Foreign Aid

April 17, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syrians distributes 18th round of aid
April 15, 2014Yemeni Health Minister meets with SFD delegation
April 14, 2014Saudi Campaign for Pakistan launches school bag project
April 14, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syrians distributes 17th round of aid
April 11, 2014Conjoined Iraqi twins successfully separated
April 10, 2014Iraqi conjoined twins’ surgery starts at King Abdulaziz Medical City
April 8, 2014Saudi Arabia donates $100 million to Arab Trade Financing Program
April 7, 2014Saudi National Campaign for Syrians targets people of Zarqaa Province
April 7, 2014Arab Organization for Red Crescent and Cross headquarters dedicated in Riyadh
March 24, 2014SFD funds dialysis center, long term care facility in Bahrain
March 24, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syria helps refugees in eastern Jordan
March 23, 2014IIRO distributes aid to Congolese refugees in Uganda
March 21, 2014Saudi Campaign completes distribution of winter supplies in northern Jordan
March 18, 2014Kingdom donates $1 million to the International Organization for Migration
March 18, 2014IIRO medical camp performs 500 cataract surgeries in Nigeria
March 17, 2014Kingdom donates sacrificial meat to Yemen, the Comoros
March 16, 2014IIRO aid benefits 3,603,788 Syrian refugees
March 16, 2014Solidarity Campaign for Syria collects SR 75 million in cash, SR 20 million in goods
March 15, 2014Saudi Ambassador delivers relief aid to Niger’s government
March 10, 2014IIRO hands out 3,500 food rations to Syrians in northern Lebanon
March 9, 2014Kingdom gives India’s Hamdard University $5 million in aid
March 5, 2014Saudi Arabia donates $1 million to UN Human Rights Commission
March 4, 2014200 tons of Saudi dates presented to Jordanian officials
March 3, 2014SR 65 million donated to Solidarity Campaign for Syrian Children
February 25, 2014“Day of Solidarity with the Children of Syria” begins in the Kingdom
February 24, 2014Yemeni conjoined twins arrive at King Fahd Medical City
February 20, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes winter clothes to Syrian families in Jordan
February 7, 2014Saudi Ambassador gifts sacrificial sheep meat to Sudan
February 6, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes winter clothes to Syrians in Sidon
February 2, 2014Saudi aid continues to arrive at Syrian refugee camps in Jordan
February 2, 2014IIRO organizes medical campaign in Yemen
February 1, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes winter supplies in Lebanon
January 26, 2014Saudi Arabia provides Yemen with 15 tons of desert locust pesticides
January 20, 201411th relief convoy sent to Syrian refugees
January 20, 2014Saudi Ambassador opens medical clinics, drinking water projects in Sudan
January 15, 2014Kingdom increases aid to Syrian people
January 14, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes clothing, blankets to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
January 13, 2014IIRO aids victims of earthquakes in Baluchistan
January 13, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (1/13/14)
January 9, 2014IIRO establishes orphan centers in Asian, African countries
January 5, 2014Saudi Arabia provides $40 million for Palestinian Authority budget
January 4, 2014IIRO team carries out eye surgeries for 1,000 patients in Nigeria
January 2, 2014Yemeni President lays foundation stone for King Abdullah Medical City
January 1, 2014Saudi-organized disaster combat training course held in Sudan
December 31, 2013Sacrificial meat shipments arrive in Gambia, Senegal, Mauritania
December 31, 2013Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation donates $200,000 for Syrian children
December 30, 2013Saudi Campaign for Somali People provides financial aid for malnourished children
December 17, 2013IIRO provides winter aid to Syrians in multiple countries
December 17, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes aid in Lebanon’s Bekka Valley
December 15, 2013Saudi Committee sends money for housing units in Rafah
December 14, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes blankets to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
December 12, 2013SFD signs agreements with UNHCR to provide $10 million for Syrian refugees
December 9, 2013Kingdom has approved over $135 million in aid projects for Somalia
December 3, 2013Interior Minister approves SR 32 million in aid to Syrian Campaign
November 28, 2013Saudi Arabia sends eight vehicles to combat locust outbreak in Sudan
November 21, 2013Saudi Campaign hands out more rent checks to Syrians in Beirut
November 20, 2013Prince Saud Al-Faisal attends 3rd Arab-African Summit in Kuwait
November 18, 2013Saudi Campaign to assist Syrian people distributed over $114 million
November 17, 2013Kingdom donates to UNHCR’s Rohingya appeal
November 15, 2013King Abdullah donates $10 million to Typhoon Haiyan recovery
November 6, 2013IIROSA provides medical treatment for Yemenis, food baskets for Syrians
October 29, 2013IIRO implements sacrificial meat project in Guinea
October 28, 2013Kingdom to support anti-polio campaign in Pakistan
October 24, 2013Meat from 100 heads of cattle distributed in Chad
October 19, 2013Sheep meat distributed to Syrian refugees in Jordan
October 7, 20131,165,172 pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia from abroad
October 4, 2013Saudi Campaign sends relief convoy to Baluchistan
October 1, 2013Saudi Ambassador opens 2 field hospitals in Egypt
September 30, 2013King Abdullah sponsors Hajj pilgrims
September 30, 2013Saudi relief program launched for earthquake victims in Balochistan
September 26, 2013Kingdom pays rent for 68 more Syrian families in Lebanon
September 18, 2013Saudi Campaign continues refugee housing project in Lebanon
September 17, 2013IIRO launches urgent relief project for flood victims in Pakistan
September 14, 2013Saudi Arabia donates $300,000 to anti-piracy fund
September 12, 2013Saudi National Campaign provides rent checks to displaced Syrians in Lebanon
September 2, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/2/13)
September 1, 2013Saudi Arabia donates $200 million to support Palestinian cities
August 29, 2013Saudi aid arrives for floods victims in Sudan
August 27, 2013Saudi National Campaign rents 131 apartments for Syrian refugees in Jordan
August 22, 2013ICO kicks off assistance program in Sudan
August 20, 2013More Saudi Medical Aid Arrives in Egypt
August 20, 2013King orders $10 million in urgent aid to Sudanese flood victims
August 17, 2013Kingdom to send three field hospitals to Egypt
August 13, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes Eid Al-Fitr gifts to Syrian children in Turkey
August 12, 201350 tons of Saudi dates delivered to Gabon
August 11, 2013Ban Ki-Moon, John Kerry praise $100 million Saudi donation to UNCCT
August 8, 2013King announces $100 million donation to UN Counterterrorism Center
August 1, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes 46,000 meals to Syrian refugees in Jordan
August 1, 2013Saudi sacrificial meat shipment arrives in Lebanon
July 30, 2013IIROSA provides relief to flood and drought victims in Niger
July 28, 2013Saudi Campaign provides food, shelters for Syrian refugees in Jordan
July 25, 2013Saudi Consulate in Istanbul distributes 4,200 kg of dates
July 24, 2013Kingdom distributing 35,000 Ramadan baskets to Syrians in Lebanon
July 23, 2013Saudi Fund for Development signs $275 million worth of agreements with Yemen
July 21, 2013IIROSA aids 108,472 Malian refugees in Burkina Faso
July 19, 2013King Abdullah approves treatment of Iranian girl diagnosed with cancer in Riyadh
July 17, 2013Saudi Ambassador to Algeria delivers 200 tons of dates to WFP
July 16, 2013Saudi Campaign for Syria runs mobile bakeries for refugees in Turkey
July 15, 2013Kingdom provides Iftar meals to Afghanis, Syrians and Sudanese
July 9, 2013SFD funds construction of 1,025 houses in Pakistan
July 9, 2013Saudi Arabia pledges $5 billion in aid to Egypt
July 8, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes Ramadan food baskets to Syrians in Lebanon, Jordan
July 7, 2013Saudi Campaign for Gaza to distribute 92,000 Ramadan food baskets
July 6, 2013IIRC kicks off Ramadan Food Baskets projects in Pakistan, Yemen
July 3, 2013Saudi Campaign continues distribution of food baskets in Lebanon
July 1, 2013Saudi National Campaign pays for treatment of Syrians wounded in Al-Qusair
June 29, 2013Distribution of Ramadan baskets to displaced Syrians begins in Lebanon
June 28, 2013UN Human Settlement Program awards prize to late Crown Prince Nayef
June 23, 2013Saudi National Campaign for Somalia launched
June 23, 2013Saudi National Campaign for Syria preparing Ramadan food baskets
June 10, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (6/10/13)
June 9, 2013Saudi Foreign Minister congratulates Yemeni President
June 7, 2013IIRO provides food, blankets to Syrian refugees in northern Lebanon
June 3, 2013Saudi Ambassador to Kenya delivers 300 tons of dates to WFP
June 1, 2013UNRWA thanks Saudi Arabia for $86 million donation
May 26, 2013Saudi Arabia provides 340 tons of dates to World Food Program in Yemen
May 25, 2013Saudi Campaign provides shelters for Syrian refugees, sponsors Syrian students
May 24, 2013Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon delivers 10 tons of dates for Palestinian refugees
May 21, 2013Saudi Arabia supports WFP in Bangladesh with 515 tons of dates
May 17, 2013Saudi Arabia delivers 561 tons of dates to WFP
May 16, 2013Saudi Arabia participates in International Conference for Mali
May 15, 201313th consignment of Saudi medical aid for Gaza arrives in Arish
May 15, 2013IIROSA provides aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey
May 14, 2013Saudi National Campaign assists displaced Syrians in Bekka region
May 11, 201311th batch of Saudi medical aid provided for Gaza hospitals
May 9, 201310th batch of Saudi medical aid arrives at Arish Airport
May 7, 2013Saudi medical airlift for Gaza continues
May 5, 2013Kingdom transfers more than SR 5 million for 12 libraries in Palestine
May 4, 20136th batch of Saudi medical aid arrives at Arish Airport
May 3, 20134th and 5th batches of Saudi medical aid arrive at Arish Airport
May 2, 2013Saudi Arabia provides 50 tons of dates to the Comoros