4 killed when security forces exchange fire with fugitives in Qatif

February 20, 2014

A security spokesman for the Ministry of Interior confirmed that a shootout between security forces and two fugitives occurred in Qatif today, resulting in the deaths of the fugitives and two security men. The security forces were attempting to arrest Ali Ahmed Al-Faraj and Hussein Ali Madan Al-Faraj at their hideout in Al-Awamiya, when the two wanted men opened fire. During the exchange of gunfire, Sergeant Naif bin Mohammed Khabrani and Agent Sergeant Dlaij Hadi Majrashi were killed and two more security men were injured.

In a statement the Interior Ministry spokesman noted that the fugitives were wanted for attacking citizens, expatriates and government forces and taking part in riots. He added that after their deaths, two rifles, a large quantity of ammunition, bullet proof gear and rifle scopes were confiscated from their hideout. The spokesman urged anyone with information on wanted persons to contact the authorities and warned that those sheltering outlaws will be prosecuted.

The Ministry of Interior issued another statement today reporting that authorities had arrested a Saudi trafficker transporting arms and drugs into Qatif, along with three of his clients. It stated, “As many as 47 pistols intended for sale, a rifle and a machine gun were seized in their possession. Initial investigation showed that they are associated with the riot instigators.”

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