King Abdullah Statement to the 27th National Festival for Heritage and Culture Festival guests

February 10, 2012

Dear Brothers,

I welcome you with the greetings of Islam in your country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the homeland of goodness. Good is every human being who cherishes his faith, homeland, Arab and Muslim nations. All of you deserve gratitude and praise for you have struggled in serving your religion and homelands. Your children, Allah willing, will also travel the road you have traveled.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opens its arms to salute you, and opens its arms for everybody who serves religion, homeland, and dignity.

Dear Brothers,

We are passing startling days. Unfortunately, what happened in the United Nations, in my opinion, is an unbecoming precedence. We and you have held high the United Nations: it unites, not divides, and deals impartially. Nothing but goodwill has been expected of it; even now we say it may, by the grace of Allah. However, the event that took place foretells nothing good. The world’s reliance on the United Nations has no doubt shaken.

States, be what they may, can never ever rule the world. Reason rules the world; justice rules the world; ethics rules the world; redressing aggressors. These can rule the world. The world is not ruled by those who commit all other violent deeds.

Yet my brothers,

I pray to Allah that you are of the forbearing people, and we will forbear and be patient till Allah dispose of a way out. Allah Almighty may delay but never dismiss.

Please, give my greetings to my brothers in every country who have not come.