December 31, 2001GCC Summit in Muscat issues final communiqué
December 30, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah addresses GCC Summit in Muscat
December 29, 2001King Fahd comments on upcoming GCC summit in Muscat
December 29, 2001Jenadriyah Festival to be held in January
December 27, 2001Saudi Ambassador comments on latest Bin Ladin tape
December 21, 2001Statement on false charges of Saudi Royal with Taleban
December 14, 2001Saudi reaction to Bin Ladin tape
December 11, 2001Saudi Arabia issues progress report on anti-terrorist activities
December 11, 2001Prince Bandar criticizes rumors
December 10, 2001Population and workforce in the Kingdom
December 10, 2001King Fahd receives Tajikistan President
December 08, 2001Crown Prince confers with Yemeni President
December 06, 2001Report on social insurance released
December 05, 2001Aramco announces gas discoveries
December 04, 2001Makkah imam condemns terrorism, attacks on innocent people
December 03, 2001Saudi leadership desirous of facilitating investment
December 02, 2001King Fahd orders relief committee for Afghan refugees
December 01, 2001Apicorp to finance LPG project in Egypt
December 01, 2001Kingdom's UN Ambassador again condemns Israeli policy
December 01, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. official
November 30, 2001King Fahd's 20 years to be documented in film
November 29, 2001U.S. officials confirm Saudi commitment to freeze terrorist assets
November 29, 2001King Abdullah of Jordan on brief visit to Riyadh
November 28, 2001King Faisal international prize winners for 1422
November 28, 2001GCC Summit scheduled for December 30-31 in Oman
November 28, 2001IT event planned for next April in Riyadh
November 28, 2001SABIC signs contract to supply MTBE to Egypt
November 27, 2001Cabinet meeting
November 27, 2001King Fahd receives 37th annual SAMA report
November 26, 2001SAMA Governor presents 37th annual report
November 26, 2001Crown Prince receives security and military officials
November 25, 2001Palestinian President on brief visit to Riyadh
November 21, 2001King Fahd receives IDB President, Palestinians
November 21, 2001King Fahd receives Ethiopian President
November 21, 2001Saudi Embassy denies U.S. news report on King Fahd
November 20, 2001Cabinet meeting
November 20, 2001New oil well discovered in Eastern Province
November 20, 2001Finance minister comments on privatization measure
November 18, 2001SAMA governor addressses meeting in Ottawa
November 16, 2001U.S. President greets Muslims on Holy Month of Ramadan
November 15, 2001Saudi envoy at UNESCO on accusations against Islam
November 15, 2001Saudi Arabia's statement to UN condemns terrorist attacks
November 15, 2001Saudi leadership sends greetings on start of Holy Month
November 14, 2001Ministry cares for Saudi nationals in the U.S.
November 14, 2001Kingdom sends relief aid to Algerian flood victims
November 14, 2001King Fahd receives French President
November 14, 2001Crown Prince receives religious scholars
November 14, 2001Saudi Ambassador gives interview in Pakistani newspaper
November 13, 2001Saudi leadership sends condolences on U.S. air tragedy
November 13, 2001Ministry reports helicopter crash on training flight
November 12, 2001Cabinet meeting
November 11, 2001Prince Salman addresses urban development conference
November 11, 2001KSU conference on King Fahd's 20 years on throne
November 11, 2001Minister recommends car industry for Kingdom
November 11, 2001Fowler speaks out on Kingdom
November 10, 2001Meeting of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Foundation
November 10, 2001Foreign Minister meets with U.S. President
November 10, 2001Saudi leadership encourages scouting movement
November 10, 2001Oil minister comments on Marrakesh conference
November 09, 2001Kingdom's UN envoy comments on dialogue of civilizations
November 09, 2001Prince Saud al-Faisal meets with President Bush
November 08, 2001Oil minister at climate change talks in Marrakesh
November 07, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah receives Nelson Mandela
November 06, 2001Twentieth anniversary of King Fahd's reign
November 06, 2001King Fahd receives Nelson Mandela
November 06, 2001Kingdom's national policy for science and technology
November 05, 2001MoU on railway project signed in Damascus
November 05, 2001King Fahd celebrates twenty years on the throne
November 05, 2001Cabinet meeting
November 04, 2001Crown Prince comments on communicaiton with U.S. President
November 04, 2001Lebanese Premier on visit to Saudi Arabia
November 04, 2001Prince Saud Al-Faisal in Syria for Arab meeting
November 04, 2001King Fahd appoints new head of MEPA
November 03, 2001MWL symposium on Islam's image in Muslim media
November 01, 2001King Fahd receives visiting U.K. Prime Minister
October 31, 2001Deputy interior minister holds press conference
October 31, 2001SAA denies withholding passenger information from U.S.
October 30, 2001Interior minister attends GCC meeting in Bahrain
October 30, 2001Conclusion of GCC interior ministers meeting in Bahrain
October 29, 2001Cabinet meeting
October 28, 2001Agricultural exhibition opens in Riyadh
October 27, 2001Emir of Qatar visits Kingdom
October 27, 2001Second Islamic astronomy conference in Amman
October 27, 2001Oil ministers meet in Abu Dhabi
October 27, 2001Visit of French foreign minister
October 26, 2001Oil ministry to mark King Fahd's 20 years on throne
October 25, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah receives call from U.S. President
October 25, 2001Foreign minister arrives in Islamabad
October 25, 2001Arab sustainable development council proposed
October 24, 2001Finance minister praises IDB's accomplishments
October 24, 2001Crown Prince speaks out on media campaign against Kingdom
October 23, 2001Interior minister in Yemen, again speaks out on terrorism
October 22, 2001Cabinet meeting
October 22, 2001Prince Nayef comments on fatwa proclamations
October 22, 2001Prince Sultan issues statement on current situation
October 21, 2001Venezuelan President visits Kingdom
October 20, 2001Saudi Academy raising funds for Afghan children
October 20, 2001King Fahd orders re-formation of Aramco Board
October 20, 2001Prince Nayef gives press conference
October 19, 2001Minister comments on current state of health sector
October 18, 2001Prince Nayef deplores sympathizers of terrorists
October 17, 2001Saudi and Iranian oil ministers discuss market
October 17, 2001Washing of Holy Ka'abah prior to Ramadan
October 17, 2001Foreign minister receives new U.S. Ambassador
October 16, 2001OIC tourism ministers issue recommendations
October 16, 2001OIC prepare for upcomign WTO meeting
October 16, 2001GCC establishes joint defense council
October 16, 2001Education minister addresses UNESCO
October 15, 2001Prime Minister of Bangaldesh visits Kingdom
October 15, 2001Cabinet meeting
October 15, 2001Saudi Arabia offers assistance to Afghan refugees
October 15, 2001Prince Nayef again condemns terrorist attacks in U.S.
October 15, 2001Austrian President visits Kingdom
October 14, 2001Winners annoucned for this year's businessmen's awards
October 13, 2001Prince Sultan marks Arab Environment Protection Day
October 13, 2001SCT head at OIC tourism meetings in Malaysia
October 13, 2001Conference in The Hague on Arab and Muslim relatiosn
October 12, 2001Oil refining seminar to be held in Dhahran next month
October 12, 2001Saudi TV promotes efforts to combat terrorism
October 11, 2001OIC foreign ministers conference issues statement on terrorism
October 10, 2001Arab ministers agree on anti-terrorism plan
October 10, 2001GCC signs agreement with ILO
October 10, 2001IIRO denounces accusations against its mission
October 10, 2001SJC declares jihad should not cause harm to the innocent
October 09, 2001Saudi leadership receives Palestinian President
October 09, 2001King Fahd receives Eritrean President
October 08, 2001Cabinet meeting
October 07, 2001Offical report on latest explosion in Al-Khobar
October 06, 2001Saudi Arabia beats Iraq in World Cup qualifying round
October 06, 2001Mosaic Foundation donates to DC institutions
October 06, 2001Crown Prince orders treatment for conjoined twins
October 06, 2001Prince Saud Al-Faisal visits Damascus
October 06, 2001Oil minister honors King Fahd at energy conference
October 04, 2001President of Maldives visits Kingdom
October 04, 2001Arab foreign ministers to hold extraordinary meeting
October 04, 2001U.S. Defense Secretary on brief visit to Kingdom
October 03, 2001Saudi Arabia welcomes U.S. President's statement on Palestine
October 03, 2001Saudi delegate addresses UN General Assembly on terrorism
October 02, 2001Prince Salman addresses GCC industrial conference
October 02, 2001Prince Bandar stresses Kingdom's stand against terrorism
October 01, 2001Cabinet meeting
October 01, 2001Interior minister reiterates Kingdom's stance on terrorism
October 01, 2001King Fahd orders relief aid for Afghans
September 30, 2001Crown Prince receives WHO delegation
September 29, 2001OIC attests to value of consultation (shura)
September 29, 2001Sixth conference of Saudi businessmen opens in Taif
September 29, 2001Oil minister addresses OPEC meeting in Vienna
September 29, 2001Imam of Makkah calls for wisdom and reason
September 28, 2001Shura Chairman in Rabat for parliamentary conference
September 27, 2001King Fahd receives U.S. delegation
September 27, 2001King Fahd receives U.S. delegation
September 26, 2001King Fahd receives Lebanese Prime Minister
September 26, 2001Foreign Minister welcomes EU delegation
September 25, 2001In Amman, Prince Saud reiterates anti-terrorism stance
September 25, 2001Crown Prince, U.S. President discuss Palestine
September 25, 2001Saudi Arabia breaks off relations with Afghanistan
September 25, 2001King Fahd exchanges messages with U.S. President
September 24, 2001Cabinet meeting
September 23, 2001King Fahd re-forms SEC consultative body
September 23, 2001SAGIA issues investment booklet in Chinese
September 23, 2001GCC foreign ministers support anti-terrorism efforts
September 23, 2001Prince Nayef reiterates Kingdom's rejection of terrorism
September 22, 2001Shura delegation in Washington DC for congressional talks
September 22, 2001Saudi leadership receives Palestinian President
September 20, 2001Prince Saud Al-Faisal in U.S. for talks on terrorist acts
September 20, 2001Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets with U.S. President Bush
September 19, 2001Shura Council Chairman visits U.S. Embassy in Riyadh
September 19, 2001Oil minister addresses conference in Shanghai
September 18, 2001SAGIA has issued 445 joint project licenses
September 18, 2001Foreign Minister arrives in United States tomorrow
September 18, 2001Kingdom sends relief aid to flood victims in Iran and Sudan
September 18, 2001Shura Council condemns attacks on U.S.
September 17, 2001Quadruplets born at King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh
September 17, 2001Saudi Royal Family continues to condole Americans
September 17, 2001Kingdom cancels National Day celebrations
September 17, 2001Prince Bandar assures safety of Saudis in U.S.
September 17, 2001Cabinet meeting
September 16, 2001WTO conference in Cairo
September 16, 2001Foreign Minister calls for international action against terrorism
September 15, 2001Saudi Grand Mufti condemns terrorist acts in U.S.
September 15, 2001Saudi Grand Mufti condemns terrorist acts in U.S.
September 14, 2001King Fahd sends cable of condolences to U.S. President
September 14, 2001Supreme Judicial Council against terrorist acts
September 14, 2001Saudi Ambassador to U.K. condemns terrorist attacks
September 13, 2001Arab League condemns terrorist acts in United States
September 13, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah condoles American people
September 13, 2001Prince Bandar attests 'Islam is innocent' in terrorist attacks
September 12, 2001Oil minister gives assurance of continued oil supply
September 12, 2001Kingdom's U.S. Ambassador assures that Saudis are safe
September 12, 2001GCC condemns attacks on United States
September 12, 2001OIC denounces savage attacks on United States
September 12, 2001Saudi leadership receives Sudanese President
September 12, 2001Arab League to bring forward date of free trade zone
September 11, 2001Kingdom condemns attacks on United States
September 10, 2001Arab foreign ministers's 116th session
September 10, 2001Crown Prince endorses loan scheme for young Saudis
September 10, 2001Cabinet meeting
September 09, 2001Islamic forum in Denmark concludes meetings
September 09, 2001Umm AL-Qur'a University to set up branch in Taif
September 09, 2001Saudi leadership receives Gambian President
September 08, 2001GCC foreign ministers conclude meeting in Jeddah
September 08, 2001Discussions continue on Arab duty-free zone
September 05, 2001Prince Saud Al-Faisal on tour of Middle East
September 04, 2001Kingdom organizes Islamic culture forum in Denmark
September 04, 2001Crown Prince receives commerce and industry committee
September 03, 2001Cabinet meeting
September 03, 2001Saudi Arabia attests to success of anti-racism conference
September 02, 2001Agriculture ministry's 2000 foodstuff statistics
September 02, 2001Hijackers of Russian plane to be tried in Kingdom
September 02, 2001Saudi leadership receives visiting President Arafat
September 01, 2001King Fahd appoints new general intelligence chief
August 29, 2001Kingdom refutes Iraq's allegations
August 28, 2001King Fahd marks 50th anniversary of education ministry
August 28, 2001Saudi national soccer team coach sacked
August 27, 2001IDB celebrates twenty-five years
August 27, 2001Cabinet meeting
August 26, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah promotes economic conference
August 26, 2001Upcoming medical conferences in Saudi Arabia
August 25, 2001Prince Nayef urges increased efforts to end drug abuse
August 23, 2001Emergency Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo
August 22, 2001Prince Nayef approves Saudization of gold souqs
August 22, 2001Kingdom awarded WHO prize for anti-smoking campaign
August 20, 2001Kingdom reiterates support for Palestinians
August 20, 2001Saudi leadership welcomes Japanese trade delegation
August 20, 2001Cabinet meeting
August 16, 2001Arab world continues to condemn Israel's actions
August 13, 2001Prince Nayef issues statement on series of bombings
August 13, 2001Cabinet meeting
August 12, 2001Kingdom condemns Israeli occupation of Orient House
August 11, 2001Saudi leadership receive U.S. congressional delegation
August 10, 2001Prince Sultan interviewed by Asharq Alawsat
August 09, 2001Kingdom issues warning about importing Israeli goods
August 06, 2001Kingdom to send relief aid to Burkina Faso
August 06, 2001Cabinet meeting
August 04, 2001Prince Bandar delivers message to Yemeni President
August 03, 2001Islamic forum to be held in Copenhagen
August 01, 2001Prince Sattam reviews project for Riyadh City
August 01, 2001Official comment on media reports on Iraqi refugees
August 01, 2001Commerce minister in Algeria for meetings
July 31, 2001Lebanese Prime Minister visits Kingdom
July 30, 2001Cabinet meeting
July 29, 2001Saudi minister in tripartitie oil meeting in Geneva
July 29, 2001Kidney charity renamed for late Prince Fahd
July 29, 2001Kingdom supports renewal of Arab sanctions on Israel
July 26, 2001Saudi Arabia endorses periodic Arab Summits
July 25, 2001Communications minister talks about railway expansion
July 25, 2001Prince Fahd bin Salman bin Abdulaziz dies in Riyadh
July 23, 2001Cabinet meeting
July 23, 2001King Fahd receives Palestinian President
July 21, 2001Kingdom sends relief aid to flood victims in Ghana
July 21, 2001SABIC reports profits for second quarter of year
July 20, 2001Saudi athletes win gold medals at Asian youth games
July 18, 2001Saudi leadership promotes tourism
July 18, 2001Shura Council endorses security agreement with Iran
July 18, 2001Arab follow-up committee on Mideast meets in Cairo
July 18, 2001Information minister praises new media system
July 17, 2001Arab trade and economy ministers meet in Cairo
July 16, 2001Arab-Asian conference opens in Amman
July 16, 2001Crown Prince orders State coverage of septuplets' expenses
July 16, 2001KFSH to organize investment conference in London
July 16, 2001Cabinet meeting
July 15, 2001Makkah's imam on tour of United States
July 15, 2001Shura Council briefed on parliamentary conference
July 14, 2001Prince Bandar congratulates father of septuplets
July 14, 2001Saudi doctors remove tumor from elderly man
July 14, 2001Ministry of Finance and National Economy opens web site
July 13, 2001Commission reports on Saudi donations to Bosnia
July 11, 2001Iraqi refugees in Kingdom are treated well
July 11, 2001Shura Chairman addresses Arab Parliamentary Federation
July 11, 2001GCC foreign ministers hold 24th conference in Jeddah
July 09, 2001Abha Festival to be opened by Asir Province Governor
July 09, 2001Cabinet meeting
July 08, 2001Saudi TV wins prizes at Cairo festival
July 08, 2001SAGIA to organize exhibition of top GCC companies
July 07, 2001Job opportunities for Saudis in health sector
July 05, 2001Foreign minister speaks out in Lebanese newspaper
July 05, 2001Japanese trade minister on visit to Kingdom
July 04, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah returns home
July 02, 2001Crown Prince meets U.S. Secretary of State in Paris
July 02, 2001Saudi Telecom cuts Internet charges
July 02, 2001Cabinet meeting
July 01, 2001Saudi princes awarded Red Cross medals
June 30, 2001King Fahd endorses higher education recommendations
June 30, 2001Passport authority confirms free movement of expatriates
June 30, 2001Kingdom signs investment agreement with Austria
June 29, 2001Oil minister on market stability
June 29, 2001Oil minister on market stability
June 29, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in Paris
June 29, 2001Prince Salman concludes visit to Spain
June 28, 2001OIC meeting urges break of all relations with Israel
June 28, 2001Prince Salman on offical visit to Spain
June 27, 2001Planning ministry launches web site
June 26, 2001Prince Saud Al-Faisal on visit to U.K.
June 26, 2001Kingdom reiterates support for Palestinians at OIC meeting
June 26, 2001'Arab News' confirms open expatriate travel in Kingdom
June 25, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
June 25, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah's interview with 'Financial Times'
June 25, 2001Kingdom to observe International Anti-Drugs Day
June 24, 2001Interior minister chairs WTO meeting in Jeddah
June 22, 2001Saudi-Yemeni coordination council issues communiqué
June 21, 2001Prince Salman continues official visit to Portugal
June 21, 2001Prince Sultan holds talks with Yemeni leaders
June 20, 2001Tourism events in Jeddah and Abha
June 19, 2001Shura Council reviews SIDF performance
June 19, 2001Prince Salman on official visit to Portugal
June 18, 2001Arab follow-up committee on Palestine concludes meeting
June 18, 2001Prince Sultan at press conference after graduation
June 18, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
June 18, 2001Hajj minister talks about new umrah rules
June 17, 2001King Fahd printing complex to publish Qur'an in Hebrew
June 16, 2001Hajj sacrifical meat sent to Africa and Asia
June 15, 2001Minister addresses ILO conference in Geneva
June 14, 2001Prince Sultan funds U.S. nursing program
June 14, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah meets with Jordanian King in Morocco
June 13, 2001Crown Prince receives phone call from Palestinian President
June 12, 2001Details of King Fahd's Initiative Award
June 11, 2001Minister attends ILO conference in Geneva
June 11, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
June 11, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in Morocco
June 11, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah interviewed by 'Der Spiegel'
June 10, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah on State visit to Sweden
June 10, 2001IDB celebrates 25 years
June 10, 2001King Fahd congratulates Iranian President, British PM
June 10, 2001New Saudi-Kuwaiti Islamic financial group
June 09, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah on State visit to Germany
June 08, 2001STC reports on cell phone situation
June 07, 2001Interior minister holds press conference
June 06, 2001Interior minister comments on Canadian situation
June 06, 2001Head of tourism commission attends Arab meeting in Amman
June 06, 2001Crown Prince speaks out on Palestine before flying to Berlin
June 06, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah holds talks in Syria
June 05, 2001Saudi Arabia to host first Muslim Olympics
June 05, 2001Shura Council holds first session of third term
June 05, 2001Head of Saudi telecommunications company appointed
June 05, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah starts four-country tour
June 05, 2001GCC interior ministers hold second consultative session
June 04, 2001Prince Saud Al-Faisal comments on gas agreements
June 04, 2001Prince Sultan speaks out on Environment Day
June 04, 2001Committe on WTO meets in Jeddah
June 04, 2001King Fahd swears in new Shura Council for third term
June 04, 2001Saudi Aramco holds environment seminar
June 03, 2001GCC foreing ministers hold 79th session in Jeddah
June 03, 2001Prince Salman launches Riyadh PRovince web site
June 03, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah meets with Arafat in Egypt
June 03, 2001King Fahd witnesses signing of gas agreements
June 01, 2001King Fahd honors Al-Husseini posthumously
June 01, 2001Saudi Arabia and Yemen sign MoU on electricity
May 31, 2001President Salih of Yemen visits Kingdom
May 31, 2001King Fahd honors heroes of hijacked plane incident
May 30, 2001Prince Turki bin Sultan expresses gratitude on appointment
May 30, 2001King Fahd receives visiting Bahraini leader
May 29, 2001Economy and finance conference opens in Riyadh
May 29, 2001OIC holds emergency meeting on Palestinian Issue
May 28, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
May 28, 2001New composition of Council of Senior Islamic Scholars
May 28, 2001Tourism events planned for summer season
May 28, 2001Saudi Arabia and Iran sign MoU on higher education
May 27, 2001King Fahd receives Lebanese Prime Minister
May 27, 2001Deputy Interior Minister gives press conference
May 27, 2001SEC passes resolution to cut Customs Fees
May 27, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah to visit Egypt after stay in France
May 26, 2001King Fahd receives Egyption President Mubarak
May 24, 2001King Fahd issues Royal Decree on provincial council members
May 24, 2001Royal Decrees on government include expanded Shura Council
May 23, 2001Kingdom sends relief aid to Indonesia
May 23, 2001Silica sand deposits found in Tabuk Province
May 23, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah concludes visit to Yemen
May 23, 2001OIC to hold emergency meeting in Doha
May 23, 2001GCC approves King Fahd Award
May 23, 2001Saudi Arabia endorsed as member of WHO Council
May 21, 2001Princess Adla opens health symposium in Jeddah
May 21, 2001Council of ministers meeting
May 21, 2001Red Crescent chairman on visit to Kosovo
May 21, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in Yemen
May 20, 2001King Abdulaziz Foundation meets in Riyadh
May 19, 2001Shura Council approves recent moves
May 19, 2001Arab League condemns recent Israeli actions
May 18, 2001Death of King Abdulaziz' physician
May 18, 2001Foreign investors in gas sector announced
May 17, 2001Saudi Aramco reveals plans for oil and gas projects
May 17, 2001Deputy Interior Minister speaks on bombing incidents
May 16, 2001Kingdom continues support for developing countries
May 16, 2001Annex to Saudi-Yemeni Border Treaty recommended
May 15, 2001King Faisal Specialist Hospital to partner with Mayo Clinic
May 14, 2001GCC Consultative Summit in Manama
May 14, 2001GCC leaders reaffirm support to Palestinian people
May 14, 2001Gulf investment corporation divests bank
May 14, 2001Council of ministers meeting
May 13, 2001Shura Council endorses agreements and systems
May 13, 2001Prince Nayef addresses students in Boston
May 12, 2001Saudi and Iranian foreign ministers meet in Jeddah
May 12, 2001Agfund reviews problem of street children
May 10, 2001Deputy Interior Minister holds press conference
May 10, 2001Finance minsiter meets with visiting head of IMF
May 10, 2001Saudi Arabia and Morocco sign cultural program
May 09, 2001King Fahd orders aid to Indonesia
May 09, 2001Saudi children winners in art competition
May 08, 2001Death of Princess Tarfa
May 08, 2001Kuwaiti art show opens in Riyadh
May 08, 2001Korean Prime Minister visits Saudi Arabia
May 08, 2001Saudi minister addresses UN on human settlements
May 08, 2001Oil minister honored at New York Stock Exchange
May 08, 2001Foot-and-mouth disease on the decline
May 07, 2001E-commerce conference opens in Riyadh
May 07, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
May 06, 2001Electronic health conference opens in Jeddah
May 05, 2001Tourism symposium set for June in Abha
May 05, 2001MWL denounces attack at Al-Aqsa Mosque
May 02, 2001SAMA Governor attends UN meeting on poverty
May 02, 2001Official statement on letter bomb in Al-Khobar
May 02, 2001GCC to hold trade arbitration meeting in Muscat
May 02, 2001Details of upcoming e-commerce conference in Riyadh
May 01, 2001Finance minister addresses IMF/WB development committee
May 01, 2001Shura Council to join parliamentary federations
May 01, 2001New faculties to be set up at Saudi universities
April 30, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
April 30, 2001Shura Council endorses penal regulations
April 30, 2001Saudi delegation in Washington DC for IMF/WB talks
April 29, 2001Head of SCT promotes tourism on visit to Oman
April 28, 2001Saudi leadership receives Australian foreign minister
April 28, 2001SAGIA issues licenses to foreign companies
April 28, 2001Prince Sultan addresses conference on value engineering
April 27, 2001Investment symposium opens in Amsterdam
April 27, 2001Kingdom stresses importance of e-commerce
April 26, 2001Prince Nayef attends Dhahran Ahliya graduation
April 25, 2001Investment symposium opens in Brussels
April 25, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah opens tumor center
April 25, 2001Higher education minister highlights role of universities
April 25, 2001Health ministry on meningitis during Hajj 1421
April 25, 2001Kingdom observes International Copyright Day
April 25, 2001Bin Jubair meets with Iranian President
April 24, 2001King Fahd receives Ethiopian Prime Minister
April 24, 2001Palestinain intifada conference opens in Tehran
April 24, 2001Arab justic ministers conclude conference
April 24, 2001Oil minister addresses conference in Paris
April 23, 2001Council of ministers meeting
April 23, 2001Foreign minister attends GCC-EU meeting in Manama
April 22, 2001Kingdom expresses continued support for Palestinians
April 22, 2001UN resolutions must be adhered ot for Palestinian cause
April 21, 2001GCC monetary agencies discuss common currency
April 21, 2001Investment in minerals encouraged
April 19, 2001IATA regional committee meets in Jeddah
April 18, 2001Prince Nayef returns from Iran
April 18, 2001Saudi Arabia and Iran sign security agreement
April 18, 2001SAA expected to grow further with new umrah rules
April 18, 2001King Fahd receives Lebanese Prime Minister
April 18, 2001Kingdom issues statemetn on Arab-African meeting
April 17, 2001Kingdom condemns Israeli strike on Syrians in Lebanon
April 16, 2001Prince Nayef on official visit to Iran
April 16, 2001Kingdom's non-oil exports up during 2000
April 16, 2001Council of ministers meeting
April 15, 2001Phosphate deposit discovered in the north
April 15, 2001Saudi radio and TV coverage expanded
April 15, 2001King Fahd receives UN population fund delegation
April 15, 2001FIFA selects Saudi referee for Youth World Cup
April 14, 2001Shura Council endorses real estate system
April 12, 2001Prince Nayef attends KFU graduation
April 11, 2001Kingdom deals with foot and mouth disease
April 11, 2001Head of tourism board meets businessmen in Jouf
April 09, 2001Council of ministers meeting
April 09, 2001Riyadh workshop on primary health care
April 07, 2001Week-long tourism exhibit in Jeddah
April 07, 2001Shura Council endorses formation of food and drug agency
April 07, 2001GCC investment organization set up
April 05, 2001Kingdom marks International Health Day
April 04, 2001Prince Nayef signs contract for Yemeni border demarcation
April 04, 2001Death of Prince Khalid bin Abdullah bin Naser bin Abdulaziz
April 03, 2001Minister of Labor speaks of Arab conference
April 03, 2001Foot and mouth disease in the Kingdom
April 03, 2001King Fahd decrees new Governor for Jizan
April 02, 2001Prince Sultan attends wildlife reception
April 02, 2001RVF epidemic seems to be completely over
April 02, 2001Heritage items returned to Kingdom
April 02, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
April 01, 2001Kingdom to send relief aid to Malawi
April 01, 2001Prince Sultan affirms Kingdom's support of Palestinian funds
March 30, 2001Arab Open University to start next year
March 28, 2001Prince Sultan speaks on second day of Arab Summit
March 27, 2001Prince Sultan in Amman for Arab Summit
March 26, 2001Private colleges in Taif to be named for Prince Sultan
March 26, 2001Council of ministers meeting
March 26, 2001Preparations for Arab Summit in Amman tomorrow
March 25, 2001King Fahd receives head of Korean delegation
March 23, 2001Saudi investment seminar held in Tokyo
March 23, 2001New ban on import of meat into Kingdom
March 21, 2001Saudi Arabia and Qatar sign final border maps
March 20, 2001Kingdom condoles families of hijacking victims
March 20, 2001King Fahd receives Palestinian President
March 20, 2001Investment symposium planned for Amsterdam
March 20, 2001Finance minister speaks out on aid to Palestinians
March 19, 2001AEC signs agreement with French company
March 19, 2001GCC Chambers of Commerce to hold another e-conference
March 19, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
March 18, 2001Saudi leadership praises security forces for ending hijacking
March 18, 2001Two Saudi pilots killed in training crash
March 18, 2001GCC foreign ministers conclude meeting in Riyadh
March 17, 2001Kingdom welcomes verdict on Bahrain/Qatar islands
March 17, 2001OPEC to cut production by one million barrels
March 17, 2001King Fahd receives Bahraini Emir
March 17, 2001King Fahd orders relief aid for Afghans
March 16, 2001Saudi UN representative speaks out on Palestine
March 16, 2001Official statemetn on end of hijacked plane situation
March 16, 2001Two injured in trash can explosion in Riyadh
March 15, 2001Ban on import of meat from Iran, India and Taiwan
March 15, 2001Hijacked plane lands in Madinah
March 15, 2001London-Sydney air race to make stop at Hail
March 15, 2001Closure on tragic accident at Mina during 1421 Hajj
March 14, 2001Prince Sultan at tourism symposium in Abha
March 14, 2001Successful skin grafting in Jeddah hospital
March 14, 2001Committee formed to combat foot and mouth disease
March 13, 2001Arab foreign ministers meet in Cairo
March 12, 2001Tripartite oil meeting in Riyadh
March 10, 2001Islamic literature prizes announced
March 10, 2001Higher education report for 1998
March 09, 2001MWL issues statemetn on Jerusalem
March 09, 2001Successful culmination of Hajj 1421 (Hajj 1421)
March 08, 2001Tragic accident at 1421 Hajj stoning in Mina
March 06, 2001King Fahd receives honored 1421 Hajj guests
March 06, 2001Aramco denies report of gas pipeline fire
March 05, 2001Saudi leaders greet Muslims on Eid Al-Adha 1421
March 02, 2001King Fahd receives Pakistani chief executive
March 02, 2001Friday Sermons on eve of Hajj 1421
March 01, 2001New Internet site on Hajj to be launched Saturday
February 28, 2001New technical colleges to be set up
February 28, 2001Denial of RVF presence among 1421 Hajj pilgrims
February 27, 2001Close to 1.3 million pilgrims for 1421 Hajj
February 27, 2001Eid Al-Adha 1421 vacation begins tomorrow
February 27, 2001King Fahd receives former U.S. President Bush
February 26, 2001Prince Nayef's press conference after Hajj inspection tour
February 25, 2001Eid Al-Adha 1421 announced for Monday March 5
February 24, 2001Issue of Hajj permits to citizens extended
February 24, 2001Saudi-Yemeni business council to be set up
February 23, 2001Winners of GCC environment prize announced
February 21, 2001Crown Prince Abdullah opens medical city
February 21, 2001Saudi Arabia and Syria hold wide-ranging talks
February 20, 2001Shura Council discusses social issues
February 20, 2001Populace asked to look out for new crescent moon
February 19, 2001Hajj 1421 preparations continue
February 19, 2001IDB approves funding for Islamic projects
February 19, 2001Funeral prayers for Princess Nouf bint Meteb
February 19, 2001Venezuelan, South African Presidents on State visits
February 19, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
February 18, 2001Saudi national soccer team has new coach
February 18, 2001Prince Charles attends King Faisal prize awards ceremony
February 17, 2001Meetings on natural gas investment held in Riyadh
February 17, 2001SAA at tourism exhibition in Italy
February 16, 2001IIRO sends relief aid to earthquake victims in India
February 16, 2001Hajj 1421 pilgrims arriving
February 14, 2001King Fahd receives Hungarian Prime Minister
February 14, 2001Contract signed for development of tourism
February 14, 2001King Fahd to host pilgrims from Africa
February 13, 2001King Fahd to host pilgrims from Southeast Asia
February 13, 2001Princes, one Saudi and one British, to hold art exhibit
February 13, 2001Hungary's Prime Minister in Kingdom for talks
February 13, 2001Syrian President on brief visit to Kingdom
February 12, 2001STC records unparalleled growth
February 12, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
February 12, 2001Tourism development meeting in Riyadh
February 11, 2001Czech President on official visit to Kingdom
February 11, 2001Shura Council approves real estate expropriation rule
February 11, 2001Lebanese Prime Minister on short visit to Kingdom
February 11, 2001SEC approves list of exclusions to foreign investment
February 11, 2001Washing of Kaabah in preparation for 1421 Hajj
February 07, 2001Oil minister addresses conference in Norway
February 07, 2001SABIC posts high profits for FY2000
February 07, 2001Prince Bandar inaugurates investment forum in Houston
February 06, 2001Prince Bandar opens SABIC research lab in Texas
February 05, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
February 05, 2001Preparations for Hajj 1421
February 05, 2001Jordan prepares for Arab Summit next month
February 05, 2001Saudi hospital files new suit against tobacco companies
January 28, 2001Saudi Arabia sends relief aid to quake victims in India
January 28, 2001King Fahd receives OIC Secretary-General
January 28, 2001GCC's proposed common currency requires planning
January 27, 2001Egyptian President on brief State visit to Kingdom
January 27, 2001Pilgrims from Indonesia arrive in Madinah for 1421 Hajj
January 27, 2001Committee issues booklets on Kosovo
January 26, 2001Jenadriyah Festival holds eighth Qur'anic contest
January 26, 2001Rift Valley Fever epidemic almost over
January 26, 2001Transmission of Hajj Radio starts today
January 25, 2001Ardha evening is highlight of Jenadriyah Festival
January 24, 2001SABIC to revamp trademarks for overseas marketing
January 24, 2001SAA wins in-flight services award for third time
January 24, 2001Saudi leaders receive calls from U.S. President
January 23, 2001King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah receive Arafat
January 23, 2001Saudi Arabia continues on WHO council
January 22, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
January 22, 2001Saudi-Yemeni border treaty under implementation
January 22, 2001Kingdom to participate in economic forum in Switzerland
January 21, 2001Foreign dignitaries attend Shura Council meeting
January 21, 2001King Fahd receives visiting VIPs
January 21, 2001Oil minister speaks at follow-up of energy forum
January 20, 2001Jeddah's international economic forum 2001
January 18, 2001Prince Khalid Bin Sultan appointed assistant defense minister
January 18, 2001Festival at Equestrian Club tomorrow
January 17, 2001Equestrian exhibit on fringes of Jenadriyah Festival
January 17, 2001Opening of 16th Jenadriyah Festival
January 17, 2001International economic forum planned for Jeddah
January 16, 2001Regulations for 1421 Hajj issued
January 16, 2001Funding for Palestinian projects continues
January 16, 2001Shura Council discusses postal service, irrigation
January 15, 2001Council of Ministers meeting
January 14, 2001Kingdom extends relief aid to Somalia
January 11, 2001Assistant foreign minister reports on mideast committee
January 10, 2001Firecrackers cause alarm at Riyadh supermarket
January 09, 2001Prince Sultan visits Syria
January 09, 2001Jenadriyah 1421 to start next Wednesday
January 09, 2001SAA resumes flights to Tehran
January 08, 2001Saudi Arabia and Qatar implementing GCC Customs Union
January 08, 2001Prince Sultan visits Jordan
January 07, 2001Kingdom observes Arab Literacy Day
January 06, 2001Health insurance seminar to be held in Dammam
January 05, 2001Interior minister announces outcome of bombing investigation
January 04, 2001Arab foreign ministers meet with Arafat in Cairo
January 04, 2001Update on Rift Valley Fever situation
January 03, 2001Islamic trade fair planned in Jeddah
January 01, 2001Umrah pilgrims should leave promptly