Prince Saud receives Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

June 21, 2014

Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal received in Jeddah today Russian Foreign Minister Sergei ‎Lavrov.  The two sides held a lengthy and detailed discussions dealing with bilateral relations ‎between the two countries and ways of developing them in many fields in addition to the discussion ‎of regional and international issues of common interest.‎

Following the meeting, an official source at the Foreign Ministry said that the visit of the Russian ‎Foreign Minister comes in the wake of the recent visit by Prince Saud Al-Faisal to Russia on the ‎development of relations between the two countries and agreement to work together within the ‎framework of existing efforts to implement the agreement of Geneva I that aimed to achieve a ‎peaceful transition of power in Syria, in order to preserve its independence, sovereignty, national ‎and territorial unity.  Geneva I also aimed at  directing efforts towards combating terrorist ‎organizations that took advantage of the Syrian crisis and found a safe haven on its territory, as well ‎as working to eliminate all the causes that have encouraged the entry of these terrorist ‎organizations into Syrian territories.‎

The official source added that the meeting also dealt with the deteriorating situation in Iraq and its ‎effects on the region and agreement on the importance of focusing efforts in the current stage on ‎ensuring Iraq's security and territorial integrity and on achieving national unity among all the ‎components of the Iraqi people to ensure equality among them in both rights and duties.‎  The source added, “The Kingdom confirmed on its part that achieving this goal requires the ‎initiation of the formation of a government of national unity that is representative of various ‎categories of all the Iraqi people without any sectarian discrimination or exclusion with the ‎emphasis that any foreign intervention at this stage would deepen the crisis and sectarian tensions ‎prevailing there because of the state of sectarian exclusion experienced by it with the need to ‎remove all the causes of this sectarian tension.‎

The meeting and talks were attended by Vice Foreign minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah, and ‎Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Nizar Madani.‎

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