school
September 06, 2006Kingdom to pay tuition for all students in Lebanon’s public schools
September 05, 2006GCC foreign ministers meet in Jeddah
September 04, 2006King Abdullah approves education programs
September 04, 2006Cabinet: regional issues, Muslim unity, new Saudi currency
September 04, 2006Kingdom provides $5 million in food aid to Lebanon
September 04, 2006Deputy Interior Minister: trials for terror suspects are ongoing
September 04, 2006King Abdullah discusses regional issues with UN secretary-general
September 03, 2006King Abdullah meets with French defense minister
September 03, 2006Saudi field hospital in Beirut kicks off blood drive
September 02, 2006Saudi relief trucks arrive in Lebanon
September 01, 2006Prince Saud urges international support for Lebanon
August 31, 2006Conference for the gifted concludes in Jeddah
August 31, 2006Saudi field hospital in Beirut treats 21,000 in its first month
August 28, 2006Cabinet: Kingdom’s policies on Arab issues
August 27, 2006Security forces arrest 34 militants around the Kingdom
August 27, 2006King Abdullah gives wide-ranging interview to Asharq Al-Awsat
August 27, 2006Foreign Minister stresses support for Lebanon, calls for Arab unity
August 25, 2006King Abdullah discusses Middle East situation with French president
August 25, 2006Saudi medical team visits orphanage in Beirut
August 25, 2006Kingdom donates emergency vehicles to Indonesia
August 24, 2006Saudi relief trucks dispatched to Lebanon
August 23, 2006King Abdullah holds talks with Jordanian ruler
August 21, 2006Saudi security forces arrest four suspects in Jeddah after gunfight
August 21, 2006Plans underway for a new economic city in Makkah
August 21, 2006Cabinet: Lebanese reconstruction, terrorism, Typhoon purchase
August 21, 2006Arab foreign ministers reaffirm support for Lebanon
August 21, 2006King Abdullah telephones King Mohammed of Morocco
August 21, 2006Royal Court announces passing of Prince Fahd bin Saud bin Abdulaziz
August 20, 2006Saudi relief aid arrives in Lebanon via land, air
August 20, 2006Foreign Minister in Cairo to attend ministerial meeting
August 19, 2006Royal Decrees extend terms for royal adviser and governor of Al-Jouf
August 18, 2006Kingdom signs agreement with Britain to purchase 72 Eurofighters
August 17, 2006Kingdom donates $1 million to Lebanese refugees
August 17, 2006Fitch upgrades Saudi Arabia to A+
August 16, 2006King Abdullah confers with Arab leaders on Lebanon and Palestine
August 16, 2006Kingdom to distribute $6.7 million in aid to displaced Lebanese
August 15, 2006King Abdullah receives messages from leaders of US, Iran
August 14, 2006Cabinet focuses on crisis in Lebanon, terrorism
August 14, 2006Cabinet denounces linking Islam with fascism
August 14, 2006Saudi hospital in Beirut treats over 3,000 patients
August 13, 2006Foreign Minister: Arabs will support UN resolution on Lebanon
August 13, 2006Convoy of Saudi relief trucks dispatched to Lebanon
August 12, 2006King Abdullah reviews regional issues with Arab leaders
August 11, 2006Saudi Arabia and Turkey to boost economic ties
August 10, 2006King Abdullah holds talks with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan
August 08, 2006Saudi field hospital in Beirut treats over 1,000 patients its first week
August 08, 2006King Abdullah begins state visit to Turkey
August 07, 2006Saudi Arabia offers to host an Arab summit on Lebanon
August 07, 2006Foreign Minister: State visit to open a new chapter in Saudi-Turkish relations
August 07, 2006Cabinet stresses support for Lebanon, calls for a unified Arab stance
August 06, 2006King Abdullah to make historic state visit to Turkey
August 06, 2006King Abdullah receives messages from Arab leaders
August 06, 2006OIC condemns Israeli arrest of Palestinian speaker
August 03, 2006Madani reiterates Saudi support for Lebanon in OIC meeting
August 02, 2006King Abdullah sends message on Lebanese crisis to Yemeni president
August 02, 2006Foreign Minister calls for immediate cease-fire in Lebanon
August 02, 2006Two more Saudi relief planes dispatched to Lebanon
August 02, 2006Saudi Arabia donates $2 million to World Food Program for Lebanon
August 01, 2006Saudi Ambassador calls for a quick end to the war in Lebanon
August 01, 2006Saudi relief planes head for Lebanon
August 01, 2006Nizar Madani to head Saudi delegation at Thursday’s OIC meeting
August 01, 2006SABIC donates $2.1 million to Lebanon
August 01, 2006Kingdom is “very much engaged” with the US on Lebanon, says Saudi adviser
July 31, 2006Crisis in Lebanon dominates weekly Cabinet meeting
July 31, 2006King Abdullah meets with Jordanian king
July 31, 2006Staff increased at the Saudi field hospital in Beirut
July 31, 2006Saudi human rights society condemns Israeli attacks on Lebanon
July 30, 2006OIC executive committee to hold emergency talks on Lebanon
July 30, 2006Saudi Arabia condemns massacre in Lebanese town of Qana
July 30, 2006Saudi relief group allocates $5.7 million in urgent aid to Lebanon
July 29, 2006Kingdom donates $6 million for medical equipment in Baton Rouge
July 29, 2006Kingdom to establish 60 new protected areas for wildlife
July 29, 2006King Abdullah meets with Palestinian president in Riyadh
July 27, 2006Foreign Minister attends Rome conference on Lebanon
July 27, 2006Saudi field hospital dispatched to Lebanon
July 26, 2006Fundraising campaign for Lebanon kicks off on Saudi TV
July 26, 2006Telethon for Lebanon raises over SR 100 million
July 26, 2006Medical team for Saudi field hospital arrive in Beirut
July 26, 2006Saudi Arabia expected to report record oil export earnings, says Samba
July 26, 2006Moroccan conjoined twins return home in good health
July 25, 2006Kingdom grants $500 million to Lebanon
July 25, 2006Prince Saud and Prince Bandar deliver message to British Prime Minister
July 25, 2006Boxing legend Muhammad Ali visits the Saudi Embassy
July 25, 2006King Abdullah meets with Egyptian President Mubarak
July 24, 2006Prince Saud, Prince Bandar meet with President Bush
July 24, 2006Cabinet meeting focuses on crisis in Lebanon
July 24, 2006Kingdom to dispatch a field hospital to Lebanon
July 24, 2006Prince Turki: Palestinian-Israeli crisis must be resolved
July 24, 2006King Abdullah to launch major development projects in Al-Baha tomorrow
July 23, 2006Shura Council condemns Israeli attacks on Lebanon, Palestinians
July 23, 2006King Abdullah attends launch ceremony for key projects in Taif
July 22, 2006Prince Saud, Prince Bandar to visit US, Britain and Russia
July 22, 2006Saudi Arabia and France issue joint communiqué
July 22, 2006King Abdullah to launch development projects in Taif
July 21, 2006Kingdom provides humanitarian aid to Djibouti, Pakistan
July 21, 2006Crown Prince Sultan condemns attacks on Lebanon and Palestine
July 21, 2006King Abdullah marks first anniversary of his reign tomorrow
July 21, 2006King Abdullah discusses Lebanese crisis with Iranian president
July 21, 2006Crown Prince Sultan donates $1 million to UNESCO
July 21, 2006Prince Saud meets with French Foreign Minister for talks on Lebanon
July 20, 2006Crown Prince Sultan meets with French president in Paris
July 20, 2006Kingdom announces donation campaign for Lebanon
July 19, 2006Crown Prince Sultan arrives in France for three-day state visit
July 19, 2006King Abdullah telephones President Bush
July 19, 2006AGFUND donates $1 million to Lebanon
July 19, 2006Riyadh to host first International Conference on CDM
July 18, 2006Foreign Minister stresses Saudi support for Lebanon, Palestinians
July 18, 2006Crown Prince Sultan to visit France
July 18, 2006MWL condemns Yesha Rabbinical Council remarks
July 17, 2006King Abdullah, Siniora continue consultations
July 17, 2006Muslim World League appeals for emergency assistance for Lebanon
July 17, 2006OIC urges member states to help ease the suffering of Lebanese people
July 17, 2006King Abdullah, cabinet address Israeli assault on Lebanon
July 17, 2006King Abdullah receives phone call from Spanish monarch
July 16, 2006Kingdom reaches out to world leaders to halt Israeli military attacks in Lebanon
July 16, 2006Kingdom to give Lebanon $50 million in emergency relief assistance
July 16, 2006OIC condemns Israeli aggression against Lebanon
July 15, 2006Prince Saud al-Faisal addresses Arab Foreign Minister’s emergency meeting
July 15, 2006Prince Saud calls for coordinate effort as not to undermine Arab interests
July 15, 2006Prince Saud Al-Faisal arrives in Cairo for emergency Arab League meeting
July 15, 2006Kingdom advises citizens to leave Lebanon, implements evacuation plan
July 14, 2006Saudi Ambassador discusses reforms, Saudi-US relations in Miami
July 14, 2006Saudi Official Comments on latest events in Lebanon and Palestine
July 13, 2006Saudi Ambassador tours relief efforts in New Orleans
July 09, 2006Ministerial meeting concludes in Tehran with statement of support for Iraq
July 09, 2006Kingdom gives $1.5 million to UNWRA for Palestinian refugees
July 09, 2006King Abdullah meets with Kuwaiti deputy prime minister
July 09, 2006Kingdom has invested $10.7 billion in its ports network
July 09, 2006Royal Decrees issued on appointments
July 05, 2006Public Security appoints spokesmen for each province
July 05, 2006Saudi Arabia lifts ban on Canadian chicks and breeding-eggs
July 05, 2006Saudi students, professor awarded scholarships to Italy
July 04, 2006Saudi Aramco to introduced new grade of gasoline
July 04, 2006New gas field discovered
July 04, 2006King Abdullah meet with Lebanon’s Walid Jumblat
July 03, 2006King Abdullah and President Mubarak hold talks in Jeddah
July 02, 2006Iraqi Prime Minister meets with Saudi businessmen
June 28, 2006Saudi Ambassador: Kingdom is a major force for peace and stability
June 27, 2006Saudi ambassador visits Aramco Services Company in Houston
June 27, 2006Kingdom gives $1 million to Palestinian sports projects
June 27, 2006King Abdullah meets with the US ambassador to Iraq
June 26, 2006US-Arab Economic Forum begins in Houston
June 26, 2006Cabinet: Palestinian situation, acts of terrorism
June 26, 2006Kingdom allocates $1 billion to fight poverty in Africa
June 25, 2006Fourteen Guantanamo detainees returned to the Kingdom
June 25, 2006King Abdullah receives call from Palestinian president
June 25, 2006Saudi Ambassador addresses ISA graduation ceremony
June 24, 2006Saudi authorities arrested 27 militants last month
June 24, 2006Ministry provides more details about yesterday’s raid in Al-Nakheel
June 24, 2006Grand Mufti condemns militants
June 23, 2006Princess Nouf hosts Saudi children with special needs
June 23, 2006Six Al-Qaeda militants killed in early-morning raid in Riyadh
June 21, 2006King Abdullah meets with US Homeland Security adviser
June 21, 2006Saudi relief aid for Kenya, Afghanistan
June 20, 2006Saudi human rights chief addresses UN council
June 20, 2006Saudi ambassador comments on global energy security in USEA remarks
June 20, 2006Saudi food aid to Horn of Africa is distributed
June 20, 2006Scholarships available for Saudi students to study civil aviation in the US
June 20, 2006Crown Prince Sultan meets with US Homeland Security adviser
June 19, 2006Prince Turki discusses Saudi-US relations at the Brookings Institution
June 19, 2006Cabinet: King Abdullah’s tour, domestic governmental matters
June 18, 2006King Abdullah launches major projects in Madinah
June 18, 2006Saudi Ambassador delivers keynote address at ADC convention
June 17, 2006King Abdullah arrives in Madinah on tour of Kingdom
June 17, 2006Bodies of two Saudi Guantanamo detainees repatriated to the Kingdom
June 16, 2006King Abdullah lays the foundation stone for second phase of Qassim University
June 16, 2006Saudi student to deliver UCLA commencement address
June 16, 2006Saudi Ambassador hosts reception for ADC convention
June 15, 2006Saudi diplomat discusses Saudi-US relations on outreach in Little Rock
June 15, 2006King Abdullah visits Qassim Province
June 14, 2006Oil Minister inspects progress of key oil project at Al-Khursaniyah
June 14, 2006Female Saudi cardiosurgeon awarded prestigious medal
June 14, 2006King Abdullah lays the foundation stone for Hail University
June 13, 2006Saudi oil capacity to reach 12 million bpd by 2009
June 13, 2006Saudi Aramco releases oil, gas figures for 2005
June 13, 2006SAA to run direct flights to Madinah during the summer
June 13, 2006Laura Bush announces partnership to fight breast cancer in the Middle East
June 13, 2006Princess Nouf welcomes campaign to fight breast cancer
June 12, 2006Foreign Minister visits Iran for talks
June 12, 2006Cabinet: Israeli shelling of Gaza beach, industrial projects
June 11, 2006King Abdullah launches megaprojects at Jubail II
June 11, 2006Interior Ministry confirms deaths of two Saudi Guantanamo detainees
June 10, 2006King Abdullah issues pardons for some prisoners
June 10, 2006GCC and EU closer to free trade agreement
June 10, 2006GCC foreign ministers meet in Riyadh
June 09, 2006Ministry of Education to offer religious tolerance training for teachers
June 09, 2006Commerce Minister to address the Chicago CFR on June 22
June 09, 2006Crown Prince Sultan donates SR 1 million to atlas project
June 08, 2006Saudi-Jordanian talks focus on Palestinians, Iraq
June 08, 2006King Abdullah to launch megaprojects at Jubail II Sunday
June 08, 2006Interior Minister: plans underway to extradite 2 Saudi terrorists from Iraq
June 08, 2006Saudi Ambassador visits Nashville, Louisville on outreach tour
June 07, 2006King Abdullah of Jordan arrives in Saudi Arabia for official visit
June 07, 2006Prince Turki Al-Faisal stresses close Saudi-US ties in Louisville
June 06, 2006Prince Turki discusses Saudi economic reforms in Nashville
June 06, 2006Fifth Saudi relief plane dispatched to Indonesia
June 06, 2006Al-Mulhim appointed new director general of SAA
June 06, 2006King Abdullah meets with US Defense official
June 05, 2006Saudi Ambassador meets with American students at the Embassy
June 05, 2006Cabinet: Saudi-Egyptian talks, Saudi-Yemeni Coordination Council
June 05, 2006Kingdom donates $10 million to fight AIDS
June 05, 2006Saudi relief planes continue arriving in quake-stricken Indonesia
June 05, 2006Crown Prince Sultan marks World Environment Day
June 04, 2006GCC foreign ministers meet in Riyadh
June 04, 2006King Abdullah meets with UN envoy
June 04, 2006Dr Zuhir Nawab appointed Chairman of the Saudi Geological Survey
June 03, 2006King Abdullah condoles Iranian president
June 03, 2006Kingdom donates food baskets to Palestinian families
June 03, 2006Third Saudi relief plane dispatched to quake-stricken Indonesia
June 03, 2006Crown Prince Sultan concludes his visit to Yemen
June 02, 200617th Saudi-Yemeni Coordination Council concludes
June 02, 2006CMA announces reduced fees on stock trades; 5-day week for TASI
June 02, 2006Kingdom submits nonproliferation document to the UN
June 02, 2006Consulate issues pamphlet on hurricane precautions to Saudis in the US
June 01, 2006Second Saudi relief plane dispatched to Indonesia
June 01, 2006More details released about Saudi-Egyptian talks
May 31, 2006King Abdullah to visit Egypt
May 31, 2006Crown Prince lays foundation stone for high-tech private university
May 31, 2006Saudi-Egyptian talks focus on Palestinians, Iraq
May 31, 2006Crown Prince Sultan to visit Yemen tomorrow
May 31, 2006Riyadh Governor launches program to help poor mothers
May 30, 2006Saudi Ambassador interviewed on McLaughlin One on One
May 30, 2006Saudi aid begins arriving in Indonesia
May 30, 2006Three Saudi Guantanamo detainees released on bail
May 30, 2006Cabinet: Palestinians, Indonesia quake, fee waiver for absconders
May 30, 2006King Abdullah receives telephone call from President Bush
May 29, 2006King Abdullah condoles Indonesian President on deadly earthquake
May 28, 2006King Abdullah extends scholarship programs to orphans
May 28, 2006Kingdom provides emergency aid to Indonesia after deadly quake
May 27, 2006Saudi Arabia seeks observer status for OPEC at the UN
May 26, 2006Ministry of Education creates top jobs for women
May 26, 2006Mobily announces plans to expand its service in the Kingdom
May 26, 2006Interior Minister curbs power of virtue commission
May 24, 2006King Abdullah establishes family courts
May 24, 2006Saudi Aramco signs agreement for new refinery with ConocoPhillips
May 24, 2006Saudi woman appointed director of Radio Jeddah’s Program 2
May 24, 2006Kingdom seeks the release of more Guantanamo detainees
May 24, 2006Foreign Minister comments on Iran, Iraq
May 23, 2006King Abdullah meets with German foreign minister
May 23, 2006GCC Interior Ministers meeting concludes in Abu Dhabi
May 22, 2006Cabinet: Iraq, Strategic Dialogue, Palestinians
May 22, 2006King Abdullah receives telephone call from Egypt’s president
May 21, 2006King Abdullah receives message from Russian president
May 21, 2006Prince Saud meets with Russian foreign minister
May 21, 2006New $6 billion refinery planned for Jubail
May 20, 2006Saudi Ambassador attends the World Economic Forum in Egypt
May 20, 2006Foreign Minister comments on President Bush’s efforts in the region
May 19, 2006Saudi detainees at Guantanamo returned to the Kingdom; names given
May 19, 2006Second Saudi-US Strategic Dialogue held in Washington
May 19, 2006King Abdullah misquoted over ban on women’s photos
May 19, 2006Foreign Minister meets with President Bush
May 19, 2006SAMA Governor named to IMF committee
May 18, 2006المؤتمر الصحفي المشترك لالأمير سعود الفيصل و رايس
May 18, 2006Saudi ambassador hosts reception for Foreign Minister Prince Saud
May 17, 2006Foreign Minister gives wide-ranging interview to US print media
May 17, 2006Prince Saud meets with Arab ambassadors to the United States
May 16, 2006Second Saudi-US Strategic Dialogue to be held May 18
May 16, 2006King Abdullah comments on Iran, Iraq and a new risk-free Saudi fund
May 16, 2006Foreign Minister participates in GCC-EU dialogue
May 16, 2006Kingdom provides $10 million in food aid to Horn of Africa
May 16, 2006King Abdullah meets with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi
May 15, 2006Saudi Ambassador discusses leadership at GWU
May 15, 2006Interior Ministry identifies suspect in Jeddah consulate shooting
May 15, 2006Saudi border guards foil drug smuggling attempt in Najran Province
May 15, 2006Saudi World Cup matches to be broadcast live on Saudi TV
May 15, 2006Cabinet: Education, international agreements
May 15, 2006New universities to be established in Tabuk and Baha
May 15, 2006Saudi Arabia investigating reports two most wanted were killed in Iraq
May 13, 2006Kingdom plans to become the world’s 3rd largest producer of fertilizers
May 13, 2006King Abdullah meets with CENTCOM chief Gen. Abizaid
May 13, 2006King Abdullah promotes 388 military officers
May 12, 2006Saudi ambassador hosts reception for People to People International
May 12, 2006Prince Turki hosts Saudi students
May 12, 2006Car fires on US consulate in Jeddah
May 12, 2006King Abdullah replaces the chairman of the Capital Market Authority
May 12, 2006King Abdullah approves educational projects
May 11, 2006Saudi ambassador discusses Middle East peace at Woodrow Wilson Center
May 11, 2006SAMA denies reports of an increase in the riyal’s exchange rate
May 11, 2006NSHR calls for improved conditions at Saudi traffic detention centers
May 10, 2006Prince Turki addresses regional issues in interview with editors and reporters at USA TODAY
May 10, 2006Prince Turki discussion with USA TODAY editors and reporters
May 10, 2006Saudi Arabia elected to UN Human Rights Council
May 09, 2006Foreign Minister to attend Quartet meeting on the Middle East
May 09, 2006Financial hub to be established in Riyadh
May 08, 2006King Abdullah welcomes Philippine President Arroyo
May 08, 2006Cabinet: GCC meeting, Palestinians, SASO board reorganization
May 08, 2006King Abdullah says the welfare of the country is his main priority
May 08, 2006Muhammad Al-Shatri appointed advisor at the Ministry of Defense
May 05, 2006King Abdullah calls for the nation’s libraries to be upgraded
May 05, 2006Elections held for the Jeddah Teacher’s College student council
May 05, 2006Saudi food aid delivered to Pakistani quake victims
May 05, 2006Crown Prince Sultan rejects Iranian offer of nuclear technology
May 05, 2006Saudi ambassador continues outreach program in Northeast, Virginia
May 04, 2006Health Minister orders Patients' Bill of Rights to be posted at all health centers
May 04, 2006King Abdullah sends message to Egyptian president
May 03, 2006Saudi, Sri Lanka sign MoU for construction of 500 homes for tsunami victims
May 02, 2006Shoura Council to participate in IPU meeting in Kenya
May 02, 2006Saudi oil minister reassures investors
May 02, 2006Saudi Arabia Seeks U.N. Human Rights Council Seat
April 25, 2006King Abdullah extends condolences to Mubarak, Egyptian people
April 25, 2006King Abdullah congratulates incoming Italian Prime Minister
April 25, 2006GCC condemns Dahab terrorist attack
April 25, 2006Crown Prince Sultan meets with Portuguese Foreign Minister
April 25, 2006OIC welcomes Iraq's newly elected president and prime minister
April 25, 2006Crown Prince receives Kingdom's General Mufti
April 24, 2006Students win case against university
April 21, 2006Adel Al-Jubeir awarded honorary doctorate, UNT distinguished alumnus award
April 20, 2006Saudi relief aid arrives in the Philippines
April 20, 2006Saudi Ambassador discusses need to promote understanding
April 20, 2006First Saudi aviation sciences school inaugurated
April 20, 2006King Abdullah to attend soccer championship
April 19, 2006Cisco to invest $265 million in Saudi Arabia
April 19, 2006Foreign Minister stresses Saudi-British cooperation in address
April 19, 2006Crown Prince Sultan meets with UAE vice president
April 19, 2006Saudi Ambassador reaffirms the strength of Saudi-US business ties
April 18, 2006Saudi security forces arrest 5 militants linked to Abqaiq attack
April 18, 2006Saudi Ambassador discusses oil issues in Bloomberg interview
April 18, 2006Crown Prince Sultan meets with US military official
April 17, 2006Five contracts signed to expand oil production at the Shaybah field
April 17, 2006Shura Council holds regular session
April 17, 2006Cabinet: Crown Prince’s official visits, Palestinian issue
April 17, 2006King Abdullah receives call from Iranian president
April 17, 2006New gas field discovered north of Dhahran
April 12, 2006Saudi Arabia, Singapore affirm growing ties in joint communique
April 12, 2006Prince Naif confirms thousands cleared of criminal, terror activities freed
April 12, 2006Saudi cultural and educational exhibit to be held in Vienna
April 12, 2006Crown Prince Sultan addresses Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore
April 12, 2006UNICEF pays tribute to Saudi humanitarian initiatives
April 10, 2006Saudi Arabia, Singapore sign economic agreements
April 07, 2006Crown Prince Sultan departs Japan
April 07, 2006Saudi Arabia and Japan issue joint communiqué
April 06, 2006Crown Prince Sultan holds talks with Japan’s Prime Minister
April 06, 2006Saudi Ambassador visits student exhibition at KSU
April 06, 2006Saudi foreign currency credit rating upgraded to A+
April 05, 2006Saudi Ambassador speaks at KSU as part of listening tour
April 05, 2006Crown Prince Sultan begins official visit to Japan
April 04, 2006Crown Prince Sultan holds press conference
April 04, 2006Crown Prince Sultan to begin three-nation Asian tour tomorrow
April 04, 2006Foreign Minister gives wide-ranging press conference
April 03, 2006King Faisal International Prizes awarded in Riyadh
April 03, 2006Shura Council holds regular session
April 03, 2006Cabinet: King’s Shura Council address, Khartoum summit
April 02, 2006Shura Council holds ordinary session
April 02, 2006Deputy Governor of Qassim Province sworn in
April 02, 2006King Abdullah meets with Bahrain's deputy premier
April 01, 2006King Abdullah outlines policy in address to Shura Council
April 01, 2006Saudi food baskets to be delivered to Pakistan quake victims
April 01, 2006Saudi Arabia denies report of nuclear cooperation with Pakistan
March 31, 2006Prince Turki addresses US business leaders
March 31, 2006King Abdullah to address Shura Council
March 31, 2006King Abdullah condoles Iranian president on earthquake
March 31, 2006King Abdullah condoles Bahraini King on boat tragedy
March 30, 2006Forty terror suspects arrested in nationwide operations
March 30, 2006Foundation stone laid for Prince Muhammad University in Al-Khobar
March 29, 2006Prince Turki meets with Arab journalists
March 28, 2006King Abdullah meets with envoys
March 28, 2006Foreign Minister in Khartoum for Arab Summit
March 28, 2006Moroccan conjoined twins moved from intensive care
March 27, 2006Prince Turki meets with nonprofit group, students in Long Beach
March 27, 2006Saudi Ambassador visits Seattle for outreach program
March 27, 2006King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting
March 26, 2006Schlumberger research and development center opened in Dhahran
March 26, 2006Prince Charles and Camilla conclude official visit to the Kingdom
March 26, 2006Royal Court announces passing of Prince Abdulrahman bin Ahmad Al-Sudeiri
March 26, 2006New educational facility for girls opened in Dammam
March 26, 2006Chief of Crown Prince’s Court appointed
March 26, 2006Riyadh Governor meets with US delegations
March 25, 2006Britain’s Prince Charles on official visit to the Kingdom
March 25, 2006King Abdullah meets with OIC Secretary-General
March 24, 2006Prince Turki discusses Saudi Arabia and the global economy
March 24, 2006King Abdullah meets with Syrian Vice President
March 23, 2006Saudi Ambassador meets with students in San Francisco
March 23, 2006Interior Minister praises security forces on visit to Abha
March 23, 2006Oil Minister inaugurates Haradh-3 plant
March 22, 2006King Abdullah meets with Joint Chiefs chairman
March 22, 2006Seventh Saudi-Japanese Business Council meets
March 22, 2006WAMY provides shelters to earthquake-stricken parts of Kashmir
March 21, 2006Supreme Economic Council approves economic measures
March 21, 2006King Abdullah meets with Grand Mufti, Lebanese official
March 21, 2006Prince Turki discusses Saudi education in the global community
March 20, 2006Shura Council amends Council of Ministers Resolution No. 67
March 20, 2006Cabinet: Israel, Iraq, domestic programs
March 20, 2006Austrian President concludes official visit
March 20, 2006Economic forum on Saudi WTO membership to convene in Jeddah
March 19, 2006World Food Program welcomes Saudi food aid to Cambodia
March 19, 2006Kingdom signs agreement on dual taxation with Austria
March 19, 2006Rabigh project expected to be completed by 2008, says Oil Minister
March 19, 2006Saudi Development Fund, SABIC sign export guarantee agreement
March 18, 2006Finance Minister highlights strength of the Saudi economy
March 18, 2006Foreign Minister meets with UN special envoy
March 18, 2006National workshop on higher education to begin Sunday in Jeddah
March 18, 2006Austrian president arrives for official visit to the Kingdom
March 18, 2006Prince Faisal bin Mishal appointed Deputy Governor of Qassim Province
March 17, 2006Crown Prince Sultan to visit Japan in May
March 17, 2006Exhibit of Saudi calligraphy concludes in Tunis
March 16, 2006Ministerial meeting of the OIC executive committee concludes
March 16, 2006Construction begins on charitable housing project in Mizahmiyah
March 16, 2006Prince Nayef addresses 6th Institute for Hajj Research forum
March 16, 2006Civil Defense rescues injured Russian from a ship in the Red Sea
March 16, 2006Kingdom provides food aid to drought-stricken Cambodia
March 15, 2006King Abdullah lays foundation stone for charity headquarters
March 15, 2006Finance Minister briefs private sector representatives on economic issues
March 15, 2006Saudi Ambassador to address Town Hall Los Angeles
March 15, 2006Kingdom signs general agreement of cooperation with Guinea
March 15, 2006GCC Secretary-General meets with American delegation
March 14, 2006Supreme Economic Council expresses confidence in the Saudi economy
March 14, 2006Contracts signed for water, electricity projects
March 14, 2006Hamas leader praises Saudi support for the Palestinians
March 14, 2006Prince Mansour bin Metib appointed to Municipal and Rural Affairs
March 14, 2006Prince Nayef Arab Academy participates in Madrid security conference
March 14, 2006Arab health ministers discuss containing the avian flu
March 14, 2006OIC Secretary-General meets with Hamas delegation
March 14, 2006Prince Turki gives wide-ranging interview to SUSRIS
March 13, 2006Kingdom launches ad campaign to promote domestic tourism
March 13, 2006Wife of Saudi Ambassador visits Islamic Saudi Academy
March 13, 2006Cabinet: Talks with Kuwaiti emir, dengue fever, bilateral agreements
March 12, 2006King Abdullah meets with Kuwaiti emir
March 12, 2006Foreign Minister receives Hamas delegation
March 12, 2006Intel, King Fahd University announce internship program
March 12, 2006Saudi organization to provide quilts for Pakistani quake victims
March 11, 2006Royal directive to increase number of Saudi students abroad
March 11, 2006Culture Minister approves reorganized literary club boards
March 11, 2006Hawiyah megaproject is ahead of schedule, says Aramco
March 10, 2006Kingdom to launch six Saudi-built satellites this year
March 09, 2006Saudi trucks with relief aid for quake victims turned over to Pakistan
March 09, 2006National Book Fair opens in Jeddah
March 08, 2006Distinguished Saudi artist dies
March 08, 2006First GOTEVOT-GM vocational training institute opened
March 08, 2006Saudi-Yemeni Coordination Council concludes
March 08, 2006Health Minister signs contracts for new hospitals in the Kingdom
March 08, 2006Moroccan conjoined twins improving after separation surgery
March 07, 2006Foreign Minister: Hamas delegation to visit Saudi Arabia
March 07, 2006Cabinet: Chirac’s visit, Arab summit, domestic issues
March 06, 2006French president comments on Saudi-French talks
March 06, 2006US returns stolen 13th century coins to Saudi Arabia
March 06, 2006Saudi antiquities to be exhibited at the Louvre in mid-2007
March 06, 2006GCC signs MoU with US standards development body
March 05, 2006Arab League foreign ministers conclude meeting in Cairo
March 05, 2006French President makes historic address to Shura Council
March 04, 2006New Saudi TV channel to broadcast legislative sessions
March 04, 2006French President Chirac visits the Kingdom
March 04, 2006Moroccan conjoined twins stable following separation surgery
March 03, 2006Arab League Foreign Ministers to meet in Cairo Saturday
March 03, 2006Interior Ministry responds to reports of a Saudi arrested in Iraq
March 03, 2006Prince Nayef Arab Academy to hold training for Aramco security
March 03, 2006Kingdom lifts ban on scrap metal export in compliance with WTO
March 03, 2006Oil and Power expo to begin March 12
March 02, 2006YANSAB wins award for outstanding performance
March 02, 2006GIF grants $1 billion loan to Rabigh petrochemical project
March 01, 2006GCC foreign ministers meet in Riyadh
March 01, 2006Danish Ambassador apologizes for offensive cartoons
March 01, 2006King Abdullah orders military promotions
February 28, 2006Three slain militants identified as on the Kingdom’s most wanted list
February 28, 2006Ambassador Jordan comments on foiled Abqaiq attack on Fox News
February 28, 2006Militant killed in connection with Abqaiq attack identified
February 28, 2006Saudi Ambassador comments on Abqaiq attack, Iraq, Hamas
February 28, 2006King Abdullah praises the Kingdom’s security forces
February 28, 2006Prince Turki meets with Saudi students in Atlanta
February 28, 2006Kingdom’s Grand Mufti condemns attack on Abqaiq
February 28, 2006Prince Turki addresses the Georgia Chamber of Commerce
February 27, 2006Five suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists killed in shootout
February 27, 2006Commerce Secretary praises the Kingdom’s economic reforms
February 27, 2006Shura Council holds regular session
February 27, 2006Saudi-Italian businesswomen’s forum to take place in Rome
February 27, 2006Cabinet: Abqaiq attack, Iraq, Palestinian situation
February 26, 2006Royal Court announces passing of Prince Miteb bin Faisal
February 26, 2006Shura Council condemns Abqaiq attack
February 26, 2006Two suspects on most-wanted list confirmed killed in Abqaiq attack
February 26, 2006Prince Nayef Academy to hold aviation security training course in Madrid
February 25, 2006US Ambassador praises Saudi security response in Abqaiq attack
February 25, 2006GCC Secretary-General condemns attack on Abqaiq
February 25, 2006Saudi officials meet with US Commerce Secretary
February 25, 2006Kingdom has provided $180 million in aid to drought-stricken Africa
February 25, 2006Update: Saudi security forces foil terrorist attack on Abqaiq oil facility
February 24, 2006GCC foreign ministers meet with Secretary Rice
February 24, 2006STC wins GCC Economic Leader award
February 24, 2006Saudi security forces prevent terrorist attack on oil refinery
February 23, 2006King Abdullah meets with Secretary Rice
February 23, 2006Prince Saud Al-Faisal and Secretary Rice hold joint press conference
February 21, 2006King Abdullah attends evening of ardha at Jenadriyah
February 21, 2006SAGIA releases foreign investment figures for 2005
February 21, 2006Kingdom provides food aid to Pakistan
February 21, 2006King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan congratulate president-elect of Chile
February 21, 2006Kingdom signs agreement with Germany on technical education
February 21, 2006Royal Court announces the passing of Prince Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Saud
February 20, 2006Cabinet: King Abdullah's call for tolerance; Danish cartoons, Israel-Palestine
February 20, 2006Governor of Riyadh meets with Ambassador Fowler
February 19, 2006Ministries participate in Jenadriyah culture and heritage festival
February 19, 2006International tourism seminar opens in Jeddah
February 19, 2006King Abdullah meets with former US ambassadors
February 18, 2006OIC calls for emergency foreign ministers’ meeting on Danish cartoons
February 18, 2006Sixth National Dialogue Forum to focus on educational development
February 18, 2006King Abdullah has contact with presidents of Syria, Egypt
February 18, 2006King Abdullah condemns extremism in remarks to National Guard guests
February 18, 2006Prince Turki meets with Saudi students in Washington
February 17, 2006Saudi Ambassador meets with Saudi students in Boston
February 17, 2006Prince Turki discusses Saudi-US relations, global challenges at Harvard
February 16, 2006Prince Turki discusses Kingdom’s role in the global community at MIT
February 16, 2006New port to be built in the Eastern Province
February 15, 2006King Abdullah meets with representatives of Bahrain, UAE
February 15, 2006Prince Turki attends reception hosted by Saudi Ambassador to the UN
February 15, 2006King Abdullah opens 21st Jenadriyah Festival
February 15, 2006Justice Minister meets with US delegation
February 14, 2006Foreign Minister meets with US delegations
February 14, 2006Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets with Dutch Foreign Minister Bot
February 14, 2006King Abdullah meets with Lebanese prime minister
February 14, 2006Saudi-Bahraini business forum opens in Manama
February 14, 2006Saudi Ambassador discusses range of issues with PBS' Charlie Rose
February 14, 2006Prince Turki addresses the CFR on visit to New York
February 13, 2006Interior Ministry issues statement for Saudis seeking US visas
February 13, 2006Kingdom guarantees $1.2 million in exports to Egypt and Tanzania
February 13, 2006Cabinet: Israel-Palestine, blasphemous cartoons
February 13, 2006Shura Council requests full report on Egyptian ferry disaster
February 12, 2006Jeddah Economic Forum focuses on economic growth and cultural diversity
February 12, 2006Foreign Minister meets with visiting dignitaries
February 12, 2006King Abdullah meets with dignitaries in the Kingdom for the JEF
February 12, 2006Norwegian ambassador to Saudi Arabia apologizes for blasphemous cartoons
February 11, 2006King Abdullah meets with French envoys
February 11, 2006Minister of Commerce approves establishment of YANSAB
February 10, 2006Saudi Ambassador visits Thunderbird Arizona
February 10, 2006Saudi authorities fine seven Makkah hotels for safety violations
February 10, 2006King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue launches Web site in English
February 10, 2006Cameroon thanks Kingdom for relief assistance
February 10, 2006Saudi teams recover more bodies from the Al-Salam 98 ferry disaster
February 09, 2006Saudi Ambassador meets with former President Bush
February 09, 2006Doctors optimistic about Iraqi conjoined twins’ chances
February 08, 2006Saudi Ambassador discusses Saudi-US partnership in Texas
February 08, 2006Saudi teams recover 239 victims of the Al-Salam 98 ferry tragedy
February 08, 2006Oil Minister addresses CERA conference
February 08, 2006Saudi flying hospital showcased at medical conference
February 06, 2006West-Islamic World Dialogue Initiative (C-100) condemns offensive cartoons, calls for initiatives to overcome interfaith tension
February 06, 2006Saudi team rescues 16 survivors of Al-Salam 98, recovers two bodies
February 06, 2006Saudi team rescues one Saudi, three Egyptians
February 06, 2006Bank Aljazira's net profit up 366%
February 05, 2006King Abdullah orders medical evacuation of Saudi survivors of Al-Salam 98
February 05, 2006Iraqi conjoined twins arrive in Riyadh
February 05, 2006Prince Turki comments on Saudi-US energy relations, offensive Danish cartoons
February 04, 2006Names of Saudis rescued in Egypt ferry tragedy released
February 04, 2006Saudi forces join search and rescue efforts in Red Sea
February 04, 2006King Abdullah condoles Mubarak on ferry tragedy
February 04, 2006Saudi coast guard rescues 22 in Egypt ferry tragedy
February 03, 2006Ministry of Interior issues statement on sinking of Egyptian ferry
February 02, 2006Saudi Embassy releases figures for Hajj visas issued in the US
February 02, 2006Kingdom’s aid to Pakistani quake victims remains ongoing
February 02, 2006Saudi Arabia and Pakistan issue joint communiqué
February 02, 2006King Abdullah stops briefly in Kuwait before returning to Riyadh
February 01, 2006Jeddah Economic Forum to begin February 11
February 01, 2006King Abdullah ends Asian tour with state visit to Pakistan
February 01, 2006Council of Arab Interior Ministers concludes 23rd session
February 01, 2006Interior Minister gives wide-ranging interview to Tunisian reporters
February 01, 2006Kingdom to set up second field hospital in Pakistan
January 31, 2006King Abdullah on state visit to Malaysia
January 31, 2006Cabinet: King Abdullah’s Asia visit, Palestinian elections
January 31, 2006Interior Minister calls for international conference on terrorism
January 31, 2006Foreign Minister cautions against prejudging Hamas
January 31, 2006Pakistani officials anticipate King Abdullah’s arrival on February 1
January 31, 2006Saudi-Malaysian businesses sign five major agreements
January 31, 2006Crown Prince Sultan donates $1 million to Friends of Saudi Arabia
January 31, 2006Surgery to be performed on Iraqi conjoined twins
January 27, 2006King Abdullah arrives in Hong Kong
January 27, 2006King Abdullah’s visit to Pakistan will bolster ties, says Saudi envoy
January 27, 2006Saudi Ambassador comments on Hamas election victory
January 27, 2006King Abdullah concludes India visit by signing the Delhi Declaration
January 26, 2006King Abdullah receives a warm welcome in India
January 25, 2006Saudi Arabian Airlines posts record revenue of $3.8 billion
January 25, 2006Kingdom donates funds to combat locusts in Eritrea
January 24, 2006Cabinet: Asian visit, Hajj, domestic issues
January 24, 2006SABIC posts record profits of $5.11 billion
January 24, 2006Kingdom donates $1 million to fight bird flu
January 24, 2006Saudi Arabian Airlines transported more than 2.4 million pilgrims
January 24, 2006King Abdullah begins Asian tour with visit to China
January 23, 2006King Abdullah to visit Malaysia on January 30
January 23, 2006King Abdullah to visit Pakistan February 1
January 23, 2006Kingdom announces wide-ranging plan for higher education reform
January 23, 2006Agreement signed for Saudi-US joint venture
January 23, 2006Shura Council holds regular session
January 23, 2006IDB Council meets to discuss establishing an Islamic trade institution
January 23, 2006Assistant Defense Minister meets with CENTCOM chief
January 23, 2006Islamic Affairs Minister discusses human trafficking with US official
January 20, 2006Prince Nayef Arab Academy signs MoU with the Sorbonne
January 19, 2006Foundation provides affordable housing for the Kingdom’s poor
January 19, 2006Prince Saud and Prince Turki pay their respects in Kuwait
January 18, 2006King Abdullah urges Cheney to give diplomacy with Iran more time
January 18, 2006SAGIA offers incentives for investment in various Saudi regions
January 18, 2006Makkah Chamber of Commerce to establish two industrial companies
January 18, 2006Pilgrims depart Saudi Arabia
January 18, 2006German Minister notes importance of Saudi Arabia’s entry into the WTO
January 17, 2006Prince Turki hosts Eid reception for Saudi diplomats and community
January 17, 2006King Abdullah to visit China, India, Malaysia and Pakistan
January 17, 2006Five suspects arrested for planning attacks on the Kingdom
January 17, 2006King Abdullah meets with Vice President Cheney
January 16, 2006Foreign Minister calls for international cooperation to fight terrorism
January 16, 2006Construction of new multi-level Jamarat Bridge begins
January 16, 2006King Abdullah approves $300,000 to combat locusts in Eritrea
January 15, 2006Foreign Minister arrives in London for counterterrorism conference
January 15, 2006King Abdullah pays his respects upon death of Kuwaiti Emir
January 14, 2006Hajj winds down as pilgrims visit Madinah
January 14, 2006Meals continue to be distributed on the directive of King Abdullah
January 14, 2006Resignation of Special Advisor to King Abdullah Ibrahim Alanqari
January 13, 2006Update on Jamarat Bridge stampede
January 13, 2006Crown Prince condoles families of Jamarat stampede victims
January 13, 2006Interior Minister calls for steps to avoid future tragedies at Jamarat
January 13, 2006Nabeel Mulla appointed new Director General of SASO
January 12, 2006Hotline set up for Jamarat stampede inquiries
January 12, 2006King Abdullah condoles Bahraini King upon death of his son
January 12, 2006Tragic stampede at Jamarat Bridge kills 345, injures 289
January 11, 2006Pilgrims perform ritual stoning at Jamarat
January 11, 2006King Abdullah calls for adherence to Islamic principles in Eid address
January 10, 2006King and Crown Prince call for Muslim unity in Eid address
January 10, 2006Number of Hajj pilgrims tops 2 million
January 10, 2006Religious leaders stress moderation in Eid Al-Adha sermons
January 09, 2006King Abdullah arrives in Mina; pilgrims complete Standing at Arafat
January 09, 2006King Abdullah congratulates Arab and Muslim leaders on the Eid
January 09, 2006Grand Mufti denounces terrorism in sermon at Namira Mosque
January 08, 2006Number of Hajj pilgrims from abroad exceeds 1.5 million
January 08, 2006Pilgrims proceed peacefully to Mina for day of tarwiyah
January 08, 2006English-language Web site to provide Hajj information
January 08, 2006National Guard clinic helps pilgrims quit smoking
January 08, 2006King Abdullah meets with Syrian president in Jeddah
January 07, 2006Royal decree extends term of Sheikh Salih bin Abdulrahman Al-Hussayin
January 07, 2006Supreme Hajj Commission briefed on Makkah hotel disaster
January 07, 2006STC increases capacity to accommodate pilgrims
January 07, 2006King Abdullah donates $2 million to fight blindness in Africa
January 07, 2006Pilgrims head to Mina tomorrow
January 06, 2006Little Innovator Program encourages talented girls
January 06, 2006Ministry of Hajj refutes allegations by outgoing Iraqi prime minister
January 06, 2006Update on Makkah building collapse
January 06, 2006Mobily sets up 120 base stations for the Hajj
January 06, 2006Interior Minister calls emergency meeting of the Supreme Hajj Commission
January 05, 2006Interior Minister: Security is a top priority for the Hajj
January 05, 2006Domestic Hajj flights up 22 percent
January 05, 2006King Abdullah wishes success to the new ruler of Dubai
January 05, 2006King Abdullah speaks with Assad, Mubarak via telephone
January 05, 2006Authorities establish hotline for Makkah building collapse
January 05, 2006Building collapses in Makkah, killing at least 20
January 05, 2006MWL conference on Islamic curriculums begins in Makkah
January 05, 2006Interior Minister orders investigation into Makkah building collapse
January 04, 2006King Abdullah offers condolences on the death of UAE vice president
January 04, 2006Hajj service companies cater to pilgrims
January 04, 2006Conference on Islamic curriculums to begin in Makkah
January 04, 2006Saudi Ministers inspect Hajj facilities in Makkah
January 04, 2006Saudi women granted right to their own personal ID card
January 04, 2006Saudi Arabian Airlines concludes Hajj arrivals for 1426H (2006)
January 03, 2006Foreign pilgrims arriving for the Hajj exceed 1.2 million
January 03, 2006Cabinet: Hajj, terrorism, Arab League issues
January 03, 2006Prince Nayef Arab Academy signs MoU with Jordanian university
January 03, 2006King Abdullah meets with Egyptian President Mubarak
January 03, 2006OIC General Secretariat plans intensive drive to hire women
January 03, 2006Commerce Ministry announces plan to ensure affordable food for pilgrims
January 03, 2006Crown Prince Sultan highlights importance of civil aviation sector
January 01, 2006Iraqi pilgrims arrive in the Kingdom
January 01, 2006Supreme Judicial Council announces Hajj 1426 dates
January 01, 2006Saudi officials continue inspection tours of Hajj facilities