D.C. students put on performance at Embassy

May 27, 2009

Capping off their participation in this year’s Embassy Adoption Program, sixth-grade students from Oyster-Adams Bilingual School put on a show last Friday at the Saudi Embassy in Washington to demonstrate what they learned about the Kingdom over the course of five months.

The Saudi Embassy is a charter member of the Program, which for the past three decades has matched embassies with sixth grade classes in D.C. public schools. The goal is to give embassies the opportunity to reach out to the local community, while educating students about the history, culture, and current events of foreign countries.

As part of the Embassy’s outreach program, Saudi Information Officers regularly visited the Oyster-Adams school and taught the children about various aspects of Saudi life. On Friday, the students demonstrated their new-found knowledge by performing skits, giving presentations and displaying crafts related to the Kingdom. Afterwards, they were provided a lunch of traditional Arabic food in the Embassy’s dining hall.


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