Remarks by King Abdullah on the convention of an interfaith meeting

March 24, 2008

In the name of Almighty Allah, the most gracious, most merciful and May God bless Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), his family and followers.

You are all welcome in Saudi Arabia and I wish you a good stay in the Kingdom.
I am not going to teach you about Islam as all of you know your religion well; I only want to thank you for the efforts you are exerting towards your religion as well as towards all other religions and the entire humanity.

Please listen carefully to these few words as I seek to benefit from your counsel. After a lot of thought over the last two years, I came to the realization that humanity today is in a crisis, one that renders reason and morality off balance.

I thought about the matter and approached our religious scholars in Saudi Arabia to get their approval. Thanks to Allah Almighty, they agreed. The idea is to call upon the people of the Scripture to sit together as faithful and sincere brothers, as we all believe in the same God.

I have seen many meetings similar to this one of yours and witnessed dialogues of civilizations. It is no secret that I planned and paid a visit to the Vatican, where I met with the Pope.  I thank him for the warm welcome he gave me, and the meeting of one human to another. I presented the idea to him, suggesting that we all submit to the will of Allah as commanded in the Torah, the Bible and the Qur’an.  I pray for Allah to ensure that we come to a word that is just between us and that we pray to Him to save humanity.

You all know the unfortunate disintegration of the institution of family. When a boy or girl turns 18, he or she walks away from the parental home and becomes involved in conduct that is morally and religiously unacceptable. It is incumbent on us as adherents of different faiths to confront this disintegration of the family as well as the atheism that has become so pervasive.

 For this, I am planning to hold conferences to consult with my Muslim brothers all over the world to obtain their viewpoints. Then I will embark on conferring with our brothers who adhere to the Torah and the Bible in order to agree on a measure that would safeguard humanity against those who corrupt religions, ethics and families.

This is the matter on which I would like to enlist your opinion. Hopefully when you return to your home countries you could summarize the idea to others. God willing, I will start this matter soon. Once we meet and agree, I will address the United Nations.

While we count on the three Abrahamic religions, those who adhere to other beliefs can also make a positive contribution to humanity, ethics, their countries and family harmony.

Thank you for listening.