Foreign Minister comments on G-20 accomplishments

April 8, 2009

Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal reflected on the accomplishments of last Thursday’s G-20 summit in London during a speech at the Fourth Regular Meeting of the Saudi-British Forum. The "Two Kingdoms’ Dialogue," which opened today in Riyadh, is also being attended by British Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

Prince Saud noted that it is too early to predict the effect that the G-20’s decisions will have on the global economy. However, he affirmed that many of those decisions, including the creation of a global financial stability council, represent steps "towards restoring confidence, stimulating growth and reforming the international financial system in order to achieve stability, prosperity and development."

Regarding the Saudi contribution to the international effort, Prince Saud stated, "We consider that the commitment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to continue financing and implementing its ambitious national development program is an effective contribution to stimulating the global economy." He added, "Saudi Arabia is considering the available options to contribute to the global economy reform programs."

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