Sentences handed down in terror-related cases

July 8, 2009

The Ministry of Justice announced today that 330 people have been convicted of 179 terror-related charges in special security courts under article 126 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.  Sheikh Abdullah Al-Saadan, spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, said in an interview with Saudi Arabian TV Channel One that the sentences for those convicted include prison terms, travel bans, fines and house arrests.  One person was given the death sentence. 

The spokesman said that the defendants have the right to appeal their convictions, adding that anyone who appears before the court is told that they have a right to appoint a lawyer.

The spokesman for the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency that the defendants were charged with a number of crimes, including membership in a terrorist organization and its activities; facilitating and financing terrorism; working with foreign parties to undermine national security; treason; and traveling abroad to fight in places of sedition or initiating such action.

The spokesman stated that the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution had applied general regulations relating to prosecution, which included: assessing the actions of each detainee; examining incriminating evidence, including that related to each and every crime linked to the detainees; and striving to ensure that those convicted received deserving penalties.

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