Najran border guards announced foiled smuggling attempts

August 7, 2014

Border guards in Najran provide have arrested 254 smugglers and 26,891 infiltrators of various nationalities, and seized 4 tons (8,800 lbs) and 969 kg (2,136 lbs) of hashish during the past nine months, the Border Guard Command in Najran announced today.  Spokesman for the Border Guard Command in Najran Maj. Ali bin Abdullah Al-Qahtani added that the border guards also seized 112 narcotic pills, 347 pieces of weapons, 3,709 bullets, 4 explosive belts, 14 hand grenades, 11 Molotov cocktails, and 16 vehicles used to transport the contraband, infiltrators and wanted persons. 

On Tuesday, the Jazan Border Guard Command announced that it recently has foiled three smuggling attempts along the border with Yemen, resulting in the arrest of a smuggler and the confiscation of more than 27,000 narcotic pills and 185 kg (400 lbs) of hashish.  Acting spokesman for the Jazan Border Guard, Maj. Hasan bin Badr Al-Qusaibi said that when confronted by border guards, smugglers usually flee and leave their contrabands behind.

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