December 31, 1997King Fahd announces 1998 Budget
December 22, 1997Gulf Cooperation Council communiqué
December 22, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
December 18, 1997Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC)
December 16, 1997Pilgrims from Libya and Iraq
December 15, 1997Saudi-Yemeni relations
December 15, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
December 15, 1997Telecommunications decision
December 12, 1997SABIC achievements
December 11, 1997Donation to OIC
December 11, 1997Crown Prince Abdullah meets with former Presdient Rafsanjani
December 10, 1997Hajj minister announces ban on gas cylinders
December 09, 1997Crown Prince Abdullah urges Muslims to reject extremism
December 08, 1997Crown Prince interviewed by Japanese newspaper
December 08, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
December 08, 1997Crown Prince Abdullah in Iran
December 07, 1997Saudi-Yemeni relations
December 06, 1997Denial of Saudi "recruitment" of Yemeni spy
December 04, 1997Oil minister comments on Kingdom's policy
December 03, 1997SCH offers prize for "ideal" factory
December 03, 1997King Fahd mediates between Egypt and Qatar
December 01, 1997OIC information ministers meet in Dakar
December 01, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
November 26, 1997Prince Saud Al-Faisal reports on GCC foreign ministers meeting
November 26, 1997King Fahd receives President of Senegal
November 26, 1997Saudi Arabia continues to support IDB
November 25, 1997Prince Saud Al-Faisal at GCC foreign ministers meeting
November 24, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
November 24, 1997Prince Sultan Foundation gives funds to Gulf University
November 24, 1997Prince Nayef at GCC interior ministers conference
November 22, 1997GCC interior ministers issue communiqué
November 19, 1997Unusual rainfall recorded
November 19, 1997Prince Khalid Al-Faisal visits Washington DC
November 17, 1997Saudi foreign minister and U.S. Secretary of State meet
November 17, 1997Prince Nayef patronizes fifth annual career day at KAU
November 17, 1997King Fahd receives U.S. Secretary of State Albright
November 17, 1997King Fahd sends condolences on Luxor, Egypt victims
November 17, 1997King Fahd welcomes South African President Mandela
November 17, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
November 13, 1997Saudi Arabia's precious natural resources: oil and water
November 13, 1997Saudi Arabia qualifies for World Cup finals
November 11, 1997Crown Prince Abdullah opens new Aramco facilities
November 10, 1997King Fahd receives Iranian foreign minister
November 10, 1997Egyptian President makes brief visit to Kingdom
November 09, 1997Japanese Prime Minsiter visits Kingdom
November 08, 1997Muslim World League 35th session
November 04, 1997GCC defense ministers issue communiqué
November 04, 1997KFUPM expands number of university chairs
November 04, 1997Rapid growth predicted for mining sector
November 03, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
November 03, 1997King Fahd receives 1996 SAMA report
November 01, 1997U.S. President sends message to Crown Prince Abdullah
October 30, 1997Health ministry continues anti-polio campaign
October 29, 1997Plans outlined for new community colleges
October 27, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
October 26, 1997General Assembly of King Faisal Charitable Foundation
October 26, 1997Proposed railway link for GCC states
October 26, 1997First textile mill to open in the Kingdom
October 25, 1997SCH reports need for vegetable processing plant
October 24, 1997Education minister attends UNESCO conference
October 22, 1997Malawan President performs umrah
October 20, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
October 19, 1997Kingdom well able to deal with diseases of the kidney
October 16, 1997Saudi Arabia maintains position on Doha Summit
October 16, 1997Saudi Arabia observes World Food Day
October 13, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
October 13, 1997Symposium on setting up an Arab Open University
October 12, 1997Higher education minister on visit to China
October 11, 1997Prince Sultan receives cable from U.S. President Clinton
October 10, 1997Saudi Arabia and Algeria issue joint communiqué
October 08, 1997King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah receive Algerian President
October 08, 1997Preparations for 1998 pilgrimage already under way
October 06, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
October 03, 1997Saudi Arabia attends atomic energy conference
October 02, 1997ISA records highest ever number of students
October 01, 1997Saudi Aramco reports high level of Saudization
September 29, 1997Prince Sultan on State visit to South Africa
September 29, 1997Saudi Arabia and South Africa issue joint communiqué
September 29, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
September 29, 1997Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets with U.S. Secretary of State
September 28, 1997Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets with U.K. foreign secretary
September 25, 1997Saudi Ambassador in U.K. comments on murder case
September 22, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
September 21, 1997Arab League ministerial council denouces Israel
September 18, 1997Prince Sultan on State visit to Spain
September 15, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
September 15, 1997GCC foreign ministers issue communique
September 14, 1997King Fahd receives U.S. Secretary of State Albright
September 14, 1997Finance minister reports decrease in Budget deficit
September 14, 1997GCC foreign ministers welcome Secretary Albright
September 12, 1997Prince Sultan meets with Pope John Paul II
September 11, 1997Prince Sultan on State visit to Italy
September 11, 1997Report from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
September 10, 1997Saudi factory to produce plastic from recycled material
September 10, 1997Report from the Ministry of Commerce
September 10, 1997Report on the Kingdom's livestock resources
September 09, 1997Saudi Arabia requests extradition of dissident
September 09, 1997Millions of copies of the Holy Qur'an distributed
September 08, 1997Council of Ministers Meeting
September 08, 1997Saudi industry goes from strength to strength
September 07, 1997Saudi Arabia's road network continues to expand
September 07, 1997Report on the Kingdom's telecommunications
September 07, 1997The Kingdom's humanitarian contributions
September 06, 1997Report from the Ports Authority
September 05, 1997Minister of Education comments on new school year
September 03, 1997MWL reports billion dollar Saudi support
September 03, 1997Saudi Arabia continues to help Bosnians
September 03, 1997Minister reports on agricultural advances
September 01, 1997Council of Ministers Meeting
August 25, 1997Council of Ministers Meeting
August 20, 1997Population of Riyadh could soon reach four million
August 20, 1997National Chemical Fertilizer Company to expand
August 18, 1997KACST announces advances in solar energy
August 18, 1997Council of Ministers Meeting
August 16, 1997SABIC plans new research centers
August 12, 1997KACST offers funding for research
August 11, 1997Finance minister comments on future of petrochemicals
August 11, 1997Commerce minister bans copying of computer programs
August 11, 1997Council of Ministers Meeting
August 10, 1997Cultural forum discusses human rights in Islam
August 09, 1997New center for promotion of investment
August 09, 1997Private sector ready for joint venture with SAA
August 05, 1997King Fahd names members of provincial councils
August 04, 1997Council of Ministers Meeting
July 28, 1997Council of Ministers Meeting
July 22, 1997SABIC reports profit for first half of year
July 22, 1997SAA exonerated in last year's mid-air collision
July 20, 1997Shura Council approves new ad hoc committees
July 20, 1997Italian President visits Saudi Arabia
July 19, 1997Saudi Arabia intensifies medical aid to Bosnia
July 16, 1997Aramco announces new three-way joint venture
July 14, 1997King Fahd swears in new Shura Council
July 10, 1997Oil retains importance despite non-oil sector growth
July 09, 1997SABIC reports profit for 1996
July 07, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
July 07, 1997Customs duty on tobacco products increased
July 06, 1997Shura Council ends first four-year term
July 06, 1997Royal decrees on ministerial and top-level appointments
July 06, 1997Royal Decree on appointments to Shura Council
July 06, 1997Saudi stock market flourishing
July 05, 1997Agriculture ministry reports increase in cultivated land
July 05, 1997King Fahd announces expansion of Shura Council
July 04, 1997Prince Saud Al-Faisal attends Saudi-Egyptian meeting
July 02, 1997Prince Nayef on official visit to Yemen
July 01, 1997GCC states have low rate of inflation
July 01, 1997King Fahd sends envoy to Tehran
June 30, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
June 30, 1997The Kingdom's centennial to be observed by UNESCO
June 29, 1997Prince Sultan makes a remark on Sayigh affair
June 29, 1997Islamic Saudi Academy holds eighth graduation
June 29, 1997Prince Sultan comments on Offset Program
June 28, 1997Oil minister reports high reserves of minerals
June 28, 1997Prince Saud Al-Faisal in Beirut
June 27, 1997Crown Prince Abdullah meets with Lebanese President
June 26, 1997Damascus Declaration foreign ministers issue statement
June 25, 1997Crown Prince Abdullah in Damascus
June 24, 1997UNRWA reports Saudi Arabia as topping list of donors
June 23, 1997King Fahd awarded 1997 FAO medal
June 23, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
June 23, 1997Arab anti-drug conference issues statement
June 22, 1997Islamic affairs minister publishes new book on security
June 18, 1997Crown Prine Abdullah, Prince Sultan receive awards
June 17, 1997Islamic affairs minister visits new mosqe in Cameroon
June 17, 1997King Fahd receives Palestinian award
June 15, 1997King Fahd receives U.S. Defense Secretary
June 15, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
June 15, 1997Saudi Arabia makes donation to Palestinian refugees
June 14, 1997Shura Council chairman delivers lecture in Rome
June 11, 1997Saudi Aramco to export crude oil to China
June 09, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
June 05, 1997Palm tree count is in the tens of millions
June 05, 1997Saudi Arabia and Jordan confirm cooperation
June 05, 1997Riyadh's population continues to grow
June 04, 1997Prince Sultan speaks on Environment Day
June 02, 1997SAA plane lands mistakenly at military airport
June 02, 1997Prince Nayef praises provincial councils system
June 02, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
June 01, 1997Saudi Arabia successful in third round of WTO talks
June 01, 1997GCC ministerial council issues statement
May 30, 1997Health minister promotes no smoking campaign
May 29, 1997King Fahd donates to U.K.'s Oxford Islamic Studies Center
May 26, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
May 24, 1997King Fahd congratulates new Iranian President
May 23, 1997GCC marks sixteenth anniversary
May 22, 1997Finance minister talks about diversification
May 21, 1997Saudi Arabia sends aid to Bangladesh for hurricane victims
May 19, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
May 18, 1997Shura Council meeting
May 16, 1997Saudi stock market thriving
May 15, 1997GCC should cement ties with USA, spokesman says
May 12, 1997Saudi Arabia sends aid to Iran for quake victims
May 12, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
May 11, 1997Shura Council meeting
May 10, 1997Kingdom is exporting more, importing less
May 08, 1997Kingdom's honey production to increase
May 08, 1997Integrated power grid planned for GCC states
May 06, 1997Prince Nayef reports that Mina fire was accidental
May 06, 1997Prince Sultan awarded environment trophy
May 05, 1997Commerce ministry establishes tourism company
May 05, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
May 04, 1997Saudi Arabia's budget emphasizes education
April 30, 1997Prince Salman meets with French President Chirac
April 30, 1997Oil minister opens second phases of Korean project
April 29, 1997SABIC posts profit for first quarter of 1997
April 29, 1997Prince Salman signs Riyadh-Paris Charter
April 28, 1997Prince Sultan promotes domestic tourism in the Asir
April 25, 1997New company for mineral prospecting
April 23, 1997Kingdom's GDP continues to rise
April 15, 1997Record number of pilgrims arrive for 1417 Hajj
April 13, 1997IDB reports on sacrificial meat utilization program
April 08, 1997Washing of Ka'abah and presenting of Kiswah for 1417 Hajj
April 08, 1997Crown Prince Abdullah inspects new hospital plane
April 08, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
April 08, 1997Eid Al-Adha 1417 announced
April 07, 1997Saudi Arabia celebrates World Health Day
April 06, 1997Saudi Arabia cements relations with Senegal
April 02, 1997Ports Authority to privatize certain services
April 01, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
March 31, 1997Arab League to resume boycott of Israel
March 29, 1997Pilgrims arriving for 1417 Hajj
March 25, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
March 24, 1997Crown Prince Abdullah at OIC Summit in Islamabad
March 24, 1997Prince Sultan comments on U.S. visit
March 23, 1997Prince Sultan presents King Faisal Prize to 1997 winners
March 21, 1997Crown Prince Abdullah presents prizes in King's Cup
March 18, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
March 17, 1997Prince Sultan comments on visits to USA, UK, and France
March 17, 1997Prince Salman awarded Bosnian medal
March 16, 1997Shura Council meeting
March 13, 1997Saudi Arabia assists Islamic organizations worldwide
March 13, 1997Prince Sultan in U.K. on official visit
March 10, 1997Women's cultural activities at Jenadriyah
March 10, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
March 09, 1997Shura Council meeting
March 07, 1997The twelfth Jenadriyah Festival continues
March 06, 1997Crown Prince Abdullah opens Jenadriyah Festival
March 06, 1997Prince Sultan in Paris for Saudi-French talks
March 03, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
March 03, 1997Saudi Arabia signs agreements on culture and sports
March 03, 1997New headquarters for educational bureau
March 03, 1997GCC condemns Israeli decision to build new settlement
March 01, 1997Prince Sultan departs from U.S. after five-day visit
February 28, 1997Prince Sultan meets with U.S. Secretary of State
February 27, 1997Prince Sultan visits the Pentagon
February 27, 1997U.S. commerce missions to the Kingdom planned
February 26, 1997Prince Sultan is guest of Defense Secretary Cohen
February 26, 1997Prince Sultan meets with President Clinton
February 25, 1997Prince Sultan arrives in Washington DC
February 25, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
February 24, 1997IDB sets up two new programs
February 22, 1997Prince Sultan leaves for U.S. visit
February 22, 1997Communications minister cites importance of railways
February 22, 1997Prince Sultan interviewed by AL-Hayat
February 17, 1997Ministerial meeting of GCC and EU in Doha
February 14, 1997Prince Sultan comments on Saudi foreign relations
February 14, 1997Prince Sultan visits SABIC plants in Jubail
February 11, 1997Prince Sultan announces visit to the U.S.
February 07, 1997King Fahd and Crown Prince extend 1417 Eid Al-Fitr greetings
February 03, 1997Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. Ambassador
February 02, 1997King Fahd attends on-going Saudi-Yemeni talks
February 01, 1997SAA resumes flights to Lebanon
January 31, 1997Council of Ministers Meeting: Ramadan
January 28, 1997King Fahd receives report from Minister of Planning
January 27, 1997Prince Nayef attends Shura Council meeting
January 26, 1997Saudi Arabia and Egypt comment on Sudan, and on Hebron
January 25, 1997SAA announces agreement with American United
January 23, 1997King Fahd inaugurates fourth year of Shura Council
January 23, 1997King Fahd praises work on Arabian horses
January 21, 1997Council of Ministers meeting
January 21, 1997The concept of the Consultative Council
January 21, 1997SCH signs agreement with UNIDO
January 17, 1997Saudi merchant marine flourishing
January 15, 1997Prince Salman inaugurates King Fahd National Library
January 14, 1997King Faisal Prize winners for 1417 announced
January 09, 1997Ramadan message from King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah
January 08, 1997SABIC announces loan for steel company expansion
January 07, 1997Saudi soccer team wins GCC tournament
January 06, 1997Interior minister reports on Arab meeting
January 03, 1997Hajj minister reminds pilgrims of regulations
January 01, 1997King Fahd speaks out in newspaper interview
January 01, 1997Finance Minister comments on 1997 State Budget