December 31, 2004Grand Mosque's Imam condemns deviant group
December 31, 2004Ministry gives more details of outcome of car explosions
December 31, 2004Iranian minister arrives in Riyadh
December 31, 2004Tsunami disaster not expected to affect number of pilgrims
December 31, 2004First Saudi relief planes heading for tsunami victims
December 31, 2004Prince Salman visits injured security men
December 30, 2004Seven terrorists killed in car explosion incidents in Riyadh
December 30, 2004Prince Muhammad bin Nayef visits injured security officers
December 30, 2004Riyadh terror attacks condemned
December 30, 2004Minister of Pilgrimage inspects Hajj preparations
December 30, 2004Crown Prince receives call from Senegal President
December 30, 2004Terrorists killed in Riyadh identified; two on most wanted list
December 29, 2004Toll-free hotline for pilgrims’ questions during 1425 Hajj season
December 28, 2004Suspect arrested in Jeddah
December 28, 2004New OIC Secretary-General arrives in Jeddah
December 28, 2004Prince Sultan receives GCC Secretary General
December 28, 2004King Abdulaziz Historical Center awarded King Abdullah II Prize
December 28, 2004Saudi Arabia pledges $10 million in aid to tsunami victims
December 28, 2004One terrorist killed, another wounded in Riyadh clash
December 27, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives King of Bahrain
December 27, 2004Ka’abah washed in preparation for upcoming Hajj
December 27, 2004Saudi leaders condole victims of earthquake and tsunamis
December 27, 2004Minister opens training workshop for Hajj Guides
December 27, 2004Cabinet: Hajj, earthquake and tsunami victims
December 26, 2004Saudi Arabia to resume sheep imports from Australia
December 26, 2004Saudi Arabia to participate in 13th Gulf Exhibition
December 26, 2004Shura Council votes to exempt SAA from fees and taxes
December 26, 2004AGFUND supports 18 projects in developed countries
December 26, 2004Crown Prince inaugurates Aramco plants in Qatif
December 26, 2004Jeddah, Riyadh air control centers to undergo modernization
December 26, 2004Recoverable oil reserves can reach 461 billion barrels
December 23, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah to inaugurate mega projects in Jubail
December 22, 2004Kingdom to recall ambassador from Libya
December 21, 2004Crown Prince's mideast peace initiative supported by Philippines
December 21, 2004Saudi investments constitute 45 percent of inter-Arab total
December 20, 2004Prince Sultan arrives in Manama for GCC Summit
December 20, 2004Cabinet: economy, mideast, Kyoto Protocol
December 20, 2004Signing of MoU on bilateral issuance of visas with USA
December 20, 2004Saudi petrochemical company exports its first shipment to Japan
December 20, 2004Kingdom ratifies Kyoto climate protocol
December 20, 2004Pilgrims to receive health pamphlets in 10 languages
December 19, 2004Shura Council endorses draft regulations to curb drug abuse
December 19, 2004GCC power grid commission general assembly held
December 19, 2004Saudi-Algerian Joint Commission
December 19, 2004Shura delegation meets Dutch officials
December 18, 2004Electoral campaigns for municipal councils have to be licensed
December 18, 2004Riyadh Mayor inaugurates Saudi-Tunisian Cooperation Week
December 16, 2004Shura delegation meet Europe parliament president
December 16, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives Al-Hakeem
December 16, 2004Plan for new homes for the poor in Eastern Province
December 16, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives call from Yemeni President
December 16, 2004Dr. Al-Namlah registers to vote
December 15, 2004Majlis Al-Shura urges SR2 billion for scientific research
December 13, 2004King Fahd receives Mahmood Abbas
December 13, 2004Conjoined Polish Infants arrive in Riyadh for separation surgery
December 13, 2004Bin Humaid meets US Congressional delegation
December 13, 2004Saudi-Iranian Businessmen to review trade cooperation
December 13, 2004Lebanese Prime Minister performs umrah
December 12, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives Bajamal
December 12, 2004Prince Salman, Prince Me'teb register to vote for municipal elections
December 12, 2004Saudi Arabia and Jordan sign agreement
December 12, 2004Kingdom, Yemen sign accords to strengthen political, economic cooperation
December 12, 2004Shura Council's delegation arrives in Brussels
December 12, 2004IDB Chief urges suitable environment for investment
December 12, 2004King Fahd receives invitation to attend GCC summit in Manama
December 11, 2004King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah meet with Lebanese Prime Minister
December 11, 2004Prince Dr. Mansour holds meeting with local election committees
December 11, 2004Prince Saud arrives in Rabat to attend Forum of the Future
December 09, 2004Regional rail network may well be feasible
December 09, 2004Oil minister confirms Saudi production at 9.5 million bpd
December 08, 2004Cabinet approves 2005 State Budget
December 08, 2004Kingdom’s Mufti condemns Jeddah act of terrorism
December 07, 2004Insurance companies ready for challenge of health coverage
December 07, 2004Jeddah assailants identified; five related deaths confirmed
December 06, 2004GCC rail link to be discussed at Manama Summit
December 06, 2004Death of grandson of Abdulrahman Al-Saud
December 06, 2004Cabinet: terrorist act in Jeddah, Iraq, mideast, education
December 06, 2004Three militants killed in attack on U.S. consulate in Jeddah
December 06, 2004Specialist hospitals to be set up in four provinces
December 06, 2004U.S. President praises Saudi response to terror attack in Jeddah
December 05, 2004Foreign Minister addresses Bahrain seminar on regional security
December 04, 2004Saudi Telecom announces price reductions
December 04, 2004Jordanian King on brief visit to Kingdom
December 04, 2004Interior minister asserts Iranian role in regional stability
December 03, 2004Shura Chairman denounces extremism in Islamabad sermon
December 03, 2004New bylaws promote Kingdom’s stock market
December 03, 2004Prince Sultan inaugurates Academy for Aviation Sciences
December 02, 2004Plans completed for privatization of Saudi Arabian Airlines
December 01, 2004Finance minister registers to vote in Riyadh elections
December 01, 2004Voter registration for municipal elections proceeding smoothly
December 01, 2004Etisalat Company formally set up for cell phone services
December 01, 2004Arab Thought Foundation begins conference on change
December 01, 2004Interior minister leaves Iran after conference on Iraq
November 30, 2004Prince Saud’s briefing covers Iraq, mideast, terrorism, elections
November 30, 2004Prince Sultan bin Salman registers to vote
November 30, 2004Kingdom’s Internet sector restructured
November 30, 2004Saudi Arabia to observe World AIDS Day
November 30, 2004IDB announces five-year strategic plan
November 30, 2004Interior minister at Tehran conference on Iraq
November 29, 2004Oil minister speaks on Saudi economy at U.K. conference
November 29, 2004Kingdom participates in Islamic conference in Amman
November 29, 2004Transport minister confirms progress in rail project
November 29, 2004Cabinet: security, economy, elections, census, mideast, health insurance
November 28, 2004Kingdom working to eradicate AIDS
November 28, 2004Jeddah incident results in death of wanted suspect
November 28, 2004Citizens urged to register to vote in upcoming municipal elections
November 25, 2004Kingdom to participate in Arab Thought conference in Marrakesh
November 24, 2004Full attendance for terrorism conference in February
November 24, 2004Census results show population total of 22.7 million
November 24, 2004Kingdom’s economy awarded an ‘A’ by Fitch Ratings
November 23, 2004Iraq conference unanimous in support of interim government
November 23, 2004Prince Sultan to open water resources conference in Riyadh
November 23, 2004Aramco reports discovery of new gas reservoir
November 23, 2004Saudi stock market surges to new record high
November 23, 2004SABIC announces plans for corporate bond issue
November 22, 2004Prince Saud arrives in Egypt to attend conference on Iraq
November 21, 2004Kingdom to attend nuclear technology forum in Yemen
November 21, 2004Death of Prince Mashoor bin Saud bin Abdulaziz
November 21, 2004Registration of voters begins for Riyadh municipal elections
November 21, 2004Water and irrigation exhibition opens in Dammam tomorrow
November 20, 2004Crown Prince comments on evil of terrorist thinking
November 20, 2004Friday sermons urge adherence to faith
November 20, 2004Kingdom finalizes strategy for tourism
November 19, 2004Kingdom to host AIDS workshop
November 19, 2004SAMA Governor confirms strength of Saudi Riyal
November 18, 2004Aramco offers Eid Al-Fitr gifts to orphans
November 17, 2004Security officer killed as five terrorists arrested
November 12, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah in Cairo for Arafat’s funeral service
November 12, 2004Saudi leaders extend greetings on Eid Al-Fitr 1425
November 11, 2004Saudi leaders send condolences on death of Palestinian President
November 09, 2004One terrorist killed, three arrested in Jeddah raid
November 09, 2004SABIC sets up biennial environment protection prize
November 08, 2004NCCI shares to be floated for public subscription in December
November 07, 2004Jordan’s King Abdullah visits Kingdom to perform umrah
November 07, 2004Bank predicts increase in Kingdom’s public spending
November 06, 2004King Fahd congratulates Afghanistan’s new President
November 05, 2004Qur’an available in Braille as pilgrims flock to Makkah
November 05, 2004Plans made for Jubail expansion as stock market soars
November 04, 2004Syrian economist meets with Saudi businessmen in Riyadh
November 04, 2004Makkah Governor approves fifty-year urban strategy for Jeddah
November 04, 2004Woman appointed manager of Jeddah’s King Saud Hospital
November 04, 2004Crown Prince congratulates U.S. President by phone
November 04, 2004Al-Bilad Bank IPO to start at end of this month
November 04, 2004Terrorist suspect arrested in Buraidah
November 03, 2004Saudi leaders congratulate U.S. President Bush on his re-election
November 03, 2004King Fahd sends cable while Crown Prince attends funeral of Shaikh Zayed
November 02, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah to launch Makkah development projects
November 02, 2004Cabinet: SAMA report, mideast, Iraq, banking institutions
November 02, 2004Prince Talal at Arab Women’s Center in Tunis
November 02, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah sends condolences on death of Shaikh Zayed
November 01, 2004Winners announced for Prince Sultan Water Prize
November 01, 2004Etisalat IPO oversubscribed
November 01, 2004Oil minister meets with U.S. and French Ambassadors
November 01, 2004Media training institute to be set up soon
October 31, 2004Three terrorists arrested in Riyadh
October 31, 2004Prince Nawaf hospitalized for routine tests
October 30, 2004Embassy in Kuwait denies emergency evacuation
October 30, 2004King Fahd arrives in Makkah to spend rest of Ramadan
October 29, 2004Saudi stock market reaches another record high
October 27, 2004King Fahd receives 40th SAMA annual report
October 26, 2004Preparations under way for Fourth National Dialogue Forum
October 26, 2004Islamic Prize attracts large number of entries
October 26, 2004Mining Company to construct plant for fertilizer production
October 26, 2004Saudi Advisor refutes alleged funding of terrorism in Iraq
October 26, 2004Prince Nayef praises concept of terrorism conference
October 26, 2004Cabinet: mideast, Iraq, umrah, Palestinian imports
October 26, 2004Work to begin soon on expansion projects in Makkah
October 25, 2004Another plane leaves Riyadh for Darfur
October 24, 2004Saudi leaders receive provincial governors in Riyadh
October 24, 2004King Faisal Hospital wins Al-Maktoum Prize
October 23, 2004Local committees formed for second round of municipal elections
October 23, 2004GCC weighs implications of imposing sales tax
October 21, 2004Privatization plans for insurance, mining, desalination, and hotels
October 20, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah reaffirms Kingdom’s strength and stability
October 20, 2004SABIC reports high profits for third quarter of 2004
October 20, 2004Municipal Councils to have 14 members in major cities only
October 20, 2004Stringent measures to prevent epidemics during 1425 Hajj
October 19, 2004Cabinet amends Saudi Arabian Nationality Law
October 19, 2004Cabinet: Ramadan, Manpower Council, Saudi Arabian nationality
October 19, 2004Crown Prince confirms Kingdom’s concern for the environment
October 17, 2004Crown Prince praises officers defending religion and country
October 14, 2004Saudi leaders extend Ramadan greetings to all Muslims
October 14, 2004Saudi Arabia launches iftar program for Darfur
October 14, 2004Warning of fraudulent money-raising scheme
October 14, 2004Qur’an in French to be transmitted live from Madinah
October 13, 2004Kingdom’s telephone and Internet costs to be reduced
October 13, 2004Ramadan begins on Friday, October 15
October 13, 2004Militant killed identified as on most wanted list
October 13, 2004Ambassador addresses issue of terrorism in U.K. lecture
October 12, 2004Prince Nayef visits wounded security officers
October 12, 2004Minister confirms dates for municipal elections
October 12, 2004Three militants killed in clash with security forces in Riyadh
October 12, 2004Kingdom to participate in conference on combating crime
October 12, 2004Kingdom refutes remarks made by Prince Waleed
October 11, 2004Shura Council discusses labor issues, desertification, and information
October 11, 2004SAGIA Governor expounds five-year strategy
October 11, 2004Oil minister confirms Kingdom’s readiness to meet demand
October 11, 2004Cabinet: Ramadan, mideast, Iraq, terrorism, health
October 11, 2004Interior Ministry announces detainee’s arrival from United States
October 10, 2004GCC Interior Ministers hold 23rd meeting in Kuwait
October 10, 2004Saudi Arabia donates $6 million to UNRWA
October 10, 2004Supreme Judicial Council calls for sighting of Ramadan moon
October 09, 2004Saudi charity donates housing units to those in need
October 09, 2004GCC businesswomen plan TV channel for real estate
October 09, 2004Kingdom condemns act of terrorism in Taba
October 08, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives message from U.S. President
October 08, 2004Royal Commission boasts high Saudization rate
October 07, 2004Foreign policy advisor on oil, reform, and Iraq
October 06, 2004SABIC holds technical seminar in Jubail
October 06, 2004King Fahd receives U.K. foreign secretary
October 06, 2004Ambassador to U.K. denounces terrorism
October 05, 2004Crown Prince opens Medical City and launches telemedicine network
October 05, 2004Oil minister comments on investment in mining
October 04, 2004Labor Ministry embarks on employment program for Saudis
October 04, 2004EPCCI to hold workshop on WTO accession
October 04, 2004Kingdom accedes to International Civil Aviation Organization
October 04, 2004Saudi journalists join Arab Federation
October 04, 2004Cabinet: international solidarity, mideast, terrorism, water
October 03, 2004Finance minister at WB meeting says Saudi economy is strong
October 03, 2004Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan agree on oil and gas cooperation
October 03, 2004Saudi-Japanese Automobile Institute graduates first batch
October 02, 2004Water awareness campaign opens
October 02, 2004King Fahd Medical City to open soon in Riyadh
September 30, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah urges conservation of water
September 28, 2004Agricultural symposium in Riyadh on water conservation
September 28, 2004Kingdom once again raises oil production capacity
September 27, 2004Kingdom announces terrorism conference in UN address
September 27, 2004Security officers arrest a suspect in Riyadh
September 27, 2004Saudi detainees at Guantanamo discussed at tripartite meeting
September 27, 2004Minister and U.S. experts review oil situation
September 27, 2004Cabinet: Afghanistan, Iraq, mideast, labor, seismology, Internet
September 27, 2004SABIC enters agreement with fertilizer distributors
September 26, 2004Agriculture minister stresses need for environmental awareness
September 26, 2004Saudi intellectuals hold conference in Riyadh
September 26, 2004Shura Council discusses labor regulations
September 26, 2004French resident shot and killed in Jeddah
September 25, 2004National Human Rights Association receives U.S. delegation
September 25, 2004Saudi Aramco board re-formed for next three years
September 24, 2004Minister addresses New York forum, urges youth exchanges
September 24, 2004Wanted militant arrested in Tabuk
September 23, 2004Saudi leaders receive President of Afghanistan
September 23, 2004Saudi Arabia celebrates National Day
September 21, 2004Minister confirms cooperation with Pakistani health sector
September 20, 2004Security officers wounded in arrest of suspect in Tabuk
September 20, 2004Cabinet: National Day, Iraq, Palestine, census, maritime safety
September 20, 2004MWL addresses issue of terrorism in final communiqué
September 20, 2004Prince Sultan interviewed by Lebanese magazine
September 19, 2004Transport Minister meets with IMO Secretary-General
September 19, 2004MWL calls on UN to end Israel’s oppression of Palestinians
September 19, 2004Kingdom to join Asian Cooperation Dialogue
September 19, 2004GCC holds third seminar on commercial fraud
September 17, 2004Work to begin next year on Mina’s Jamarat terracing project
September 17, 2004Royal Court announces death of royal prince
September 16, 2004Minister affirms Kingdom’s oil capacities at OPEC seminar
September 16, 2004Saudi Aramco to sponsor environmental conference in Dubai
September 16, 2004Agricultural exhibition to be held in Riyadh
September 16, 2004Robotic surgery performed at King Faisal Hospital
September 15, 2004Washing of the Ka’abah in preparation for 1425 Ramadan
September 15, 2004Oil minister in Vienna for OPEC meeting
September 15, 2004Chambers of commerce introduce electronic system
September 15, 2004British national reported killed in Riyadh parking lot
September 14, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives Press Association members
September 14, 2004Rare gastric by-pass operation by Saudi pediatric surgeon
September 14, 2004SCT delegation attends tourism exhibition in Cairo
September 14, 2004Finance minister attends IDB meeting in Tehran
September 14, 2004Minister urges cooperation for 2004 census
September 13, 2004Oil minister on passing of Mineral Investment Act
September 13, 2004Sacrificial projects in Makkah to be completed by December
September 13, 2004Prince Sultan attests to excellence of security situation
September 13, 2004Cabinet: Pakistan, mideast, Iraq, water, census
September 13, 2004GCC foreign ministers hold 92nd session in Jeddah
September 12, 2004Study reveals leisure time problems for young Saudis
September 11, 2004Riyadh City to be enhanced with new road
September 11, 2004Training program on implementing ban on chemical weapons
September 10, 2004SABIC to hold seminar on plastics
September 10, 2004Former U.S. Ambassador praises Kingdom
September 09, 2004Kingdom denies British allegation of help given to Al-Khobar terrorists
September 09, 2004New commercial bank to float shares
September 08, 2004Pakistan’s prime minister on visit to Kingdom
September 08, 2004Committee set up to supervise Riyadh elections
September 08, 2004Saudi Arabia wins 11 gold in MENA Special Olympics
September 07, 2004Surgeries in Riyadh to be telecast to Italy and North America
September 07, 2004SAA reports increased revenues and more passengers
September 07, 2004Aramco’s Haradh gas plant reaches maximum production
September 06, 2004Saudi officials meet to discuss aid to Darfur
September 06, 2004Three security officers killed while pursuing militants in Buraidah
September 06, 2004New Saudi-U.S. talks on WTO scheduled
September 06, 2004New RVF cases in Jizan no cause for alarm
September 06, 2004Saudi leadership condoles Russian people on Beslan tragedy
September 06, 2004Health minister praises focus of new budget allocations
September 06, 2004Cabinet: allocation of State budget surplus; new school year
September 05, 2004Saudi leaders mark start of academic year 2004-05
September 04, 2004WAMY condemns hostage-taking in Iraq
September 03, 2004Assailant in Buraidah incident killed after pursuit
September 03, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah speaks out on budget surplus
September 02, 2004Aramco reinforces policy of Saudization
September 02, 2004Surrender of wanted militant in Eastern Province
September 02, 2004Saudi Press Association condemns kidnapping of French journalists
September 01, 2004Saudi children among winners of global art competition
September 01, 2004Kingdom’s aid to Darfur includes water wells
September 01, 2004Saudi Arabia strongly condemns hostage-taking in Russia and in Iraq
August 31, 2004Militant killed and four arrested in security raid
August 30, 2004U.S. citizen shot at in incident in Jeddah
August 30, 2004Cabinet: citizens’ solidarity against terrorism, mideast, Iraq
August 30, 2004International overland transport center to be set up in Jeddah
August 30, 2004New endowment fund for charity in the health sector
August 30, 2004Red Crescent President tours Darfur as more aid is flown in
August 28, 2004Saudi Red Crescent President tours aid sites in Darfur
August 26, 2004IDB invites nominations for 1425 Economics Prize
August 26, 2004Saudi Arabia providing medical aid to Darfur
August 25, 2004Another plane arrives in Darfur with Saudi relief aid
August 25, 2004Committees to implement charitable projects nationwide
August 25, 2004OIC calls attention to Palestinians detained in Israel
August 24, 2004Work starts on Jabal Omar project in Makkah
August 24, 2004Foundation for the Gifted receives U.S. grant
August 23, 2004Cabinet: mideast, Iraq, Ireland, education
August 23, 2004Kingdom continues to send aid to Darfur
August 23, 2004Polio vaccination campaign to start next month
August 22, 2004SAA carries record number of passengers in July
August 22, 2004GCC to sign economic agreements with India and Pakistan
August 20, 2004Saudi universities to increase student intake
August 20, 2004Saudi Red Crescent sets up five clinics in Darfur
August 20, 2004Saudi Geological Survey participating in international congress
August 19, 2004Saudi medical team setting up clinics in Darfur
August 18, 2004Saudi radio ads seek to help set the record straight
August 17, 2004Prince Mamdooh steps down as Head of Strategic Studies
August 17, 2004Relief aid flown in to Darfur in Sudan
August 16, 2004Saudi aid to Sudan’s western region of Darfur
August 16, 2004SAA reports record high revenue levels
August 16, 2004Crown Prince says terrorist hold is over, Saudi security strong
August 16, 2004Cabinet: Iraq, mideast, Sudan, Bosnia, Egypt, IEF
August 15, 2004APICORP reports profits for FY2003
August 15, 2004Royal Decree re-forms the Civil Service Commission
August 15, 2004Plans under way for electric train system in Riyadh
August 13, 2004Saudi Red Crescent and Muslim World League assess Darfur situation
August 13, 2004Interior Ministry names militant killed in Makkah incident
August 12, 2004Saudi exhibit opens at 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens
August 12, 2004New cell phone company means jobs for Saudis
August 12, 2004Electric mass transit system to be set up in Madinah
August 11, 2004Saudi Arabia participates in 2004 Athens Olympics
August 11, 2004Oil minister reaffirms Saudi pledge to increase production of crude
August 11, 2004GCC Youth Camp under way in Abha
August 11, 2004Armed suspect killed in vicinity of Holy Mosque in Makkah
August 10, 2004IDB extends grant for development of Hail Province
August 10, 2004Minister comments on new mobile phone company
August 09, 2004Cabinet: Middle East, Iraq, Darfur, terrorism, mobile phone services
August 09, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah concludes visit to Taif
August 08, 2004Arab ministers discuss Darfur as Kingdom sends aid to Sudan
August 07, 2004Prince Sultan talks of national unity and the fight against terrorism
August 06, 2004Security forces arrest top militant in non-violent raid
August 04, 2004Kingdom involves UN team in preparations for municipal elections
August 03, 2004Crown Prince to lay foundation stone of Taif-Abha highway
August 03, 2004Irish expatriate found murdered in his Riyadh office
August 02, 2004Saudi Arabia preparing to host Islamic Solidarity Games in 2005
August 02, 2004Cabinet: Iraq, U.S. relations, Middle East, Darfur
August 02, 2004Kingdom signs Arab Charter of Human Rights
August 01, 2004Legal advisory contract signed for railway expansion projects
August 01, 2004Ambassador comments on Saudi Festival held near London, U.K.
August 01, 2004Prince Saud’s briefing: Iraq, Saudi-U.S. relations, Palestine, Darfur
August 01, 2004Arab League Secretary-General in Jeddah to discuss Iraq
July 31, 2004Security forces seize weapons in Riyadh house
July 29, 2004Death of Prince Abdulrahman bin Saud bin Abdulaziz
July 29, 2004Prince Saud holds press conference with U.S. Secretary of State Powell
July 29, 2004Saudi Arabia welcomes findings of U.S. 9-11 Commission
July 28, 2004King Fahd receives U.S. Secretary of State Powell
July 27, 2004King Fahd receives Prime Minister of Iraq
July 26, 2004Cabinet: terrorism, Pakistan, Iraq, mideast, water and electricity
July 25, 2004King Fahd receives Prime Minister of Pakistan
July 25, 2004Labor minister critical of HRW report on Kingdom’s foreign manpower
July 23, 2004Loan agreements to finance private educational projects
July 22, 2004Interior ministry gives reminder of end of grace period for surrender
July 22, 2004Fifth militant surrenders under terms of grace period
July 22, 2004Death of Prince Badr bin Saud bin Abdulaziz
July 21, 2004Prince Saud attends Cairo meeting of Iraq’s neighbors
July 21, 2004Two militants killed in Riyadh raid
July 21, 2004Partial remains of Paul Johnson, Jr. recovered
July 19, 2004Seminar on commercial fraud to be held in September
July 19, 2004Cabinet: mideast, Iraq, conservation of water and electricity
July 18, 2004Interior Ministry confirms extradition of wanted Saudis
July 18, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. military commander
July 17, 2004Wanted militant surrenders in Damascus
July 17, 2004Centennial Fund signs agreement with SAGIA
July 14, 2004Prince Bandar sponsors Islamic Art exhibit in Washington DC
July 14, 2004Prince Sultan bin Salman at tourism forum in Barcelona
July 14, 2004Saudi-Ukrainian Joint Commission holds talks in Jeddah
July 13, 2004Top militant surrenders to Saudi Embassy in Iran
July 13, 2004Prince Nayef briefs Shura Council on terrorism and weapons smuggling
July 12, 2004King Fahd orders aid to victims of flooding in Bangladesh
July 12, 2004Al-Rajhi Banking reports profits for first half of 2004
July 12, 2004Cabinet: Israel and the International Court of Justice, Palestinian rights
July 11, 2004New engineering and computer colleges to be set up
July 11, 2004Lebanese Prime Minister pays visit to Kingdom
July 11, 2004Mining company working towards privatization
July 11, 2004Saudi Arabia hands over airport to Yemen under border agreement
July 11, 2004Arab National Bank reports profit for first half of 2004
July 10, 2004Kingdom's municipal election plans nearly completed
July 10, 2004Prince Saud’s briefing covers Israel, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen and terrorism
July 10, 2004Imam urges deviants to surrender in Friday sermon at Makkah
July 09, 2004Saudi stock market up one third since start of year
July 09, 2004Labor minister urges Saudization for all businesses
July 08, 2004New websites for pilgrim accommodation in Makkah and Madinah
July 08, 2004‘Centennial Fund’ set up to help small business enterprises
July 06, 2004Commerce minister in Tunis for Saudi-Tunisian talks
July 06, 2004Bahrain’s Prime Minister on brief visit to Saudi Arabia
July 05, 2004Asir Governor announces winners of Abha Prize
July 05, 2004Cabinet: mideast, Iraq, Malaysia, electricity and SWCC
July 05, 2004Chambers of Commerce to set up WTO Center
July 05, 2004Aramco and Shell sign accord for supply of oil to Japan
July 03, 2004Work started on Jamarat expansion for Hajj 1425
July 03, 2004Two militants on wanted list confirmed dead
July 03, 2004Saudi leaders send congratulations on U.S. Independence Day
July 02, 2004One suspect and a security officer killed in another shootout in Riyadh
July 02, 2004Members of Financial Markets Commission named
July 01, 2004Denial of media reports on identity of militant killed yesterday
June 30, 2004Shootout in Riyadh leaves security officer and terrorist dead
June 30, 2004IBRD director assures UN Saudi Arabia will continue its foreign aid
June 30, 2004SAGIA announces survey of foreign investment in the Kingdom
June 30, 2004Minister affirms Kingdom’s oil policy at IEF Secretariat meeting
June 29, 2004Saudi technical instructors undergoing training in Japan
June 29, 2004Saudi leaders welcome visit of Malaysian Prime Minister
June 29, 2004Launch of Kingdom’s first commercial satellites
June 29, 2004Amnesty for handing in unlicensed weapons
June 28, 2004Kingdom sends relief aid to western Sudan
June 28, 2004Cabinet: Middle East, Bahrain, Saudi Telecom
June 28, 2004Kingdom praises handover of authority in Iraq
June 28, 2004Another wanted terrorist surrenders in response to King Fahd’s offer
June 27, 2004Prince Saud assures foreign community of resolve against terrorism
June 27, 2004Crown Prince confirms grace period for terrorist surrender
June 26, 2004British journalist goes home after Al-Qaeda ordeal
June 26, 2004Launch of new satellite television station for the Qur’an
June 26, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. Ambassador
June 24, 2004Wanted man surrenders, hours after Saudi leaders’ ultimatum
June 24, 2004Prince Nayef urges deviants to surrender, says security is strong
June 23, 2004Prince Saud’s briefing covers terrorism, reform, Iraq, Middle East
June 23, 2004King Fahd offers last chance for terrorists to surrender
June 21, 2004Adel Al-Jubeir denies involvement of Saudi security forces in Al Qaeda
June 21, 2004Cabinet: Shura Council, homeland security, women’s rights, education
June 21, 2004King Fahd appoints new Deputy Governor for Eastern Province
June 21, 2004Justice Minister affirms human rights in Islam
June 21, 2004Kingdom again denies infiltration of Saudi security forces
June 20, 2004King Fahd addresses Shura Council for 4th year of third session
June 20, 2004Adel Al-Jubeir on CNN’s ‘Late Edition’ comments on U.S. hostage case
June 20, 2004Prince Nayef receives citizens condemning terrorist acts
June 19, 2004Four terrorists killed, suspects in U.S. hostage case
June 19, 2004Crown Prince receives citizens expressing condemnation of terrorist acts
June 18, 2004Imam speaks out against terrorism at Friday prayer in Makkah
June 17, 2004Commerce minister addresses WTO meeting in Geneva
June 16, 2004OIC pledges support for Iraq, resolution of mideast conflict, and reform
June 15, 2004Rectors appointed for three new universities
June 15, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives Third National Dialogue participants
June 14, 2004National Dialogue Forum on women’s rights held in Madinah
June 14, 2004Cabinet: national unity, homeland security, Iraq, mideast, education
June 14, 2004Senior U.S. officials praise Kingdom’s efforts in war on terrorism
June 13, 2004King Fahd receives Prime Minister of Lebanon
June 13, 2004Police: No Westerner's body found
June 12, 2004Saudi religious leaders on visit to U.K. condemn terrorism
June 12, 2004American killed in Riyadh
June 12, 2004U.S. citizen reported missing
June 09, 2004Princess Haifa receives delegation from Jeddah children’s charity
June 09, 2004Saudi Journalists Association elects its board of directors
June 08, 2004Riyadh police report shooting death of U.S. citizen
June 07, 2004Cabinet meeting: mideast, Sudan, terrorism, currency exchange
June 06, 2004Prince Saud Al-Faisal’s briefing: terrorism, Iraq, Middle East, reform
June 06, 2004One Briton killed, another injured in shooting in Riyadh
June 05, 2004GCC foreign ministers hold 91st session in Jeddah
June 05, 2004Third National Dialogue Forum to be held mid-June
June 05, 2004Interior Ministry denies reports police exchanged gun fire with militants
June 04, 2004Oil minister comments on OPEC decision to raise output
June 02, 2004Security forces kill two wanted suspects on Taif-Makkah road
June 02, 2004Press conference at Washington DC Embassy on war on terrorism
June 02, 2004Unknown gunmen fire at passing cars on Riyadh—Al-Kharj highway
June 02, 2004Minister gives speech in Beirut on Saudi oil policy
June 01, 2004King Fahd receives visiting King Abdullah of Jordan
June 01, 2004King Fahd receives new Assistant Chief of General Intelligence
May 31, 2004Cabinet: terrorist act in Al-Khobar; Kingdom’s resolve against deviants
May 31, 2004U.S. President among many giving condolences on Al-Khobar terrorist act
May 31, 2004King Fahd urges citizen support in fight against terrorism
May 30, 2004Interior ministry gives more details on Al-Khobar terrorist attack
May 30, 2004Kingdom denies media report of U.S. marines in Al-Khobar siege
May 30, 2004Saudi commandos free hostages seized by terrorists in Al-Khobar
May 29, 2004Interior ministry reports terrorist attack in Al-Khobar
May 29, 2004Crown Prince deplores attack in Al-Khobar, vows to hunt down terrorists
May 26, 2004Kingdom condemns firing of missiles at mosque in Iraq
May 26, 2004Saudi Aramco releases latest production statistics
May 26, 2004Prince Saud Al-Faisal holds press conference with Italian foreign minister
May 25, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives message from U.S. President
May 25, 2004Kingdom increases number of technical training institutions
May 25, 2004King Fahd receives Prime Minister of Pakistan
May 24, 2004Cabinet: Arab Summit in Tunis; mideast; Iraq; privatization
May 23, 2004Labor minister addresses human resources forum
May 23, 2004Prince Saud praises outcome of 16th Arab Summit in Tunis
May 22, 2004Interior ministry gives details of Buraidah incident
May 22, 2004German resident killed in Riyadh
May 21, 2004Prince Sultan leaves hospital fully recovered from his surgery
May 21, 2004Minister announces increase in Saudi oil production
May 20, 2004One security officer and four suspects killed in Buraidah shootout
May 18, 2004Prince Saud Al-Faisal addresses GCC-EU meeting on Middle East
May 18, 2004New web site for the Holy Qur’an
May 17, 2004Cabinet meeting: GCC, Syria, joint commissions
May 17, 2004Denial of U.K. report of National Guard complicity in terror acts
May 17, 2004Shura Council joins international IT association
May 16, 2004Prince Turki Al-Faisal at World Economic Forum in Jordan
May 16, 2004Saudi Gas Forum opens in Dammam
May 16, 2004GCC leaders hold sixth consultative meeting in Jeddah
May 15, 2004Interior Ministry denies media reports of clashes with gunmen
May 13, 2004Kingdom’s economic growth not affected by terrorist acts
May 12, 2004Prince Bandar urges media not to generalize; condemns Berg killing
May 10, 2004Shura Council finalizes bill covering patents
May 10, 2004Arab League foreign ministers hold meeting in Cairo
May 10, 2004Oil minister advocates increase in production ceiling
May 10, 2004Cabinet: GCC and terrorism, Middle East, housing, UNDP
May 09, 2004Saudi Aramco signs agreement with Japan’s Sumitomo
May 09, 2004GCC approves funding for power grid project
May 09, 2004Ambassador denies Canadian allegations of torture
May 09, 2004Shura Council approves amendment of naturalization law
May 08, 2004Saudi religious leaders continue to denounce terrorism in Kingdom
May 06, 2004‘Sunnah’ symposium issues recommendations, condemns terrorism
May 05, 2004Labor minister announces jobless rate
May 04, 2004Makkah Governor opens symposium ‘Youth and the Future’
May 04, 2004Prince Nayef affirms strength of Kingdom’s security
May 04, 2004Prince Saud’s press briefing: terrorism, mideast, Iraq
May 04, 2004GCC interior ministers stand firm against terrorism
May 03, 2004Prince Sultan undergoes successful minor surgery
May 03, 2004Condemnation of terrorist act in Yanbu
May 03, 2004Interior Ministry names the four terrorists in Yanbu attack
May 03, 2004Kingdom expresses great distress at treatment of Iraqi prisoners
May 03, 2004Cabinet meeting: Middle East, terrorism, Iraqi prisoners
May 03, 2004Death toll in April 21 bombing rises to six
May 02, 2004Kingdom denies AFP report of atrocity after Yanbu attack
May 02, 2004King Fahd receives Sudanese President
May 02, 2004Terrorists also invaded residential area in Yanbu
May 01, 2004Yanbu shooting kills six, wounds twenty-one
May 01, 2004Three terrorists killed, one captured in attack in Yanbu
April 30, 2004Bomber in Riyadh traffic building blast identified
April 30, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives Sudanese President
April 28, 2004Oil minister and SAMA governor meet with Greenspan
April 28, 2004Prince Saud addresses CFR in New York
April 27, 2004King Fahd receives Prime Minister of Palestine
April 27, 2004Prince Saud addresses Business Council in New York
April 27, 2004Minister assures oil supply at symposium in Washington DC
April 27, 2004Prince Bandar on MSNBC: U.S.-Saudi relations, oil
April 26, 2004Prince Nayef visits families of those killed in Riyadh blast
April 26, 2004GOSI expands investment base
April 26, 2004Prince Saud interviewed on PBS by Charlie Rose
April 26, 2004Tourism commission discusses issue of security
April 26, 2004Cabinet meeting: Riyadh terrorist blast, mideast
April 25, 2004Finance minister at IMF meeting in Washington DC
April 23, 2004Security forces kill three suspects in shootout near Jeddah
April 23, 2004KFUPM's exchange program with Malaysian university
April 23, 2004Four suspects killed in Jeddah were on most wanted list
April 23, 2004Oil minister speaks in Texas of energy challenges
April 22, 2004Prince Bandar denies oil price link to U.S. elections
April 22, 2004Death toll rises to five in Riyadh blast
April 22, 2004Bombing in Riyadh draws strong condemnation worldwide
April 22, 2004Citizens stand firm against terrorism as victims of blast buried
April 21, 2004Saudi suspect in Madrid terrorist attack released
April 21, 2004Interior Ministry issues new ID cards for citizens
April 21, 2004Shura Council members address IPU conference in Mexico
April 21, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. official
April 21, 2004Car bomb explodes at traffic headquarters in Riyadh
April 20, 2004Shura member on dialogue among nations at IPU meeting
April 20, 2004Kingdom’s UN representative condemns Israel’s assassination policy
April 20, 2004Crown Prince opens conference on Islam and terrorism
April 19, 2004Cabinet meeting
April 19, 2004Shura Council denounces killing of Rantissi
April 18, 2004Interior ministry on arrest of suspects, seizure of vehicles
April 18, 2004Kingdom sends aid to victims of war in western Sudan
April 18, 2004Labor minister pledges employment for Saudi nationals
April 18, 2004Visit of King of Bahrain
April 17, 2004Saudi leaders receive Ethiopian foreign minister
April 17, 2004Arab League, GCC reject U.S. support of new Israeli plan
April 16, 2004Kingdom’s comment on Bush-Sharon announcement
April 14, 2004Saudi-Algerian investment company to be half private sector
April 14, 2004Saudi leadership condoles families of security officers killed
April 13, 2004KACST organizes seminar on Arab research
April 13, 2004Vindication of departure of Saudi nationals after 9-11
April 13, 2004Four more security officers killed in two separate incidents
April 13, 2004New cabinet appointments: labor, social affairs, water
April 13, 2004Prince Saud Al-Faisal delivers message to Syrian President
April 12, 2004International conference on bone marrow transplants
April 12, 2004Shura Council issues statement on Iraq
April 12, 2004Successful heart/lungs surgery performed at KFSH
April 12, 2004Council of Ministers meeting
April 12, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah returns to Riyadh
April 12, 2004Security officer killed in shootout in Riyadh
April 11, 2004EPCCI to hold forum on natural gas next month
April 11, 2004Railroad President confirms readiness of expansion plans
April 11, 2004Tourism commission signs MoUs on sports, education, and pilgrimage
April 10, 2004Saudi Arabia and Syria sign science and education MoU
April 08, 2004Riyad Bank posts profit for FY2004 first quarter
April 08, 2004Proposed Saudi-Indian joint venture in manufacture of woolen goods
April 07, 2004Interior Ministry identifies terrorists in recent incident
April 07, 2004Oil minister in Japan
April 07, 2004Prince Nayef encourages NHRA's men and women
April 06, 2004Symposium affirms Shariah as source of Saudi judicial system
April 06, 2004Kingdom donates to European fund for Iraq
April 06, 2004Oil minister heads for Japan after visiting Korea
April 06, 2004Electricity company brokers loan from Saudi banks
April 05, 2004Council of Ministers meeting
April 05, 2004U.S. health secretary visits King Fahd Medical City
April 05, 2004Another terrorist suspect killed by security forces
April 05, 2004First Euro-Gulf Energy Workshop held in Riyadh
April 04, 2004Judiciary symposium opens in Riyadh
April 04, 2004Inmate found guilty of arson in 2003 prison fire
April 04, 2004Comment on "suspicious" financing, oil, and reform
April 03, 2004Prince Bandar discusses oil production with White House
April 03, 2004Kingdom takes possession of new naval frigate
April 03, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah and Prince Saud Al-Faisal in Morocco
April 02, 2004Oil minister holds talks in Beijing on oil, gas and mining
April 02, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah concludes State visit to Austria
April 02, 2004Riyadh’s Islamic University to hold conference on terrorism
April 01, 2004Agreement with Austria signed during Crown Prince Abdullah’s visit
March 31, 2004New post of Deputy Chairman for Shura Council
March 31, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah visits Egypt on way to Austria
March 31, 2004Prince Bandar comments on U.S. Senator’s speech
March 30, 2004London’s Lord Mayor visits Kingdom to promote Saudi-U.K. business
March 29, 2004Prince Saud in Cairo to promote new Arab Summit venue
March 29, 2004Shura Council urges greater freedom of the press
March 29, 2004Council of Ministers meeting
March 28, 2004Oil minister on privatization of the minerals sector
March 28, 2004GCC to launch media campaign on fighting terrorism
March 28, 2004Prince Saud leaves Tunis after postponement of Arab Summit
March 27, 2004Interior minister reiterates independence of Kingdom’s affairs
March 25, 2004Washington Embassy hosts medical seminar
March 25, 2004Prince Saud in Tunis in preparation for Arab Summit
March 25, 2004Kingdom’s protest to UN about Yassin assassination
March 25, 2004Saudi bourse and foreign investment flourish
March 24, 2004Prince Bandar comments on 9-11 Commission
March 24, 2004Saudi doctor’s procedure to repair joints
March 24, 2004Saudi Arabia condemns tragic events in Bahrain
March 23, 2004Kingdom stresses link between development and human rights
March 23, 2004Oil minister meets with visiting IEA head
March 23, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives Nelson Mandela
March 22, 2004Council of Ministers meeting
March 22, 2004Kingdom joins OIC and MWL in condemning Shaikh Yassin’s assassination
March 22, 2004Interior Ministry denies report on release of Saudis at Guantanamo
March 22, 2004Prince Sultan presents 1424 King Faisal Prize awards
March 22, 2004New head of SAGIA appointed to replace Prince Abdullah bin Faisal
March 22, 2004Kingdom marks International Water Day
March 21, 2004Prince Saud’s talks in Yemen cover terrorism issues
March 21, 2004Commerce ministry sets up money-laundering unit
March 21, 2004New gas fields discovered at Al-Shaybah
March 20, 2004Polish President’s State visit to boost commercial ties
March 20, 2004Women’s section set up by Riyadh Chamber of Commerce
March 20, 2004Kingdom’s stance on Middle East reiterated at UN meeting in Geneva
March 20, 2004Reform discussed during U.S. Secretary of State’s visit
March 19, 2004Saudi stocks at record high
March 19, 2004Saudi businessmen attend Franchise Expo in Paris
March 18, 2004Ireland in support of Kingdom’s WTO bid
March 18, 2004Kingdom speaks on reform at Human Rights Commission
March 17, 2004Syrian President on brief visit to Kingdom
March 17, 2004Interior Ministry on expatriates working in travel agencies
March 17, 2004Kingdom attends IPU human rights seminar in Geneva
March 17, 2004Abha symposium on ‘Tourism and Globalization’
March 16, 2004Interior Ministry names the two suspects killed yesterday
March 16, 2004Visit of U.K.’s Foreign Secretary Jack Straw
March 15, 2004Council of Ministers meeting
March 15, 2004Ambassador in U.K. opens website on Kingdom
March 14, 2004Planned rail link will boost mining sector
March 14, 2004Plans for expansion of health sector
March 14, 2004Joint Saudi-Iranian Commission holds Sixth Session
March 12, 2004Saudi Arabia condemns bombings in Madrid
March 12, 2004Shura delegation visiting U.K. holds press conference
March 11, 2004OIC parliamentary conference in Dakar issues communiqué
March 11, 2004GCC foreign ministers meet in Riyadh
March 09, 2004Crown Prince receives members of National Human Rights Association
March 09, 2004Tourism agency to promote archaeology
March 09, 2004King Fahd endorses new human rights organization
March 09, 2004Saudi Arabia addresses UN on environmental damage
March 08, 2004Dairy farm to sponsor disability awareness
March 08, 2004Praise for decision to make Civil Aviation autonomous
March 08, 2004Council of Ministers meeting
March 07, 2004AEC and Nokia sign contract for GSM advanced networks
March 07, 2004Joint ventures expect to find gas in northern Rub Al-Khali
March 07, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives Pakistan’s President
March 06, 2004Transport minister on rail project and port expansion
March 06, 2004MEPA announces environmental prize
March 05, 2004Public and private sector partnerships in power and water
March 04, 2004Arab foreign ministers issue communiqué
March 04, 2004Saudi Arabia joins GCC, OIC and MWL in condemning bombings in Iraq
March 03, 2004Saudi-Kazakhstani Commission concludes second session
March 03, 2004Arab foreign ministers conclude meeting in Cairo
March 03, 2004Visit of President of Kazakhstan
March 03, 2004Agriculture minister encourages investment in Sudan
March 03, 2004King Fahd appoints heads of desalination and IT bodies
March 02, 2004Arab Thought Foundation plans third conference in December
March 02, 2004Saudi-Kazakhstani Joint Commission continues deliberations
March 02, 2004King Fahd approves Higher Education Council resolutions
March 01, 2004Prince Alwaleed finances housing project for the poor
March 01, 2004Saudi and Norwegian oil ministers meet in Riyadh
March 01, 2004Council of Ministers meeting
February 29, 2004Arab League follow-up committees meet in Cairo
February 29, 2004King of Bahrain visits Kingdom’s northern desert
February 29, 2004GCC Foreign Ministers hold meeting in Riyadh
February 29, 2004IT conference held in Riyadh
February 28, 2004Formation of new charity oversight commission
February 28, 2004Ma’aden and Bechtel discuss bauxite mining
February 28, 2004Saudi stock market continues to rise
February 27, 2004Kingdom expects to join WTO by midyear
February 27, 2004Kingdom grants visas to all
February 27, 2004Kingdom to research artificial heart implants
February 26, 2004Shura Council's TV coverage of deliberations
February 25, 2004GOTEVOT to overhaul development of occupational skills
February 25, 2004Prince Saud’s briefing touches on Israel’s wall
February 25, 2004Kingdom sending aid to earthquake victims in Morocco
February 25, 2004Saudi officials receive Iraqi leader
February 25, 2004Kingdom and WTO hold another round of talks
February 24, 2004Visit to Riyadh of President Mubarak
February 24, 2004Kingdom supports ICJ giving opinion on Israel’s wall
February 24, 2004King Fahd receives Sudanese Foreign Minister
February 23, 2004Figures for Hajj visas issued in the U.S.
February 23, 2004Council of Ministers meeting
February 23, 2004Saudi TV to begin information channel tomorrow
February 22, 2004Death confirmed of wanted terrorist suspect Alshihri
February 22, 2004Crown Prince receives Italian Minister of Health
February 22, 2004Prince Salman and Rafiq Hariri at Saudi-Lebanese Forum
February 21, 2004Prince Bandar meets with U.S. Health Secretary
February 21, 2004French President receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal
February 21, 2004Clarification of Algerian’s presence in Makkah for 1424 Hajj
February 21, 2004Crown Prince receives South Korean Foreign Minister
February 21, 2004Crown Prince receives Jordan’s Prince Hasan bin Talal
February 19, 2004Prince Saud Al-Faisal in Brussels to promote Arab-EU ties
February 18, 2004Joint statement at end of Yemeni President’s visit to Kingdom
February 18, 2004Kingdom plans construction of six more desalination plants
February 18, 2004Yemeni President’s visit confirms close ties with Kingdom
February 18, 2004Kingdom expresses concern about oil market
February 17, 2004Geological Survey opens network ofseismic activity centers
February 17, 2004Endowment of fund for post-graduate research by Saudi women
February 17, 2004SAMA reports record level of commercial bank deposits
February 16, 2004Council of Ministers meeting
February 16, 2004Water treatment forum to target private sector contributions
February 16, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives Lebanese Prime Minister
February 16, 2004Defense Ministry denies report that Kingdom seeks nuclear weapons
February 15, 2004Kingdom cements economic relationship with Azerbaijan
February 15, 2004Kingdom at biological diversity conference in Malaysia
February 15, 2004SABIC’s research and development complex extended
February 15, 2004Iraq’s neighbors welcome role of UN
February 14, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. General
February 14, 2004Arab labor conference honors former Saudi minister
February 14, 2004JCCI and UNIDO join in business training program
February 13, 2004Saudi stock market records all-time high
February 13, 2004Riyadh residents alerted about car full of explosives
February 12, 2004Prince Alwaleed proposes Microsoft operation for Kingdom
February 12, 2004Kingdom to attend first GCC-India industrial conference
February 12, 2004Businesswomen’s committee set up in Eastern Province
February 11, 2004Prince Sultan repeats denial of any dispute with Yemen
February 10, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives Britain’s Prince Charles in Riyadh
February 10, 2004Prince Sultan’s press conference on King Faisal prize
February 10, 2004Prince Saud’s briefing: Iraq, mideast, Yemen, and terrorism
February 10, 2004Defense Ministry denies report of suicide plot against Israeli target
February 09, 2004Departure of pilgrims after 1424 Hajj proceeding smoothly
February 09, 2004Eastern Province sets up committee for businesswomen
February 08, 2004Prince Sultan opens e-commerce symposium at KKU
February 07, 2004Consultative Council to resume meetings tomorrow
February 04, 2004Jamarat area in Mina to have improved access for stoning ritual
February 03, 2004Saudi Arabia and the U.S. issue statement on Iraq
February 02, 2004Health ministry gives more details of Mina tragedy
February 02, 2004King Fahd hosts reception at end of 1424 Hajj
February 02, 2004Commission formed to develop the Holy Places
February 01, 2004Saudi leaders greet Muslims worldwide on 1424 Eid Al-Adha
February 01, 2004Culmination of 1424 Hajj witnesses stampede deaths
January 31, 2004Weapons cache seized in Riyadh, seven arrested
January 31, 2004King Fahd observes smooth movement of pilgrims towards Arafat
January 30, 2004Embassy comments on U.S. revoking visas for IIASA staff
January 30, 2004Hajj proceeding without incident
January 30, 2004Interior ministry gives details of yesterday’s shootout in Riyadh
January 30, 2004Seven killed in shoot-out in Riyadh during arrest of terrorist suspect
January 29, 2004Hajj rituals to begin tomorrow with pilgrims moving to Mina
January 28, 2004Agreements reached on Empty Quarter gas exploration
January 28, 2004Winners of 2004 King Faisal international prizes
January 28, 2004King Fahd arrives in Jeddah on way to Makkah for 1424 Hajj
January 27, 2004SABIC reports profits up for FY2003
January 27, 2004Grand Mufti reiterates condemnation of terrorism
January 27, 2004Prince Nayef inspects final preparations for 1424 Hajj
January 27, 2004Foreign companies to explore for gas in Empty Quarter
January 26, 2004Kingdom maintains cooperation with Iran while giving aid
January 26, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah praises security forces
January 25, 2004King Fahd’s Hajj guests, and many pilgrims from Iraq
January 25, 2004Report of contaminated vaccination denied
January 25, 2004King Fahd's message to MWL’s Fourth Makkah Conference
January 25, 2004Prince Sultan addresses armed forces
January 25, 2004Crown Prince receives message from Tunisian President
January 25, 2004Expansion of King Faisal Specialist Hospital
January 24, 2004GCC foreign ministers to discuss Arab League
January 23, 2004Profiles released of King Faisal prize winners
January 21, 2004Crown Prince receives U.S. presidential envoy James Baker
January 21, 2004Far-reaching plan for mideast rail system linked to Europe and Asia
January 20, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah receives head of WTO
January 19, 2004Prince Saud delivers messages to Cairo and Damascus
January 19, 2004Minister announces completion of all preparations for 1424 Hajj
January 19, 2004Former U.S. President Clinton addresses Jeddah Economic Forum
January 19, 2004Two suspects arrested in Riyadh police shootout
January 19, 2004Council of Ministers meeting
January 18, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah inaugurates Haradh Gas Project
January 18, 2004Kingdom strengthens ties with Sweden
January 17, 2004Hajj officials confirm measures taken to face possible flash floods
January 16, 2004Minister gives assurances of health preparations for 1424 Hajj
January 16, 2004Record attendance expected at Jeddah’s annual Economic Forum
January 15, 2004Minister urges closer Saudi-Japanese economic ties
January 14, 2004Crown Prince speaks out on reform and national dialogue
January 14, 2004Arab conference endorses plan for protection of children’s rights
January 14, 2004Makkah Governor inspects preparations for 1424 Hajj
January 12, 2004Council of ministers meeting
January 12, 2004Interior Ministry gives overview of recent acts of terrorism
January 11, 2004Saudi Exports Program inaugurated in Riyadh by Finance Minister
January 11, 2004Prince Nayef meets with members of information media
January 11, 2004Saudis extradited from Morocco
January 11, 2004Women to attend next National Dialogue conference
January 11, 2004All-news TV channel begins transmission
January 10, 2004Ministry of Pilgrimage to deploy 40,000 workers for upcoming Hajj
January 10, 2004Jordan’s King Abdullah pays brief visit to Riyadh
January 07, 2004Saudi relief aid continues to be flown to earthquake victims in Iran
January 07, 2004Relief airlift continues to provide supplies to Iranian earthquake zone
January 07, 2004Ka’abah washed in preparation for upcoming Hajj
January 06, 2004Prince Saud’s briefing - dialogue, mideast, Iraq and Iran
January 06, 2004Crown Prince receives UN and EU officials
January 06, 2004Food baskets from Kingdom distributed to needy Palestinians
January 05, 2004Arab Interior Ministers Council issues final statement
January 05, 2004Council of Ministers meeting
January 05, 2004Kingdom keeps up with demand for electricity
January 04, 2004Crown Prince receives participants in Second National Dialogue Forum
January 04, 2004Arab Interior Ministers Council holds 21st session in Tunis
January 04, 2004King Fahd receives Palestinian Minister of Education
January 03, 2004Crowd control strategy for Jamarat stoning at 1424 Hajj
January 02, 2004Kingdom continues humanitarian airlift to Iran
January 01, 2004Eighth Saudi relief plane headed for Iran to re-supply field hospital