Doha Declaration

March 30, 2009

We, the leaders of Arab countries attending the 21st session of the Council of Arab League at summit level in Doha, capital of the State of Qatar, on 3 and 4 Rabi Thani 1430 Hegira, corresponding to 30-31 March 2009, after careful consideration of the current Arab reality and the circumstances surrounding it; Arab relations; the challenges facing the nation; the dangers threatening Arab national security; and the true challenges to the Middle East peace process; taking into account the changes in the international order and their repercussions on the Arab region, and the grave challenges that current variables, such as the global financial crisis, pose to the regional Arab order; emphasizing our commitment to the goals and objectives included in the Arab League Charter and its complementary treaties and agreements; and emphasizing our determination to implement them in a way to ensure the cohesion of the unity of the nation and achieve the prosperity of its peoples; emphasizing our adherence to the noble principles enshrined in the UN Charter; and out of our pan-Arab responsibility of further promoting Arab relations and of working to strengthen them, announce the following:

We commit to Arab solidarity and adhere to the Arab noble values and traditions. We also stress the respect of sovereignty of all Arab countries as well as their legitimate right to defend their national independence, resources and capabilities.

We stress the settlement of Arab differences through constructive dialogue as well as the work to enhance Arab relations. We call for continued efforts to develop and modernize the system of joint Arab action. We salute the Palestinian people who are resisting the Israeli brutal aggression on Gaza Strip and we stress support of their resistance to this aggression.

We condemn the barbaric Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip and we call for stopping Israeli attacks, holding the cease-fire, lifting the unjust siege on Gaza Strip and opening all crossings. We hold Israel responsible of legal and material liabilities of its war crimes and violations of international law and international humanitarian law. We demand the international community to prosecute those responsible for these crimes and bring them to international courts.

We express our full support of Arab efforts to end the division in the Palestinian national ranks and enhance Palestinian national unity.

We call for the cessation of the Israeli unilateral policies, including the immediate cessation of all settlement activities, the elimination of the apartheid wall and the preservation of Islamic and Christian holy places in addition to not prejudicing Al-Quds [Jerusalem].

We emphasize the non-acceptance of Israel’s procrastination and delay and we emphasize the need to identify a specific time frame for Israel to fulfill its obligations towards the peace process.

We stress the need to reach a just solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict in the framework of international legitimacy. A just and comprehensive peace in the region will only be achieved through ending the Israeli occupation and withdrawing from all occupied Palestinian and Arab territories, including the occupied Syrian Arab Golan in addition to reaching a just solution to the problem of Palestinian refugees and establishing an independent and sovereign Palestinian State with East Al-Quds as its capital.

We vow support for Sudan and reject the International Criminal Court’s decision to apprehend Sudan’s President Omar Hasan Ahmed Al-Basheer. We also express commitment to support stability in Darfur.

We reiterate our commitment to respect Iraq’s integrity, sovereignty, independence and its Arab Islamic identity. We also support the political move based on full participation of all Iraqi political and other spectrum according to Arab summit resolutions.

We support the election of Sheikh Sharif Ahmed as President of Somalia, the formation of transitional government and transitional parliament.

We hope that Iran respond to UAE’s initiative to solve the problem of its three islands.

We reiterate our denunciation to all forms of terrorism.

We demand the world community to work to make the Middle East free of all mass destruction weapons and coerce Israel to sign a non-proliferation nuclear treaty and make all its nuclear facilities subject to IAEA inspection.

We confirm Arab countries’ right to nuclear peaceful technology.

We hail efforts exerted in the Arab countries to strengthen the principles of transparency, responsibility, interrogation and popular participation and to proceed with political and social reforms.

We call for intensifying dialogue among cultures and peoples and support for the principles of fraternity, tolerance and respect of humanitarian values.

We welcome Kuwait’s economic, developmental and social summit resolutions, confirming our endeavor to create the grand Arab Duty Free Zone to pave the way for a common Arab market.

We demand the world community to effectively participate in the efforts aiming at the implementation of the millennium development goals, eradication of poverty and hunger and double financial support for the least developed countries.

We underscore the importance of child care and youth welfare.

We emphasize on paying special attention to the Arabic language.

We thank Qatar’s Emir and people for warm welcome and generous hospitality and Arab League’s Secretary General for his organization’s effort to upgrade Arab joint action.