Saudi Campaign for Syria helps refugees in eastern Jordan

March 24, 2014

The Saudi National Campaign to Support the Syrian Brothers has begun to distribute winter supplies to Syrian refugees in Jordan’s eastern regions. Since last Saturday, the Campaign has given blankets, dates, foodstuffs, winter clothes and other items to over 1,100 families, encompassing nearly 5,500 people. So far, aid has been given to refugees in the Horan valley, Arbed, Al-Ramth, Erbed, Jarash, Ajloon, Madba, Maan Province, Al-Aqaba, Al-Tufailah, Al-Mafraq, Al-Khalidya, Al-Mabrookah, and Al-Zarqaa. In addition, some 40,000 families in the Al-Zaatari refugee camp have benefitted from Saudi assistance.

On Wednesday, the Campaign plans to distribute aid in the regions of Omrah, Omairah, Um-Al-Jamal, and Rawdat Al-Ameerah Basmah in eastern Jordan.

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