Turkish President addresses Shoura Council

February 4, 2009

Turkish President Abdullah Gul delivered an address today to the Shoura Council in Riyadh, where he emphasized the importance of strengthening bilateral relations and working together to solve regional problems.


"Turkey and Saudi Arabia, as important Middle Eastern countries, seek to establish stability and security in the region," President Gul noted. "Our visions are identical when it comes to the issues in the region." He praised the efforts made by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to achieve peace and security, pointing to his sponsorship of the Palestinian reconciliation conference in Makkah.

President Gul also addressed the issue of terrorism, stressing the need to differentiate between Islam and terrorism. "Our religion is a religion of tolerance, peace and love for all people," he declared. "Islam rejects terrorism and those who follow such deviant ways are in almost every society. Consequently, terrorism must not be linked to Islam and the reputation of our countries."

President Gul praised King Abdullah’s efforts to combat terrorism, as well as his universal call for promoting peace and dialogue among the followers of the world’s religions, cultures and civilizations.

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