November 13, 2015Kingdom condemns terrorist bombing in Beirut
November 2, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (11/2/2015)
October 30, 2015Joint Statement of the Syria Talks in Vienna
October 28, 2015Foreign Minister attends Paris talk on Syria
October 26, 2015Suicide attack at mosque in Najran
October 21, 2015King Salman receives call from Russian president
October 19, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (10/19/2015)
October 16, 2015Terrorist kills five in Qatif Governorate
October 12, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (10/12/2015)
October 10, 2015Kingdom condemns terrorist bombing in Ankara
October 1, 2015Kingdom addresses 70th UN General Assembly
September 30, 2015Foreign Minister hold meetings sideline meetings during the UN General Assembly
September 29, 2015Saudi Arabia calls for support on uprooting the terrorism
September 28, 2015Terrorist cell dismantled
September 28, 2015Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir discusses Iran’s escalation of regional conflicts
September 14, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (09/14/2015)
September 4, 2015King Salman, President Obama hold meeting at White House
August 31, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (8/31/15)
August 26, 2015Scud missile intercepted over Jazan
August 24, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (8/24/15)
August 17, 2015Kingdom condemns attack on the United Arab Emirates embassy in Yemen
August 17, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (8/17/15)
August 10, 2015Vice Custodian Chairs Cabinet Session
August 10, 2015Saudi Foreign Minister expresses views on Iran
August 10, 2015Vice Custodian visits terror sit in Asir
August 8, 2015Asir mosque bombing perpetrator identified as Saudi national
August 8, 2015Minister Al-Jubeir, Italian counterpart hold joint press conference
August 6, 201513 worshipers killed in mosque bombing in Asir
August 3, 2015Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Cabinet's Session
August 2, 2015Kingdom joins FATF as Observer Member
August 1, 2015Saudi Arabia condemns attack by Israeli settlers in Douma
July 27, 2015Foreign minister meets with EU counterpart
July 18, 2015Extensive terror operations thwarted, more than 430 suspects arrested
July 16, 2015Terrorist detonates car bomb in Riyadh, injuring two security officers
July 9, 2015Beneficiaries of Mohammad bin Naif Center to spend Eid holiday with their families
July 7, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (07/07/2015)
July 7, 2015Three suspects in the Kuwait mosque bombing arrested
July 4, 2015Wanted Yousef Al-Ghamdi killed
July 3, 2015Policeman killed during Taif arrest raid; three terror suspects arrested
July 3, 2015OIC condemns terrorist attack on peacekeepers in northern Mali
July 1, 2015OIC condemns terrorist attacks in Sinai
June 30, 2015Soldier killed from shellfire
June 30, 2015Kingdom condemns terrorist attack on Egyptian Prosecutor General
June 29, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (06/29/2015)
June 28, 2015OIC denounces terrorist attack on French gas factory
June 28, 2015Saudi solider killed, another wounded from shellfire
June 27, 2015King, Crown Prince offer condolences to French President on the Lyon terror attack
June 27, 2015King Salman offers condolences to Tunisian President on the Sousse terror attack
June 27, 2015Crown Prince offers condolences to Tunisian Minister of Interior on the Sousse terror attack
June 27, 2015King Salman offers condolences to Emir of Kuwait on mosque attack
June 27, 2015Crown Prince offers condolences to Kuwaiti Minister of Interior on mosque terror attack
June 26, 2015Council of Senior Scholars condemns terrorist bombing in Kuwait
June 12, 2015One person killed and another wounded in shellfire from Yemen
June 8, 2015Two soldiers killed in shellfire from Yemen
June 8, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (06/08/2015)
June 6, 2015Saudi Arabia shoots down Scud missile fired from Yemen
June 3, 2015Saudi Arabia names 16 suspects wanted in bombing of mosques in Qudayh and Dammam
June 2, 2015Foreign Minister attends anti-ISIS meeting in Paris
June 1, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (06/01/2015)
May 31, 2015One soldier killed, seven injured from shellfire from Yemen.
May 30, 2015WAMY condemns terrorist acts in Qudayh and Dammam
May 30, 2015Supreme Judicial Council condemns attack at Dammam mosque
May 29, 2015Suicide bomber detonates explosive device at Dammam mosque gate
May 27, 2015Kingdom designates two Hezbollah officials as terrorists
May 26, 2015Crown Prince Mohammad visits victims of Friday’s mosque terrorist bombing
May 26, 2015One police officer killed, three wounded in shellfire from Yemen
May 26, 2015One killed, five wounded in Najran from shellfire from Yemen
May 25, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (05/25/2015)
May 24, 2015King Salman vows to punish perpetrators of Qudayh‎ mosque terrorist attack
May 22, 2015One child killed, three others injured in shelling from Yemen
May 22, 2015Suicide bombing kills scores people at mosque in Qatif Governorate
May 18, 2015Aid ships arrive in Yemen
May 18, 2015Saudi-led coalition confirms commitment to humanitarian ceasefire in Yemen
May 14, 2015Houthi militias continue violating the truce for the second day in a row
May 13, 2015Ministry of Defense: Houthis violated ceasefire by fired at Najran and Jazan
May 13, 2015Houthis violate Yemen ceasefire
May 11, 2015One killed, four injured in border attack
May 7, 2015Kingdom hosts meeting of working group for combating financing of ISIS terrorist organization
May 7, 2015Saudi Arabia announces five-day ceasefire in Yemen
May 6, 2015Four killed, eleven injures in shelling from Yemen
May 6, 2015Najran schools suspended for the rest of academic year
May 5, 2015Crown prince meets with French president
May 5, 2015King of Bahrain concludes visit to Bahraini coalition forces
May 5, 2015Houthi militias target schools, field hospital in Najran, three soldiers killed
May 4, 2015Saudi Arabia to establish unified coordination relief center for Yemen
April 30, 2015Saudis offers allegiance-pledge to Crown Prince and Deputy Crown Prince
April 30, 2015Three soldiers killed in Najran region
April 28, 2015Wanted terror suspect Nawaf Sharif Al-Anazi apprehended
April 28, 201593 suspected ISIS terrorists arrested, plots thwarted
April 27, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (04/27/2015)
April 24, 2015‏Arrest made in killing of two Riyadh policemen, ISIS linked to attack
April 22, 2015Operation Decisive Storm achieved its objectives
April 21, 2015Coalition announces success of Operation Decisive Storm and end to airstrikes
April 21, 2015Operation Decisive Storm Ends and Operation Renewal of Hope begins
April 20, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (04/20/2015)
April 19, 2015Border Guard killed along border with Yemen
April 17, 2015Embassy launches Operation Decisive Storm website
April 17, 2015Kingdom donates $274 million to support humanitarian needs in Yemen
April 15, 2015Operation Decision Storm will restore stability in Yemen
April 13, 2015Houthi militia launches mortar attack on Saudi border post
April 12, 2015Prince Saud: Operation Decisive Storm is repelling Houthi aggression
April 10, 2015Three Saudi Border Guards killed in mortar attack from Yemen
April 8, 2015Two Riyadh police officers shot dead in drive-by attack
April 6, 2015Ambassador Al-Jubeir discusses Yemen and Nuclear Accord with Iran on CNN
April 6, 2015Ambassador Al-Jubeir discusses Yemen and Nuclear Accord with Iran on Fox
April 6, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (04/06/2015)
April 6, 2015One security officer killed, 4 terrorists arrested following gun battle in Al-Awamiyah
April 3, 2015Two Saudi Border Guard killed
April 3, 2015Operation Decisive Storm is achieving its military objectives
April 2, 2015Saudi Border Guard killed, 10 wounded in heavy gunfire from Yemen
April 2, 2015Saudi Arabia will continue to support the people and legitimate government of Yemen
March 30, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (03/30/2015)
March 30, 2015Security patrol in Riyadh comes under fire
March 29, 2015Saudi ambassador comments on military action in Yemen
March 28, 2015King Salman, US President Obama discussed regional issues in telephone call
March 28, 2015King Salman meets with Egyptian and Yemeni presidents
March 28, 2015Saudi navy evacuates embassy staff from Yemen
March 28, 2015King Salman: Yemen military campaign to continue until goals are achieved
March 28, 2015King Salman held telephone consultations with world leaders
March 27, 2015Ambassador Al-Jubeir: Other Countries Desire to Participate in Operation Decisive Storm‎
March 26, 2015Hamid Al-Ahmar expresses support for air strikes against the Houthis
March 25, 2015Saudi Arabia launches military operations in support of legitimate Yemeni government
March 23, 2015Defense Minister inspects military units in Southern Region
March 19, 2015Kingdom condemns terrorist attack on Bardo Museum in Tunisia
March 19, 2015OIC Secretary General condemns terrorist attack on the Bardo National Museum in Tunis
March 17, 2015Kingdom calls for bringing Syrian war criminals to international justice
March 13, 2015Saudi Arabia pledges $4 billion in assistance to Egypt
March 9, 2015Grand Mufti calls on Muslims to combat terrorism
March 5, 2015Prince Saud meets with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry
March 2, 2015Saudi diplomat kidnaped in Aden in 2012 freed
March 2, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (03/02/2015)
March 2, 2015Deputy Crown Prince receives freed Saudi Consul in Aden
February 24, 2015Saudi Arabia calls for greater regional cooperation
February 23, 2015Kingdom to participates in regional security conference in Cairo
February 22, 2015King Salman: Saudi Arabia waging relentless effort to defeat terrorism
February 20, 2015Saudi Arabia reaffirms commitment to fighting terrorism
February 18, 2015Fifth anti-ISIS coalition conference begins in Riyadh
February 18, 2015OIC Secretary General Speaks on Islamophobia at embassy
February 16, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (02/16/2015)
February 15, 2015Kingdom condemns terrorist attacks in Copenhagen
February 14, 2015GCC Foreign Ministers stress support for parliamentary rule in Yemen
February 4, 2015Saudi Arabia dismisses Moussaoui's allegations
February 4, 2015Muslim World League condemns murder of Jordanian pilot
February 4, 2015Kingdom condemns killing of Japanese hostages by ISIS
February 4, 2015Organization of Islamic Cooperation condemns execution of Jordanian pilot
February 4, 2015GCC Secretary General condemns execution of Jordanian pilot
February 4, 2015Saudi Arabia condemns the brutal crimes of ISIS against Jordanian pilot
January 30, 2015American shot and injured in Saudi Arabia
January 30, 2015Kingdom condemns Sinai terrorist attack
January 21, 2015GCC condemns Houthi coup in Yemen, express support for legitimate government and Yemeni ‎people
January 21, 2015Kingdom to attend anti-Daash meeting in London
January 21, 2015Kingdom condemns continued publication of offensive cartoons
January 14, 201523 defendants sentenced on terrorism-charges
January 12, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (01/12/2015)
January 11, 2015Last member of the Suwaif border crossing terrorist attack identified
January 11, 2015Saudi Arabia to participate in international march against terrorism in France
January 9, 2015Interior Ministry identifies 3 Suwaif attackers as Saudis
January 9, 2015Ministry of Islamic Affairs calls for unity
January 8, 2015OIC Secretary General condemns terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo
January 7, 2015GCC Secretary General condemns terrorist attack at police academy in Yemen
January 7, 2015Minister of Interior convey condolences to families of martyrs
January 7, 2015Saudi Arabia condemns Paris terrorist attack
January 6, 2015King Abdullah reaffirms Commitment to combating terrorism
January 5, 2015Terrorist attack Northern Border Guard post
January 2, 2015Wanted terror suspect arrested
December 22, 2014Crown Prince Chairs Cabinet's Session (12/22/2014)
December 20, 2014Four suspects in murder of security officer killed during shoot out with security forces
December 20, 2014Senior Saudi religious scholars condemn Peshawar massacre
December 18, 2014King Abdullah strongly condemns terrorist attack in Pakistan, condoles victims
December 17, 2014Grand Mufti condemned Pakistan school attack
December 16, 2014OIC Secretary General condemns assault on school in Pakistan
December 16, 2014Eastern Province Governor visits home of murdered security officer
December 15, 2014Interior Minister Concludes Official Visit to the US
December 15, 2014Naif Arab University to host conference on role of Arab media in counterterrorism
December 10, 2014Terror suspect sentenced to 27 years in prison
December 10, 2014Saudi Minister of Interior Meets with Secretary of Homeland Security
December 7, 2014135 arrested on terror charges
December 5, 2014Prince Saud Al-Faisal to visit Iraq
December 3, 2014Prince Saud calls for strengthening of moderate forces against ISIS