Saudi Arabia Condemns Israeli Prime Minister’s Remarks

March 24, 2010

Saudi Arabia today condemned remarks by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he openly disrespects “the legitimate rights of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in the occupied Holy City of Al-Quds (Jerusalem)—completely disregarding any consideration of serious international efforts to resume the peace process.”  In a statement issued today, the source said it is “astonishing that the Israeli official exploits his visit to the United States to make such remarks in the wake of Israel’s deliberate announcement during the recent visit of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to Israel to build more illegal and illegitimate settlements.”

Saudi Arabia, the statement says, “continues to urge the international community to shoulder its responsibility to address these intransigent, unilateral and anti-peace process polices,” and awaits clarification from the Quartet regarding “the arrogant actions of Israel and its insistence in challenging international will. This constitutes a violation of international laws and legitimacy, and ignores all guarantees and assurances of the Quartet, since such remarks throw into question the entire peace process, including the seriousness of the current international efforts to launch peace talks.”

Text of statement

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