March 30, 201436th King Faisal International Prizes awarded
March 10, 2014Second Deputy Prime Minister chairs Cabinet session (3/10/14)
February 28, 2014Islamic Consultative Team adopts urgent working plan to eradicate polio
December 16, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (12/16/13)
December 2, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (12/2/13)
October 28, 2013Saudi Embassy releases 1434 (2013) figures for Hajj visas issued in the US
October 10, 2013King orders opening of Phase I of Grand Mosque expansion project
September 17, 2013Saudi Grand Mufti condemns attacks on Non-Muslims
August 8, 2013King announces $100 million donation to UN Counterterrorism Center
August 8, 2013King, Crown Prince perform Eid Al-Fitr prayers
August 8, 2013King receives calls from Muslim leaders on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr
August 8, 2013Ambassador Al-Jubeir performs Eid Al-Fitr prayers
July 15, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/15/13)
July 15, 2013Kingdom provides Iftar meals to Afghanis, Syrians and Sudanese
July 11, 2013Ambassador hosted traditional Iftar
July 10, 2013King Abdullah receives congratulations on Ramadan from heads of state
July 9, 2013King, Crown Prince address Muslims on eve of Ramadan
July 8, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/8/13)
June 18, 2013MWL denounces sectarian fighters in Syria
June 10, 2013Governor of Makkah washes holy Kaaba