Al-Naimi addresses UN Climate Change Summit

December 12, 2010

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali Al-Naimi headed the Saudi delegation to the 16th UN Climate Summit and the 6th Conference for the Parties of the Kyoto Protocol, which concluded in Cancun, Mexico last week.

Addressing the ministerial meetings on December 9, Al-Naimi stressed the importance of reaching an arrangement based on justice and equality and refraining from enacting protectionist measures that single out fossil fuels. Noting that energy is key to the economic development of all countries, he insisted that any agreement must have a positive effect on world energy markets, as well as the global economy as a whole.

Al-Naimi pointed out that the Kingdom has adopted a number of measures aimed at protecting the environment, enacting regulations to reduce emissions, using oil associate and non-associate natural gas in the industrial sector, establishing the King Abdullah City for Atomic and renewable Energy and the King Abdullah Center for Rationalizing Energy Usage, and acceding to the International Organization for Renewable Energy.

Al-Naimi confirmed that the Kingdom is continuing its efforts to achieve economic diversification and to lessen its dependence on exporting raw petroleum. “We are in dire need of the help of the world community, through the increase of investments and technology transfer . . . to alleviate the potential negative impact [of climate change agreements] on our oil-dependent countries,” he concluded.

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