December 28, 2015Saudi Arabia announces budget for 2016‎
December 24, 2015Fire in Jizan hospital kills 25
December 23, 2015King Salman says security and economic development are top priorities
November 24, 2015Saudi Arabia joins Protocol on eradicating tobacco
September 15, 2015King orders payments to victims of crane accident in Makkah
September 15, 2015King reviews report on Makkah crane accident
August 31, 201534 positive confirmed reported cases of Corona
July 13, 2015Royal order to appoint new Housing Minister
July 9, 2015Beneficiaries of Mohammad bin Naif Center to spend Eid holiday with their families
July 6, 2015Saudi health centers provide medical assistance to some 1,800 patients a week in Zaatari camp
June 29, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (06/29/2015)
June 17, 2015Separation surgery on Yemeni conjoined twins to start Friday
June 15, 2015Foreign Ministry issues travel warning to Iran
June 15, 2015Saudi clinics treat some 350 patients a day at Al-Zaatari Camp in Jordan
June 9, 2015Foreign ministry summons Iranian ambassador after poisoning of Saudis
May 5, 2015French president meets with Saudi officials
May 4, 2015New minister take oath of office
April 27, 2015Interior Ministry bans citizens from traveling to Ebola-affected countries
April 12, 2015Minister of Health removed from his post