Saudi authorities indict 991 suspected militants

October 21, 2008

Saudi authorities have indicted 991 suspected militants involved in terrorist attacks in the Kingdom over the last five years, Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz said today.


In a statement to SPA, Prince Nayef said that Saudi Arabia was the target of an organized terror campaign directly linked to Al-Qaeda that sought to undermine the Kingdom’s economy and way of life.

The militants were responsible for more than 30 terrorist attacks in the Kingdom, including bombings in east Riyadh, the Abqaiq refinery, the Muhayya housing complex, the traffic administration building and the Interior Ministry, he said. They were also responsible for assassinations in Khobar targeting citizens and the security forces.

In those 30 attacks, 74 security members were killed and 657 injured.  Ninety civilians were killed and 439 wounded.

Saudi authorities also foiled more than 160 additional terrorist attacks.

Prince Nayef added that during the operations Saudi security forces seized more than three tons of explosives and 25 tons of explosive materials.

More suspected militants will be put on trial after the required procedures are completed, he said.