Labor Ministry reduces length of residence permits, tightening work visa rules

August 11, 2014

The Ministry of Labor has reduced the length of a residency permit from six years to four, effective next hijrah year and down to 2 years by 2016 to stimulate domestic employment.  The Director of the Information Center at the Ministry of Labor Tayseer Al-Mufrej said the decision will deprive companies that are not in full compliance with labor laws from renewing their employment residency permits, once any of those workers has joined his company four years ago or more inside the Kingdom.  Al-Mufrej explained that the goal is to upgrade the competitiveness of companies within Nitagt program as the ministry has in the past cut off a number of grants usually offered to non-compliant companies.  Companies falling in the non-compliant category will be barred from, among other sanctions, receiving new employment visas, be able to transfer or trade employment visas.

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