Interior Minister calls for Arab counterterrorism cooperation in Marrakech

March 12, 2014

Minister of Interior Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz led the Saudi delegation to the 31st session of the Arab Interior Ministers in Marrakech today. In his address to the gathering, Prince Mohammed stressed the danger posed by terrorism and called on Arab countries to unite in the fight against extremism. “The criminal acts, particularly terrorism, that threaten our Arab security are neither spontaneous nor unplanned; they are premeditated and determined with persistence,” he declared. “These acts are carried out by groups supported by states and various powers with specific goals. They serve the interests of such powers when they fail to achieve them through military, political, or economical endeavors. And destabilizing the security of any country, therefore, has detrimental effects touching all necessities of life.”

Prince Mohammed continued, “The violation of international conventions and treaties, and the resultant conflicts and confrontations the world is witnessing today have their impact on the security of our nations and the stability of our peoples since we are an important part of this world in which influence is reciprocal. It is therefore essential that the security agencies in our Arab countries be competently and vigilantly fully ready in man power and equipment.” He called for “higher Arab security coordination and a more comprehensive and profounder cooperation.”

At the conclusion of the session, the Arab Interior Ministers Council issued a final communique. The document denounced terrorism in all its forms and renounced the recent attacks against security personal in Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Iraq. It urged member countries to refrain from paying ransoms to terrorists and to extradite the offenders to their countries of origin to face justice. In addition, the Council confirmed the importance of upholding human rights and fighting against organized crime.

While in Marrakech, Prince Mohammed held meetings with Moroccan Minister of Interior Mohammed Hassad; Bahraini Minister of Interior Lt. Gen. Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa; Yemeni Minister of Interior Maj. Gen. Abdo Hussein Al-Turab; Lebanese Minister of Interior Nihad Al-Mashnouq; Egyptian Minister of Interior Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ibrahim; Jordanian Minister of Interior Hussein Hazza Al-Majali; UAE Minister of Interior Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al-Nahyan; and Algerian Minister of Communications Al-Tayeb Belaiz.

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