Seventh National Dialogue Forum on employment begins in Buraydah

April 23, 2008

The Seventh National Dialogue Forum began in Buraydah yesterday with calls for creating more job opportunities for Saudi women and implementing resolutions on employment for women, the Arab News reported today. 

The main theme of this year’s forum is “Labor Sectors and Employment: A Dialogue Between Society and Labor Institutions.” Officials from the Ministries of Labor and Civil Service as well as a large number of academics and media personalities are attending the two-day event.

“We see thousands of foreign women working in health care and other sectors while Saudi women wait in long queues for jobs,” said Dr. Rafeeqa Al-Dakhil, a delegate at the forum, as quoted in the Arab News.

National Dialogue Forum President Sheikh Saleh Al-Hussein said the meeting would address various aspects of women’s employment, including its motives. He highlighted the importance of national dialogue, noting that discussions on controversial topics would give momentum to the dialogue process. The participation of prominent personalities would make the event lively and informative, he added.

Deputy Minister of Labor Dr. Abdul Wahid Al-Humaid said that his ministry has laid out a new employment strategy with the support of the private sector. The strategy has been presented to the Supreme Economic Council for approval.

The first day of the forum was distinguished by the active participation of women. Issues that were raised included the need to provide training to Saudi graduates so they can meet the requirements of the job market, and the need for companies to arrange transportation for their women employees.

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